A reading, please. concern over BIG career test coming up

  • I am a cancer and I am taking a physical agility test at the end of August. I have been training very hard since January. I attempted this same test in March but failed. I am better prepared now except for my running. Can anyone give me a reading on how i will do or the future of my chosen career path? I have a feeling that this might be my last chance in order to work in the area I want and I am very concerned. thank you

  • I'm sorry, but I am feeling that something in you doesn't want this job. There is some deeply buried issue that holds you back from performing your best and wants you to fail. You need to ask yourself what subconscious fear could be niggling away inside you. Certainly the fear of failure is there, preventing you from doing your best, but there may be more 'junk' hidden inside.

  • I really do want this job. I can taste it. How can I find what is holding me back? i know that my fear of failure is deeply rooted because of past failures. This job is my life and love. Do you have any advice to help me find and get through this 'junk' in order to get my dream job?

  • You have to convince yourself that doing your best is not failure even if you don't get the job. I can feel this big block in you that is all about not wanting to fail again and have that horrible bitter feeling of being inferior or stupid or useless. It's like you want to fail so that you don't have to keep on trying, or you get so close to success that you fear having it snatched away from you. It's like someone who keeps expecting to be cheated on by their lover - the horrible feeling of wondering when it's going to happen becomes a kind of relief from that fearful wondering when it actually happens. Some people are afraid to fail, not because they can't handle failure but because they can't tolerate the emotions associated with failure. These emotions could be shame, guilt or any emotion that they experience after they fail. If you want to deal with fear of failure, then make sure you explore the nature of such emotions and educate yourself about dealing with them - if you did so, your fear of failure may disappear.

    You may even have a fear of change, even a good one.

    Some people fear making mistakes to the extent that they quit trying just not to make a mistake in front of others. People who are emotionally sensitive, who fear rejection, and those who lack self-confidence are more likely to be afraid of failure than others. If this is your case, then your fear of failure may be caused by lack of self-confidence. By learning how to accept mistakes and by learning how to build your self-confidence, your fear of failure will no longer exist.

    Maybe your fear of failure comes from a lack of understanding how to succeed. You may have a common-held belief that winners never fail. But they actually fail more than anyone else - it's just that they get up more than others too, until they finally succeed. There's no shame in failing, only in never trying. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he succeeded in inventing the lamp. John Creasey got rejected more than 300 times before he published 500 books. Bill Gates' idea of creating an operating system based on graphics was rejected many times before he established Microsoft. J K Rowling's first 'Harry Potter' book was rejected by twelve unlucky major publishers until a small independent one picked her up.

    You need to figure out what is behind your fear of failure, and then you will know what you are dealing with.

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