To AstraAngel

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you. Yet I want to clarify something. In reality am the lady and that Queen card is a gent.

    I am blushing a bit ....and I will do my best to change from back to front and no there isn't anyone else.

    I absolutely agree that this person would be good for my creative side and yes that is one the reasons I am drawn to him. And I would be chuffed if we could work together in the future.

    The rest we will see if it all manifest itself like you have shared with me.

    I will keep you posted.

    Thank you again and have a nice evening.


  • Flow,

    Thanks for the gender clarification. I will have a talk with my angels for that little slip-up.

    You have a nice evening too.

  • AstraAngel,

    I hope you had a great weekend with your lovedones and that your little talk has been good.


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I hope you see this post.

    There has been a sudden turn of events regarding one of my careerchoices which is option C. A stiuation arose that I wasn't counting on and will make me step away from it. There are some people involved that are partially the reason why I have to step away and I don't really want to.

    My questions are: This sudden event is this a definite final curtain for me? and The people involved are they right in their thinking and will I be dealing with them in the future again?

    I am dissapointed to say the least yet was wondering if I wasn't giving up too easily.

    I'll await your reading,


  • Hi Flow

    I feel your concern, let's ask Heaven about it...

    "This sudden event is this a definite final curtain for me?"

    The Page of Swords. Pages are risk takes, youthful and very energetic. The start of something new, exuberant for you, unexpected perhaps. Swords speak of your mind, your plans and creative ways with words and communications. All of this sounds very optimistic to me, not a final curtain at all.

    And, "The people involved are they right in their thinking and will I be dealing with them in the future again?"

    The Eight of Cups - Organizing... and it is in the emotional realm... An organization you are dealing with? Whatever it is has you walking away from it. I don't see any roads back, so my sense they will not be involved again. Your intuition are working for you in this situation, you will make the right decision.

    Are they right in their thinking?

    Seven of Wands. This is a card of imagination. So they are imagining things. It sounds like some speculation going on nothing concrete though.

    Are you giving up too easily?

    The Magician (rev) -This was the only rev card in the spread. Some action perhaps on your part. I see this as a positive sign that whatever the situation is, you are in running the show more than you realize. Maybe there are still some tricks left to try. You could also try pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

    And on top of all that, I drew the Ten of Pentacles which is a solid sign of material strength and security. So whatever it is in "C" that has you seeking or seeing an exit sign, will ultimately turn to your good fortune, great blessing, and comfort. With or without C.

    It's a small bump in the road for you. You are heading for better things.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you for your time and energy.

    Regarding the first question and answer. (Page of Swords).

    The C option is my creative outlet. And after some thoughts I did recently decide to fully go for it and explore it more with the people I am involved with at the moment in this process. It’s great to see that it will not be fully final curtain. I hope the card drawn is talking about yet another new unexpected event to come.

    Regarding the second question and answer (Eight of Cups).

    Hmmm well I am dealing with one person that is collaborating with an organization and this has become unintentionally an issue. As I said I just decided to give it all a proper chance and then this happen. If nothing changes the person and I are parting ways in two weeks time. To be honest I don’t think the new collaboration is an issue itself but other underlying issues. I am a person that is not easily impressed or convinced and since I don’t jump around in an hypnotized way in the rosy garden it has become an issue.

    Regarding the third question and answer (Seven of Wands).

    Yes!!! Speculations indeed. As I just said I don’t have a habit of discussing my private business in deep details if you aren’t my very best friend. And especially if the person I am dealing with has a habit of running off their mouth at any given time to have the..."me" moment. Uhmm nah. It’s a shame because professionally the person themself is good at what they do’s just they don’t leave their personal issues at the door when they get into work and have a very limited capability to understand beyond what they want to hear.

    Regarding the last question and answer (The Magician (rev)). This is curious.

    You said “you are in the running the show more than you realize”. Wow. I’m not sure about that one. If my opinion is valued then they have a very strange way of going about it. They feel challenged by me (this I know) while I only stated what I my thought are about this new process and how I feel it affects me.

    If it were possible for me to pull the rabbit out of a hat...isn’t it like postponement of what is already unfolding now?

    Regarding the last card (Ten of Pentacles).

    In the previous reading I specified that A was related to normal employment, B was related to my business venture and C was related to my creative outlet...all with possibilities.

    “So whatever it is in “C” that has you seeking or seeing an exit sign,”

    It is unfortunately for me seeing an exit sign. I know that everything happens for a reason yet I was thinking myself to exit at the end of the year and develop as much as possible.’s here and has to be dealt with. I am still bummed out though... 🙂

    “It’s a small bump in the road for you. You are heading for better things.”

    I will keep my fingers crossed.



  • *I wanted to say that I am still bummed out tho.

  • Bump 🙂

  • Flowsco

    For me the Tarot is a tool for personal growth and development. It is intended to open doors so that we can then explore underlying issues and put ourselves on the path to deep fulfillment and happiness. So this "C" situation you are dealing with can still work out for you. A or B can work too. You can change any outcome as long as you are clear and determined about what you want. You are not at the mercy of your environment. The cards are not telling you what is fixed, they are guideposts to show you where you are at, and teaches us that we are stronger than the circumstances we find ourselves in. So, whatever has you "bummed" is only a feeling and not the reality of your situation. You are not bummed, you are meditating on your life journey! 🙂

    Page of Wands, Two of Swords and the Five of Pentacles (all reversed) - Expect some good news. You are at some sort of point of decision on something. And change is underway in your material life. As these are all in process, that explains why you are feeling "bummed. Especially the energy of the Five Pentacles has you feeling a little like you have butterflies about something. Anytime we are being asked by the Universe to move on, or make a choice, anything that has us leaving a security pattern for something better, you can be certain you will be feeling some trepidation, this is normal.

    Two of Pentacles - another choice you are making, related to the material aspect of your life. Travel, movement on the physical plane is indicated. This is also reversed, so you are in the midst of a LOT of energies right now that are swirling around your material/security life. You are in good hands though, Heaven has you in their arms, everything will work out... you keep whispering that... expect good news, a breakthrough in this C thing.

    And... the Knight of Pentacles - (reversed) so again, this material facet of your life is really in the midst of some evolution. Knights are very focused, so I can tell that you are really zeroing in on something you want, desire and this is good for you. DREAM about THE LIFE you want, and refuse to accept whatever is being thrown at you as the last word on the matter.

    And... the Six of Pentacles (reversed). All of these pentacles in a row... and reversed so the forces at work are turning things around for you... the material concerns are strong. You are weighing out something in your heart... sixes are also nice quiet numbers, so this is the foreshadowing of a calm, quiet resolution in this C matter. A pattern will emerge so that you can relax at last, and not be having to choose A, B or C ever again... You can choose D) I WANT TO BE HAPPY ABOUT MY LIFE!

    Hang in there... smile, sing, put C on hold and go for a hike, let your spiritual self minister to deeper faith. The Nine of Swords tells me that you might be dealing with a lot of self-enduced concerns based on circumstances, that are not helping (which is the bummer feeling you have). Your circumstances are changing, expect a word of insight, stay very open to what you see and hear going on around you and look for the Heaven-sent guidance with your name on it. I am holding you in my prayers and thoughts for a nice resolution to these situations, you will be fine!

    The Ace of Swords shows up... victory for you! Soon, you will "C" a breakthrough! 🙂

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Thank you for the smile. I had to laugh here and there but nevertheless thank you.

    Regarding the amount of energy swirling is very true. I am very perceptive of them and normally I can channel them quite well. Only this time they are allot.

    The change itself is welcome and I have been working towards it for a while now. It’s just that I have been dealing with a great deal of things all at the same time I didn't fully picked up on this sudden event.

    Under normal circumstances (A or B) I would speak my mind, turn and walk away yet I am fully aware if I do so this time I will havoc a person’s personality with what I would share.

    I have made a great deal of changes in my life the last couple of years and the career part is the conscious last one at the moment.

    I know that nothing is fixed I am a firm believer in this...I am just trying my hardest not to make much damage in this particular situation. Sorry that my energy bounced off towards you in what I wrote.

    I requested your insight to see if I wasn't missing a point or points in what is going on. My own thoughts/intuition is not completely off and what you wrote just validated some of my suspicions.

    I used to assist people (as you do) on this forum and also off this website. I also assist some

    sick people around me. At my volunteer work I guide ex-alcoholic/drugs addicts, teenage interns and people that don’t speak the language that well. My spiritual path has evolved greatly. I say this to give you a glimpse of what I do next to the "normal” mundane things that I fully enjoy. It has always been a matter of choice and so a person has to prioritize. And my creative outlet has grown to be very important to me as a tool for me to unwind. If it becomes a source of income I would be blessed to combine fun which is the most important factor with material security.

    Thank you for your sense of humour (much needed on the forum these days). I have sensed that you too have been under some strain lately. So yeah...hang in and sing!!!!

    And we will surely “C”.

    My gratitude is great.


  • AstraAngel,

    If you got the time with this new moon today I would appreciate some insight.

    The person I have on the backburner I am planning to approach them shortly. I was wondering if they are open for me geting in touch and what their response will be.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hi Flow

    I see them very open to you. It is a lovely new moon, (the perfect time to reach out and do just about anything) and your heart is guiding you. Their response will be good. I drew the Judgment card, you will see this person rising to the occasion.

    I hope that helps... 🙂


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you. Yes, it was a lovely new moon. I know the effect of it lingers for a day or two more. I am pleased that the Judgement card was drawn. I know with this person everything has to do with timing so that is good news indeed. They are just as strong headed as I am

    Once again thank you and have a blessed day yourself.


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I hope that life is treating you kind. i have seen that you have been very busy here on the forum so I honestly hope you have the energy to share some insight with me.

    I wanted to share that I have contacted the person I had on the backburner and it was good and critical. 🙂 Anyways it gave me food for thought and I am a bit apprehensive in my motions mentally and physically towards them. Actually I am hoping that rise to the occasion happen sometime before the end of year.

    On many occassion I wonder why the matter of the heart has to be so complicated. 🙂

    What I would like to ask you at this moment is the following. I have contacted this new agency for a short term project that I might not get due to practical reasons yet they are intersted in my resume and I was wondering if you can shed some light if this agency is right for me. I have no way of checking their trackrecord because this an area that I have no network in. And I really don't want to waste time on something that is not going to get me to where I would like to be.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Flow

    Let's look into this for you.

    Is this agency right for me?

    I draw

    the Four of Swords - the Magician - the Five of Swords

    Hmm... what an interesting result for this question.

    So, swords - Magic - swords

    It is like a magic sandwich with sword bread. I like it, I say YES that this is a good choice for you, the five says some hesitancy you are trying to weigh it out, and then the Magician says magic and accomplishment really. ANd then the SIx of swords is movement to a calmer place. I get really good feelings about this Flow, I feel your are making the right decision.

    And the King of Pentacles, a card of mastery over material (job, career financial etc), so yes, a strong positive message I believe.

    Here is another card for you, something to think about. Two of Swords, you are in a reflective place in your life right now... pondering things a lot. Not a lot of interaction with others, you are preferring now the quiet passages of life, in order to hear your heart, and enter a place so calm and quiet. "Quiet" is what I am getting from you right now. You are savoring some nice quiet moments with yourself, and this is perfect for your life right now.

    I will keep you in my thoughts, I hope that situation with the back burner person turns into something wonderful soon! It sounds like it has real potential.

    Love and peace.

  • Goodmorning AstraAngel,

    Swords-Magic-Swords -- Magic sandwich with sword bread...this put a smile on my face.

    Well thank you! I sent my resume so I am awaiting to see if we are going to be a good match. I hope so.

    The two of swords.. yeah I am pondering about a great deal. So much going on that I have semi retreated from many. I think I am going to the movies just to unwind a bit.

    My love interest? I am not much of a chaser or pusher because overall I believe in free will and the right timing.....I try to be as clear as much as possible yet life has a way of putting you through the test of times and if you don't focus on something you get swallowed up by so many other things. His life and my life seperately is so swamped but yes I agree with you it has real potential. I keep in touch in my own way especially on the spiritual level. Yet due to the fact that so much is going on now I am a bit disbalanced and has me a bit confused. So that's why quietness is what I am reaching out to. 🙂

    Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts...I will do the same for you. 🙂

    Much blessings.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    How are you keeping? I have been busy with all sort and occasionally you have crossed my mind. I hope all that you are tackling in your life is moving along in a positive way.

    I was reading the first reading you did for me when I asked what to expect the coming months. And I was wondering if you can do a spread for only the next few months until the end of this year. I ask since there has been some unexpected shifts that I think might have a influence the coming period.

    Whenever you got time I would appreciate it.


  • Hi again Flow!

    Sure thing, I can do this... my life is going well, a few moments where I find myself petitioning heaven in my own way for answers. 😉 Some days seem a little uncertain as to what is really going on! 🙂

    Okay, I thought I would try a spread to open out the rest of your year on four levels spiritual, emotional, physical (material) and intellectual. I attached the sketch at the end so you can see how I did this. Also, I returned the cards to the deck after each draw, in order to give the angels the opportunity to draw the same card at any point - we see that this in fact occurred which helps show connections and trends. It was something new I wanted to try.

    So the cards are in the order spiritual, emotional, material, intellect

    So, for the rest of October we have

    Queen of Pentacles, The Tower, Four of Cups, Five of Swords

    Spiritually, The Queen of Pentacles tell us your concerns appear to be centered on taking what you have learned of spirit and seeing that apply in your material life, like you are using all of these wonderful lessons of how life should be a blessing and that you should be experiencing your material abundance which you deserve. I have the feeling that this has been a long time in coming, and it has been hard to hold to hope that you would one day see changes. Now you are beginning to see the fruits of your spiritual work manifesting in tangible ways and you are saying, "CooL!"

    Emotionally, The Tower... something is really changing for you in your heart. Something you have built, established, an old paradigm emotionally is ending, paving the way for something new that will be shown to have stood the test. At last you are finding out what you are made of and you are both excited and sad in a way, you are seeing and old phase fall away that you held to. It served a beautiful purpose.

    Materially, the Four of Cups seems to say that for the rest of this month and going into November you are awakening to a new mode or method of material work and effort. Something that you have been doing has not been as satisfying as you would have hoped, and you are just now beginning to perceive what I believe to be your true calling (the cup being offered from the sky.) Something new, a new work, a new effort you are perceiving as your true path. Once again, you are saying, "Cool!"

    Intellectually, October has been a challenging month for you. Your mind has been battling or weighing out something, you have been doing a lot of soul searching. This could be connected with the emotional Tower situation you are facing, and we will see that as you move into November, the nice changes in your emotional life are likewise reflected in a nice change in the mental realm too!


    The Page of Swords, Two of Cups, Four of Cups, and the Six of Swords

    Spiritually you are now building on that new material use of your spiritual powers, with the Page of Swords. Your work is now involved with speaking, communications, letters, words, you seem more involved with conveying what you have learned spiritually and are making great progress toward translating spiritual lessons into spiritual communications. A new youthful exuberance in spirit is yours.

    Emotionally, the Two of Cups is now rising up from the rubble of what could not last. This shows a new love relationship being established, and you are thrilled. After the Tower, the contrast is stark, and you have to pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. Bluebird are everywhere.

    Materially, the Four of Cups again. So you continue the same energy of the fading away of one way of working and are reaching for something new from heaven, this process appears to take some time to work through, and we see it coming into maturity in December. This could also indicate a move in some way, a door opening into a new physical setting perhaps.

    Intellectually, the Six of Swords shows you in November leaving behind the ordeal of October, you've made your decision and you are now really establishing your own philosophy and viewpoint in a strong way. You are moving away permanently from old ways of thinking that were inherited. The farther shore looks fantastic and you can't wait to get there! "Can't you row any faster?" you are overheard asking the oarsman... "sorry Flowsco, i only go at one speed... unless you have a few extra bucks for me." (Typical swords, always looking for a way to make an extra buck lol). You are so happy in November and this also could again indicate a move, perhaps a new setting for your life. You are on your way.


    Temperance, Four of Swords, The Moon, The Empress

    Spiritually all of your application of spiritual understanding settles out into a nice balance within and without. You seem very relaxed and calm here as your conscious knowledge harmonizes with your subconscious. You seem to be enjoying a nice heaven sent development and the lessons all seem to find their proper place and application in your day to day life.

    Emotionally, the passion and newness of the Two of Cups now also settles down into something very sweet and reposed you seem to at rest and at deep peace with your new love. December looks like a time to embrace one another and be still. A church setting is in the background, so this is a very spiritual and emotional time in December. Traditions associate with love are enjoyed.

    Materially, the Moon tells me that the material transition is now complete and you are working at something very near and dear to your heart, and it is up there, out there. The moon implies mysteries and at times some wild emotions even! Apparently, this was not the story with your previous work, and you seem to be really enjoying the new focus above!

    Intellectually, the Empress has absorbed the mental wrangling of October and the new philosophy or attitude of the six, you have succeeding in crossing over to a new land of opportunity and adventure. Let's go! you are raring and ready and your focus now seems very much concerned with applying your intellect on matters of earthy care and nurturing. You could be entertaining thoughts of family, hearth and home. At last you are able to give your mind a break and simply enjoy the fruits of your labors. This is a very peaceful time for your brain. About time!

    To summarize, October looks like it is somewhat stressful for you, November sees that changing abruptly and settling into something much nicer, and December further establishes this new peace in your life. October looks a little scary ) boo!, November looks much nicer especially emotionally! and December looks like a dream.

    Flow, I hope that gives you something to ponder. I hope the developments in the next few months for me are half as nice as yours! 🙂

    love and peace,


  • Hi Astra,

    Wow…thank you!!!! I like the new spread thanks. I read it all and October is pretty much on the money. Spiritual my journey has been very interesting. On so many levels there have been shifts. And yes, here and there I have seen some manifestations….”CooL!”…hahahaha

    To be very honest I like the Spiritual spread for these months very much. It sums up a great deal that I have been dealing with trickle by trickle.

    Okay, I like the Bluebird comments so I am adding a picture. Yet a church setting and traditions in December?? Hmmmm…can you tell that I am surprised? 🙂 Is this the stepping up to the plate you mentioned before? If so…wow wow!

    Materially…yep not so happy with developments of this year to be honest. So many pitchers on the fields pitching curve balls at me and I think one or two smacked me in the head.

    My true calling? I think those balls whipped some sand on the way in and therefore it’s kind of misty in the field. So, I am definitely open for new bright light on all matters. Move? A new home would be great. This is also on my to do list.

    Intellect…Gosh this one is in overdrive literally. Well if that oarsman keeps it up I will jump into the water and swim faster than he can go!!! lol I got my bathing suit on….always prepared for an emergency ……

    AstraAngel, once more dank je wel (thank you). If at any given time you think I can be of assistance with some common sense and some clairvoyance let me know. I will do my best to repay you’re time and energy.


  • Flow

    Hey thanks for that little bluebird that really brightened my day. I have had bluebirds on the brain for some reason lately.

    Well you sound very established in spite of the disappointments materially. I can tell you will still make some home runs soon so whatever games are being played out, you will come out the winner.

    Life callings... i used to really worship at that altar. Like, i have to know, I have to know... and it never really seemed to materialize, at least the clear sound from heaven, booming like "MOSES... GO THIS WAY... " and a big finger from heaven points to the Red Sea. I didn't get that. About the closest I got were a lot of trial and errors... and a string of disappointments I am still trying to make heads or tails of. A 30 yr career in marketing - BURNED UP. Trying to be a fine artist or writer - BURNED UP... Hey, you wanna help me figure my "calling" out I am all ears. My life has pretty much fallen apart to where I don't really know up from down any more. I like the Tarot, I had an interest in magic when I was a kid... I remember flipping through a book on witchcraft when I was in junior high and it seemed interesting. Especially the chapters on attracting the opposite sex. I still flip to those sections first in any spell books i pick up ha ha.

    So feel free to help me solve the riddle of my life. I have tried a lot of things. Nothing so far has really opened up that big door called Deep Fulfillment in my life passion... so not sure what I am about any more, except Tarot. And reciting spells on finding love ....

    It is a really strange place to be in... on the one hand I like giving readings and it kinda seems that that has some kind of place in life. And yet to be honest my own life is not any kind of a testimony to being blessed in any substantive way. It is sorta like visiting someone who lives under an overpass for a Tarot reading on career advice. I look at my own situation and conclude, "I have about as much proof of being a trustworthy voice for love and career as that guy living out of a backpack in an alley." It is really bizarre.

    I am currently looking into colleges to get a BA in psychology and then on to a masters... I struggle with that, mainly because a lot of my own views on life and spiritual things (angels and fairies haha i really believe!), and then I think I am trying to get a degree from a university that would look at me as the first patient to be locked up for psychiatric observation. And yet, I love to listen with an open heart to people's lives and their concerns and help in any I can.

    Years ago when I was more active in church I used to teach Sunday school and even preached on occasion... and I loved that honestly... the teaching, and thinking that all of this dogma was actually helping people's lives. My own religious world view has pretty much disintegrated over the years, I made the mistake of actually trying to comprehend the religion's teachings, and as I kept studying and studying, I found that it made less and less spiritual sense. Hell? A god who tortures people? I grew up with all of that (Southern Baptist) and used to believe it and now I can't even stand the thought of going to church. the other day I found myself driving down the road and passed some church with one of those reader boards that had some sappy religious quote like "Jesus is knocking on your door, let him in and you won't burn in hell" - Barnabus 3:25.. and I felt like real anger in me about all of that nonsense... I flipped off the church! Ugh. Of course Tarot card reading would be nonsense to all of those church people too... so I guess we're even.

    So there you go FLow! I nominate you to help me figure out my life! I do like the way you think, you seem very mature and you seem to have your act together, Me? My life doesn't feel too together. Also going through a divorce. I think giving the tarot readings helps me try to focus on other people's needs and as long as I am doing that I don't have time to look at my own life. Unfortunately, once the reading is over I am staring at ME again and I am like... quick! who needs a Tarot reading! lol

    Not sure how much of that made any sense. Thanks for listening.

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