To AstraAngel

  • Hi,

    I saw that you did a spread for LoaP and I was wondering if you can do one for me too.

    I would like some insight in how things will develop for me on the work/business angle the coming months.

    Thank you in advance..I read that you are packing at the moment.


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  • Hi Flow

    Yes, I packed and am now on a Delta jet 29,000 ft up checking out the wifi on board!

    Okay let's see for you...

    "I would like some insight in how things will develop for me on the work/business angle the coming months."

    August - SEVEN OF WANDS - it looks like you have been working hard on something... a project important to you. You have reached a point where your efforts meet some resistance, don't give up, keep going strong. The Seven wands is about standing your ground. You are on the right track.

    September - EIGHT OF SWORDS - a release from a time period of something mental, something has been a pressure perhaps in your work/career and September looks to be a turning point for you. I think the determination of August goes into Sept with a turning point occurring then.

    October - TWO OF PENTACLES - okay, now you're talking. Big breakthrough that requires a little juggling on your part however it is a great beginning on something. Whatever work you have been doing in Aug-Sept begins to pay off nicely in Oct. Moving on....

    November - wow, the TWO PENTACLES again. (I shuffle between draws) So a very strong sign that your efforts are very stable and materially blessed. Is this a new career path? Should that be the case, you are doing very well at it during these months... a little bit of a balancing act during this time also, between your work and personal life.

    December - THE STAR - and BANG! Like that you are blasting off into space with success. Something major happens here that is a surprise. Something fantastic, something unexpected maybe. Whatever it is will be wonderful for you, and will light up your night sky with abundance. THis is a fantastic card for you, coming in December! Why stop in Dec? Let's keep going!

    We are landing... I will get back with you should I have additional months for you!

    Thank you for your request Flow, and I wish you all the best in your work and career journey, amazing things coming for you!

  • AngelAstra,

    Thank you so much for this. The August card is right on the money. I hope things do look up as you said. I will await for the rest.

    When drawing the rest of the card. Can you see if this possible career change/turning point something is that I am already dabbling with or something totally new.

    Thanks again and I will check in tomorrow. Bed time for me in Europe. 🙂

  • AstraAngel!!!

    Oh I am so sorry to get your name wrong. Sand man is doing his thing. Night,night from my end. lol

  • AstraAngel

    I hope all is well on your trip. I read that you don't have much access to the internet but when you do can you please answer the last question?

    Have fun,


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  • Hi Flowsco,

    thanks for your patience, let's pick back up on the rest of the year...

    January 2012 - THE THREE OF PENTACLES - this looks like whatever happened with the STAR in December settles down into something steady, there is some planning here. THREES are all about further planning and defining something you have put into motion,

    it sounds like you are refining what has been happening up until now, so maybe the project you have been working on begins to require some more definition and design to keep things rolling along nicely.

    February - TWO OF PENTACLES - it looks like further clarification of your project and this business matter. In Feb you feel like you might be going backwards al little, however don't be concerned, the plans will work out as you have defined them it will FEEl like matters are reversing however this is the result of some adjustments by others you are involved with over which you are not in direct control. I would not worry about it. Keep you faith and trust strong.

    March - QUEEN OF CUPS - something really changes your life in March, as related to business it sounds like emotions are heating up for some reason. Perhaps a romance connected to someone you are working with? This sounds like something unexpected. I know you are looking for the work/business "angle", however this sounds like emotions are entering the picture in a lovely way. I have to continue the spread to see what this means...

    April - THE HIGH PRIESTESS - Hmm... yep... looks like your life is entering a new emotional and spiritual phase here, like you woke up one morning while so focused on business... and Cupid was floating over your bed... anyway, be on guard for something emotional and unexpected in this time period. This could be a warning of sorts, that you will be tempted to divert your energies away from your project work, and you may have to really focus and concentrate here to stay away from whatever that High Priestess has up her sleeves. I wish you luck Flowsco, my attempts to evade her have proved unsuccessful 🙂 You sound like someone who can keep one path in view without being diverted... the Advice here is whatever it is you have put in place, STAY THE COURSE.

    May - THE FOOL - Uh oh Flowsco... this is looking to me like the High Priestess may have gotten her way with you. You chase something right off the cliff here. A new love or something... whatever started with the mermaid (the Queen of Cups) and then the High Priestess teamed up with her... ended with you chasing butterflies or something here. I am just giving you what the angels are showing me Flow... again, the Tarot is like an early warning system, you can change any of this... again the advice is STAY THE COURSE and when you get the roses or whatever at work... don't give in.... stay focused on your work! (If you can that is 🙂

    June - EIGHT OF PENTACLES - THANK GOODNESS FLOWSCO it looks like you were successtul and STAYED THE COURSE and kept your wits about you through a disorienting time for 2 or 3 months... and man has it paid off! Look at that man, he is cranking them out, he is in a total groove here. Youy enter a time of excellent efficiency and blessings in June. The summer sub shines down on you after some spring silliness! I see you vbery productive here and having the time of your life. You are proud of all the hard work you have done and so you should be.

    July - SEVEN OF SWORDS - July sees you running off for some much needed rest. You might need it by this point. You need to give your head a rest after much hard work. You are running away with a bunch of swords in your hands, so you have earned some real rewards that allow you to take that vacation you always wanted, I would say Europe, another world somewhere very different than where you are now. So some well deserved travel in July. Summer Vacation.

    My advice? Find that HIGH PRIESTESS and head out of town to celebrate your good fortune together. Europe or Australia. Wouldn't it be great to be able to do that when you like? I see that kind of success for you. You are a very focused and strong individual, able to take the bull by the horns... at some point we all have to play an ENJOY what we have worked for! Maybe this is the time you feel like your heart can get the attention you have wanted, it was simply too early before.

    Flowsco, I hope that gives you some light for your life! I really see a very bright and successful future for you, you sound like an entrepreneur, someone who knows they are meant to SUCCEED in life, and boy oh boy... is that coming for you.

    KEEP WORKING HARD ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS WILL PAY OFF and you will also find some beautiful and sweet surprises along the way... watch out around March-May though, some emotional turbulence ... you will do great though.

    Peace and blessings!

  • Some typos in that last reply Flowsco... apologies, I am typing this on a 757 and things are a little bumpy up here.

    Summer Sun... not sub... LOL... that probably didn't make sense unless you are in the Navy. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I had to smile when reaching March/April.

    Okay I am curious now. I have a love interest that I have put on a big back burner. Yes I have been focussed on the work/business angle.

    I was hoping to see in the rest of the reading if it would be clearer if it's a) work only b) business or c) my artistic side.

    All three are projects. One more further in progress as the others yet all very in the frontline of my day to day motions.

    With a) I haven't made a clear choice.... with b) I have just decided to approach it in another way and with c) I might have a interesting introduction soon. Yet with all of them I don't know which to pick and fully go for.

    Can you give me an idea which to pick?

    Hmm Europe huh? I am already (t)here. Hawaii perhaps? lol but you mentioned Australia... 🙂

    Thanks. I like you being up in the air and giving my these readings.


  • AstraAngel,

    I hope that turbulence has calmed down or is it kids running around and giving you a hard time?

    Did you have a nice stay with the fam?

  • Hi Flow

    yes, thanks, had a nice visit back East. Back home now, in the Northwest. It was a nice visit. Glad I am back home though. There were definitely some rambunctious kids on the last flight, really tested my Sony noise canceling headphones.

    OKAY let's see... which path, A, B or C

    Here is what I got.

    A) TWO OF SWORDS (reversed) - this looks like a balancing act for you. Whatever this A thing is, requires some choice to be made within that area, and you feel like you are working in the dark a little. Like maybe you don't have all of the facts and you have to use your intuition more. This looks like a confident path though. Whatever this is, looks like it puts you in a place of stability in yourself.

    B) QUEEN OF CUPS (reversed) - Uh oh. Here she is again. I know we are focusing on the work angel, the fact that this lady has popped up again tells me there is something looming for you for sure, rather emotional. Something you didn't expect on this path. So B looks like it is a little more of an emotional ride for you for some reason. Whatever the "other way" you are approaching this path in seems to put you at the top, however it feels a little lonely there. The Queens are an emotional maturity. So path B appears to deepen you in your emotional nature. Some intuitive psychic potential there for sure. You have some unexplored gifts there. This path is feeling like it would be more volatile, and yet seems to offer the greatest growth potential in some wonderful ways in your emotional life.

    C) THE DEVIL (reversed) - this path looks like imposes some restrictions in your life, self-imposed. I am thinking of the Count of Monte Christo for some reason. Not sure why. This path feels more austere, almost like it keeps you safe, behind some walls that you need for protection, to give your life some limits that you need. C feels safer somehow. Not sure safer is really what you need though. Let's move on...

    So far, both A and C feel like a "sure thing". If you want the sure thing, go with C first, and then A. A actually feels good to me, this TWO is a real strong place to be. Confidence. A lot like the Queen of Swords. Quiet calm in the eye of the storm.

    B direction looks like it could be a real roller coaster ride, wild, yippee!... and since we already saw this Queen in the previous reading, that seems to tie everything together. Almost like the Universe is whispering, "Hey Flow... take some chances... with this lady. You could hit the big time with her." There is some sense of taking more risk here though, you only go around once, why not go for broke? She could be good for you.

    (So a love interest on the back burner. That is interesting.... this Queen... shows up twice... and you have someone out there simmering.... Two ladies in this spread... and the Devil. Something hot looming. Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, something unexpected... )

    Let's open out the Queen of Cups some more...

    Q: Universe, what else does B path offer to Flow?

    THREE OF WANDS. That is nice Flow, that is a very positive sign, a signal of planning and this direction causes you to understand yourself a lot better. In Fairfield's work, she says of this card, "You are defining the new roles you want to play and making plans to present your new self to the world." So this sounds like a productive path, in terms of success, as you market yourself out there. This path seems to still be leading to something. I am not seeing the obvious payback as quickly as the A and C paths. So there is still this potential looming.

    And further exploration of path A:

    FOUR OF PENTACLES - this feels again like a place of confidence, some obvious material blessing. The four is a little protective though, like whatever happens here you have to protect and defend. More of a sure thing, more turf to defend.

    And, more on path 😄 FOUR OF WANDS - This is very powerful, you certainly arrive at something victorious here. It required those limits you set with the DEVIL, and it pays off for sure.

    A and C give you quicker returns, like a one year C.D. and B is more of a 20 year treasury note that you will have to cultivate a little longer. And some emotional stuff there. Maybe your love interest shows up on this path for some reason.

    OK I would say C path. THE DEVIL and then the FOUR WANDS is a pretty potent combination. I don't think that Queen is too happy with that though... she really wants you to pick the B path... there is something going on there, is this the lady on the back burner? I think it is a love developing along with the B choice. If that is not what you want, stay away from B.

    And the devil seems to play to your need to focus and set limits. That FOUR WANDS is exciting though, payoff for sure.

    These cards fell out of the deck while shuffling... the MAGICIAN and he pointing his wand up and to the right and pointing down to the C path.

    C for sure. ACE of Pentacles and KNIGHT of Pentacles under the Magician. Material growth, the Seed of Success, and that Knight is moving, travel in this path. It looks like C is hot to me.

    Hope that helps... the C path cards just fell on the floor while I was working here... what hits the floor comes to the door.... a lot of energy swirling around the C... heavenly....

  • AstraAngel,

    Ugh kids with no behaviour...we say in Dutch (roughly translated) stick them behind wallpaper I hope you get the essense of that.

    First off thank you for your time and effort.

    I reread this last spread twice. Interesting to say the least. Only thing is that I wished that Queen was more with the C option when that get going properly. I wouldn't mind that at all and would love the company.

    Yet I am happy for the additional boost for the C path.

    Lots to think about. Thanks.


  • *gets going .. ;-0

  • Dutch, that is cool, I am thinking Van Gogh.. and Jongkind who was an etcher I admired...

    I have done some painting in my life... art can be a very wonderful journey of self-discovery...

    Hey, I drew these cards in answer to my question as the Mystery of the Queen of Cups, and the C path... here is what I received...

    THE KNIGHT OF CUPS and the FIVE OF CUPS (reversed)

    When I first saw this Knight the first thing that leapt into my mind was that, there would be a time when you would travel to her. In other words, regardless of what path you take, you will be the one reaching out to her, she waits. And the FIVE OF CUPS (r) seemed to say there has been some sadness in your love life, not sure with her, however it felt like you were really trying to distance yourself from those affairs of the heart, and focus more on your own path and the work/career, which is very wise.

    I know you will make all the best decisions, you seem very grounded and centered, you will do fantastic in your efforts. Love, when it comes in, will be in the perfect right timing, and be an enhancement to what you have established in your work.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    My connection with Van Gogh is through my previous employer. We all worked on the renovation and new built plans of the museum in Amsterdam. I also worked in an art gallery very long ago. Van Jongkind I know little off. Yet I goo-gled!!!

    What kind of style did you paint?

    Thank you for the additional cards.

    I will be the one reaching out the Queen? Hmm. Perhaps. This is another to think about.

    And it's true I need to get this work/career part sorted out a.s.a.p. So I am happy with what I read and now I don't need to battle so much in my head which one to give more energy to etc.

    Sometimes in life you can't afford to waist time.

    Thanks again.


  • Oh I forgot to say if this Queen is the same person that is on my back burner it would be indeed enhancement for my artistic side. 😉

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  • Another nudge up. You are much sought after. I hope all is well.


  • Hi FLowsco,

    Thanks for your patience, let's look closer at this Queen, we are asking the Universal Positive Energies, to reveal additional info on Her... is she indeed the lady currently on Flow's backburner?


    flowsco, three guesses what this card tells you, and the first two don't count. (unless there is another one you are not telling me about?)

    You better not leave her too long on that burner. Cups are a water suit, pretty soon you gonna have some steam... and some boiling hot water.

    I would focus on her some more. she is good for you. that's my sense anyway. Put Her on the front burner once in a while. Just for fun. To see what happens. Could be good for your creative side too.

    What else, Universe as regards this Queen?

    THE HERMIT - She is a loner, that is what attracts you to her. She is quietly calm and confident in Herself, and so you might be compensating a little on the job thing to try and balance her strength? Just posing the question. I sense you are very drawn to her, you want to be successful, and I suspect that you need to be on that path for her sake somehow. Yes, I see her coming to your side at some point. The Hermit life will end for her.

    Can we gain a sense for the atmosphere surrounding this alignment?

    THE SIX OF CUPS - You are both working together on a joint project. It seems there is some overlap between you two in the business realm as well as the personal. You will be working together and that will serve as the background to the emotional changes between you. Looks nice to me Flowsco!

    Thank you Heaven for your wisdom on this matter!

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