I could use some help interpreting this spread

  • I did a spread on the relationship with my boyfriend. We had dated for about a month over the winter and then broke up. we are back together. I do reversals on my readings and with this spread I layed a clarification card where it felt neccessary.

    1. My relationship with *john currently- (King of swords)- clarification card (world)

    2.) *John's behavior in this relationship-(4 of swords)

    3.) My behavior in the relationship-(Star-reversed

    4.) What does *John think of me?- (Magician)

    5.) How does *John feel about me?-(Lovers)

    6.) In what direction does *John want this relationship to go?-(3 of shields-reversed)- clarification card (5 of swords-reversed)

    7.) Obstacles/challenges that may be hindering the relationship (6 of shields)

    8.) What can I do to improve/strengthen this relationship? (King of cups-reversed)-clarification card (6 of swords)

    9.) Outlook for this relationship-(King of spears)

    with the clarification cards, how do I know which card to apply? or is it both?

  • Hi

    1st off NEVER do readings with reversals. NEVER. They distort the overall picture. Here i´ll also tell you a spread tells of the moment it is laid. It changes by moment, like your dialy horoscope which changes every 4 to 5 minutes.

    So do yourself the huge favor of redo the reading but click off reversals. The picture you have here is not correct and u cant bank onit.

    I also tell u im nolonger good with tarot cards as ive moved way from them, but i know enough to advice you thus far.

    I hope u´ll redo without reversals n show us what u then have. Then we´ll work. If you need my take ill need your names, cities, n countries n if u have photós that would zing me in bulls eyes.

    cwb attempting to help.

  • vettech78 if you're comfortable doing Tarot with reversals then keep doing it. We each have our own preferences, there is no right or wrong here.

    Overall there seems to be a very intellectual and practical approach to the relationship. Both of you are thinking with your heads and not your hearts. Fear of repeating past mistakes? Fear of breaking up again?

    This is promoting a period of stagnation. Neither of you seem to know what you want or what to do, let alone what the other thinks and wants. You are prone to using your emotions to get what you want - King of Cups reversed. You need to watch this because it's not leading you where you want to go (Star reversed). Let go of the past relationship you had and why it ended. In fact, it may be best for you to let go completely and let him make the next move.

    I realise all this sounds negative, but the World, Magician, Lovers and King of Wands (Spears) cards are all very positive. There's a spark between you, something positive and wonderful. Give John room to breath and you won't regret it. A passionate relationship is on the horizon 🙂

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