How do I deal with a capricorn man?

  • I am a scorpio. Recently I broke up with my capricorn boyfriend. I am regretting my descision.

    Yet I don't know if it is worth it to get back together if it is even possible. I have 3 kids and he has very little interest in them. He confuses me so much. One minute he is the most generous of people and the next he isn't. Is there any point in me attempting a reconciliation?

    Or am I just a dumb, confused lovesick girl? Are all capricorn men so difficult?

  • dear bugss, well i have been married for 2yrs now with my husb. who is a capricorn and prev. we were on and off for aprox. 6yrs and let me tell was that a long hard trip. Does it seem like at times it like's he bi-polar? well I know that my capricorn, that's weird that you say you have 3 kid's and he isn't interested in them! most cap's are a teacher of some sort and luv's kid's! Do you know what his rising sighn's are? need further info?

  • Hi bugss

    To me regardless of what a mans sign is if he doesnt have any interest in your kids then he doesnt need to be in your life! Kids dont deserve to be looked at as if they mean nothing especially by someone their mom is with. Unless the kids are grown and have their own lifes then it is different but if they are with you then it is better for you to be without this man. Also you left him for a reason so stick to your decision because trust me on this if you take him back you will only be wasting time cos you will leave him again. He is not meeting your needs. Give yourself time to find the one who meets all your needs. It will be worth it... Good luck to you and many blessings!


  • Hi I am a scorpio girl and I been involved with a capricorn man for almost 2 years. We been on and off. He is one of the most difficult men I have ever been with. He is often critical and verbally abusive. I broke up with him many times over these issues. He is also Overly possessive and controlling. With that said, we always got back together and He broke up with me a few times too due to us being incompatible. On a good note, He can be romantic, loyal, and there for me. He also has a hot temper more like a fire sign. He wants to settle down with me but I want to wait (like a true scorpio) to make sure.

    I'm still up in the air so I know how you feel.

  • Yea, capricorn man is the most complicated! He like you yet he don't know how to express himself, tht's what i think. Cause i got alot of capricorn friends ,they can be friendly one moment then suddenly change, they are easily moody very emotional. And yet he can be very sweet sometimes. Is hard to really tell what they are thinking. I recently like a capricorn..he's really making ppl confusing. many of my friends from young their family have alot of problems...guess maybe so tht's why they are sometimes so moody i dont really know what they are thinking. I also dk how to see whether he have feelings for me interested in me or not..

  • Please, exscuse any mis understanding's, If this man is not interested in your kid's then you need to go find someone else. Especially someone that is going to love and be there for your children. I didn't mean to inquire that by a man's sign that it should exscuse him from not liking your children. I was asking what his sign was because my husband is a capricorn and he loves children, I know everyone is not the same. I am sorry about my previous entry I didn't bother to proof read. I am not a counselor and I am sorry if I have offended you virgogoddess!

  • Hello friend, well I've been living with my Capricorn boyfriend for 3+ years and together for over 6+...The split personality is definately one of his specialties..I often call him Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Its so so frustrating to be in a relationship with a Capricorn. Dating,..well thats fun, lively, adventurous, and exciting. Once you've gotten them to settle in with you...DONT EXPECT it to stay that way. Over our years, he's had many -what i like to call 'phases' where he will sulk and look unhappy, and talk about feeling suffocated. (((yawwwn))) I love him dearly, do not mistake my sarcastic yawn, it just gets exhausting. I mean, one second he acts like I'm the love of his life and the most important thing to him -- and the next, LITERALLY, the next moment, i'll see him in deep thought to himself, acting quiet and withdrawn. I hear from other experts, that if you can snag a Capr. they eventually will reward your persistance with a long lasting strong relationship. But to this i say... really??? I won't hold my breath. I am just enjoying day by day with my caring, sweet, funny, charming, strong Capricorn man,....and wishing upon every star in the sky that ONE day....he'll finally be able to , ... dare i say it....COMMIT.

    good luck!

  • Hi Buggs,

    The thing is a relationship works both ways -give and take. My hubby is also a capri. We are married for a decade now. He is very responsible and loving towards his kids. His entity revolves around him.

    Just give your man a little space! He'll come to you, pronto. And if he does'nt...well he is not worth crying over. Move on!!

  • I am leo married to capri man over 8 years now. he loves kids, but short in patience when they break rules or do something he doesn't like. he is a loyal supporter, takes a lot to make him give up and he hasn't so far. if he is depressed, he will not show it. he is always about work, principles and rules, I know he loves me but he will not tolerate me doing anything against these. put it like this: if I love someone I will spoil him. if he loves, he will spoil her and remind her about his rules etc. being leo this frustrates me sometimes. but I know I need an anchor to pull me back when I am too far into lala land. I don't know what your chances are, but once you have his heart you have him forever. just tread carefully with him and don't give up. if he isn't interested in your kids, it could be history of violence in the family. do you know that capri is more vengeful than leo or scorpion? it says the women are, but I know quite a few male capris just the same. they also hates complains. unless the doctor said you are sick, they won't believe that you are. so you have to walk your talk, or at least make it look like so (hahaha I'm a leo. I can't skip fun and mischievous!) anyway good luck hope it helps.

  • great - I'm a Saggittarian and just met a Capricorn man who I quite like, he loves his kids but reading all these replies is making me nervous and wonder whether to continue?

  • I am a Libra, living with a Capricorn man, I know he loves me but hardley ever says it yet much show it. He can be very nice one day then cold and distant the next. But then I can be very moody myself. I was divorced with 2 boys when I met and never took any interest in them. The only time he really talks to me is when it is all about him!

  • well I could use some help.. I have been in a somewhat relationship with a capricorn man for about 3 years. In reading some of these posts, I see him all over it. He has 3 children that he is very much involved in their lives. He himself, came from a family where the dad left and he was raised by his mom. He can be very sweet, caring, and attentive one minute and then be distant and moody the next. This can happen in the space of a day or hours. One minute he wants me around and the next he doesnt. I have always thought he was bipolar. He does take something for depression. I dont quite know how to do deal with his changes. Sometimes he tells me he needs space, and then out of the blue, hes alright again. I know that our zodiac signs are very compatible. We connect on so many levels and it frustrates me because I never know how to handle these moods. I care a great deal about him, and I miss him when he gets like this and he tunes me out for a while.. is this common with this sign

  • MY capricorn man is the same way. He finds it very hard to express what hes feeling. He once told me that even tho he doesn't express it in words, he does in actions. He also said that men unlike women who tend to be more verbal when it come to feelings. Men show their feelings thru action..well if thats any indication. I often wonder then, when he gets moody and doesnt want to talk to me for days, what should that tell me. I truly feel your pain.

  • Im an aries and am married for 22 yrs to a capricorn man. In the beginning he was sweet, loving and generous. My personality is such that being able to express my emotions is important to me. The last 10 yrs have been very difficult for me. I ve gone thru raising our kids pretty much myself with no support from him and the loss of both my parents (Im an only child). He is very controlling, knitpicky, demeaning, and gets upset over any little thing. He has always been emotionally unavailable to me and unsupportive. Ive told him that Im not happy and he has no comment- nothing ever changes with him. He just says you dont have it so bad. I have talked to others who have capricorn husbands and they all say pretty much the same thing. He has been uneemployed for 5 months now while I work 2 jobs. He asks me the same questions and cant remember what I told him. If it isnt about him he pays no attention.

    Realistically if i had to do it over again-I'd never have married him- find someone better for yourself- you'll be happier.

  • after reading all the posts here I need to mention something I read about capricorn. as cardinal sign they believe they are meant to rule and can be quite unforgiving to those aren't as ambitious as they are. I would say that you need to take a stand. it's now or never. my husband used to say that he is the boss, but I never stopped challenging him and now he only says that to our pet LOL I don't know what will happen if you take a stand, but I don't see why you shouldn't. it's your life, it's your children. either he is in or he is out. maybe if he sees this 'ruler' quality in you, he will start treating you as a queen. I am leo with scorpio rising, not sure how to summarize my personality. I love my capri dearly and I expect him to love me nonetheless. I may sound cruel but if I were you I would do what is necessary, even if it means losing him.

  • Hi. Having survived two Capricorn men- one my ex husband and the other my ex partner, my advice is to keep running in the opposite direction! Emotionally unintelligent, unreachable and of course, never wrong! Neither men have been consistent in bringing up their children and take the least point of resistance at any opportunity. My exprience with these difficult signs is that you are never going to know or feel what it is to be loved by them. Why did I keep trying to make the relationships work over a 12 year and 7 year respective period- because their vulnerability keeps you there. Rest assured I will not be repeating the Capricorn relationship in this life time. I feel free and unburdened now, I love bringing up my children by myself- less chance of the capricorn personality rubbing off on them. I no longer have to consider their moods and have no egg shells left to tread on. Swept clean.

  • I've been married to a Capricorn for 27 years and have 2 sons. While he does have a lot of good qualities, he was a triple A personality, a workaholic, firey tempered, and non-communicative. I had to bully things out of him. He also got obsessed with things. I'm a gemini and could keep up with him, but he was exhausting. All the above however, caused a spike in blood pressure and he had a major stroke caused by stress. He is now on 40mgs of prozac got his health back, realizes he's got a good life, and we've never gotten along better.

    Word of advice: if the man you broke up with doesn't like your children and you take him back, you will pay for it for the rest of your life, as long as your children stay in your life. KIDS FIRST. When they're adults they can make their own choices, and then YOU can choose for yourself. Why are you interested in someone who doesn't like your kids anyway? Will this man spoon feed you in the nursing home?

  • I have been reading all of the comments from other people about capricorn men. I can't believe that everything that everyone has said is the same exact thing that I went through. We were together for 17 yrs. He was like Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde. I often thought that he was bi-polar too. He decided he couldn't stand me anymore so we split in April. Let me tell you I will never go back with him. He was very self -centered, controlling, critical, nit picking person. I could never state my opinion on something, he would just chop my opinion into tiny little bits and make you feel stupid. I was afraid to talk to him and I constantly felt like I was walking on egg shells. Everything that I did was not the right way to do it and he would actually stand in front of me and give me a big long speech on how I did it sooo wrong. Mr. hot and cold. Short temper. Never listened to what I had to say, always cut me short. When he had something to say, if I didn't look straight at him, he would just blow up. Never again. I would rather be alone the rest of my life than to go through that again.

  • I agree with leoscorpian, That is true with my cap. because that's exactly what I did!

  • I am a Capricorn Man and I will let all of yall in on a couple lil secrets.

    1. We each have our own little quirks that can set us to being "Mr. Hyde" so to speak. The best way to deal with that is usually to be quiet and give us our space. It takes us a while to figure out what just happened and to level ourselves back out, especially if we've been drinking.

    2. Emotionally Unitelligent - yes. It takes a bit of patience with us because our emotions are not our strong point at birth; however, if you are patient with us and understanding that when it comes to feelings it is important not to yell but to explain in a Logical way the feelings going on - we can make great strides as I know have.

    3. We are the most loyal and devoted to those in our lives. If you take care of our emotions, we will reward you with the Stars. On the other hand, because our emotions are so underdeveloped, our emotions are fragile and we do not take betrayal lighthearted. If you intend to break up or get angry, be respectful to our emotions. Know that finding out that you are cheating on us will in the end only make you more frustrated in the end. Betrayal, especially when we Capricorns pride ourselves on Loyalty, is the biggest Faux Pas. I suggest breaking up and having a discussion before you find yourself another worthy opponent.

    4. When us Capricorns finally master our emotions (which can come in a matter of a few years with the help of a tride and true woman - quicker if we feel we can depend on you for the few things we "absolutely need") we develop into "Prince Charming." You just have to explain to us what it is you like and why its important. We aren't psychic.... not until after you inform us what is and why it is.

    Over and Out.

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