Had a really strange mixed dream

  • I had 2 dreams in one last night that I could remember clearly when I woke up. The first dream, whch I hear is common, one of my teeth, which was strangely bigger than normal size and was at the back of my moth, so not visible, was crumbling and had a big hole through the middle of it. That was it for a split second and thenmy dream moved over to the next.... started really nicely with me playing with 2 kittens - one a tabby and one a black and white one. I was drawn to the black and white one. Then throughout the dream a bad person was chasing me..... but then very quickly I looked on at this bad person with a gun chasing someone else. I couldn't make out who any of these people were though. and then the kittens were walking around the bad person with a gun's feet and I couldn't tell them to stop and the black and white one got shot....... they are two strange dreams to have together I was wondering if anyone could tel me what they mean and if they're meaning are conected? Thanks

  • I feel this indicates you have a deep fear that when things in your life are going great, something bad will happen to take it all away or ruin it. Or that the choices you make will be bad ones or will get 'shot down' by someone else. You may be sabotaging relationships, your career, or finances because of this fear. It shows a lack of trust in yourself, in others and in the Universe to provide for you and not take it all away. Do you have a fear of being attacked, cheated on, or robbed?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • O wow thtats very interesting CAPTAIN thank you - its not at all what I would have interpreted them as - and after I wrote this message I had several more dreams in the same form - one was being attacked so it all seems to make sense - fabulous

  • The first step is healing takes place when we realize what is bothering us.

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