Help with lost item

  • I am in trouble. I had a visitor in my house for about 10 days in July and it was a time of great stress and sorrow with someone close to me being hospitalized, a family member's wedding and everything going on at the same time.

    I went on a trip with my guest. I emptied my wallet of all unnecessary cards and items for the trip so they would not get lost. So now I have no idea what I did with my extra cards and bank codes. Did I place them in a bag? Did I put them somewhere so safe I just cannot recall. Did they fall in the wastebasket and are somewhere already? Or have I placed them in an extra holder and dropped them somewhere in town?

    Does anyone know of a psychic who could possibly see this? I cannot remember. My mind was on overdrive and I seem to have forgotten everything!

    I have to go and get new bank security codes but the rest of the cards I can't even remember!

    Extremely thankful if you can come up with someone who can help:D This is not like me at all to lose stuff permanently. I lost them on July 12 or July 13, and noticed only now they were missing!

  • I feel like you placed them in some sort of folder and put that in a drawer somewhere for safety.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey!

    Turns out my sister's kids had taken the cards from my bag whilst I was not looking. They found them today!

  • Good for you! Naughty little kids...

  • Hello,

    I lost a ring and a bracelet in February, they were on my kitchen table under a placemat. I never found them. Any insight where they could be.

  • Arieslost, please start your own personal thread becasue otherwise the vibes of your lost object may get mixed with Ecatherina's lost object vibes.

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