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    I always felt like there's a possibility with I may eventually reconnect with an ex. There's actually 3 that were very important to me.

    I have one that I've only seen a few times over the past couple years.He and I had the most history out of any man I have ever been with. We split because I felt like he didnt care about/ love himself but I always knew he loved me...just not sure to what extent. I think about him every now and then. His date of birth is 11/19/1975.

    Then I moved on and met this one (05/31/83) I loved him sooo much but he made me feel that he would live the life of an 18 year old for the next 10 years if he could. For Christmas 2010 he gave me a diamond ring. It is definitely an "egagement" ring. He never asked me to marry him. He became distant shortly there after and we eventually just split. I still wear his ring. I dont know what I should do with it. We were together for 2 years.

    And last is (2/6/82). We werent together long but I've had such a strong connection with him and would love to reconnect with him. He would talk about our future and tell me his feelings. I could never figure out if he ever really meant it and our split seems to have affected me the most.

    Will I have the opportunity to reconnect with any of these past loves and if so when will they try to make a comeback? If not, when can I expect to meet the one that I just fall mutually head over heels for?

    Thanks in advance for any insight that can be given.

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