Watergirl18, may I request a reading from you ?

  • Hi. I was told that you could help me if I needed an answer to a difficult but valid solution. I was having some problems with a friend of mine lately. And it is because she is long distance and is located in another area. We live about 4 states away from one another. I met here on a social online network and I really do like her a lot. She has like these beautiful medium brown eyes, long brunette colored hair, and is tan in complexion. She has 3 daughters from a guy that she is now divorced from. She was married for 20 years, but they are not together anymore and she has had some baggage from this past marriage. He was mentally abusive, and a cheater, and took advantage of her in many other ways.

    It left her with an emotional scar that has not totally healed as of yet. Even though we are just friends now, she has held back a little because of her fears. And in some cases a lack of trust towards others including myself. She has been hurt by others too and she is an adopted child who had loving adopted parents. But she does care about me, and she is thinking now about the possibility. By the way, her name begins with the letter "T". My birthday is on 12/17/75. Her birthday is 12/10/65.

    Can you please tell me how does she feel about me wanting a relationship. And what advice can you give me here today. Thanks.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Cherie if you are so gifted and buisness is booming for you why are you searching here for more----I would think a psychic booked up as you wouldn't need to steal advertising from another. Bad karma!

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