Hi PisceanHealer, need your wise help please?

  • Hi PisceanHealer,

    I think I've never written to you before. In a rather fragile state of mind at the moment.

    Hope you can tell me what you see.

    There's a man that I've grown attached into. Who seemed very fond of me. It looked like he wanted more than friendship. But just as we got close, he distanced himself from me. Tho we're still friends and we still hang out occasionally, we no longer have opportunities to interact as we did. I miss him greatly.

    Recently, I've been trying to force myself to move on and it's hurting me emotionally and physically.

    I withdrew from everyone. Stopped contacting him. Then he noticed and asked me if I was ok. That was enough to get me 'reattached'.

    I shared my feelings, just a little. And he stopped responding. Yesterday, I think I was feeling needy. I texted him again. Mentioned I wanted to return some of his things (metaphorical letting go) and I'll be going away for awhile. Intiaily he acknowledged and said to take care, then I stupidly went on and shared feelings and he went silent. And now I feel so vulnerable and stupid.

    Did I make a mistake? What does he feel about me now? Have I scared him away?

    I would have loved to explore a relationship with him. But it appears he's moved on. Even if he had feelings before, it seems he doesn't have them now. So I need to stop hoping he'll change his mind and try to refame his importance to me.

    How can I make the most of this friendship? Can I look on him as someone I can confide in and be vulnerable with, or is that beyond what he can handle?

    Any birthdates required?

    Thanks in advance.

  • PisceanHealer, little bump 🙂

    Actually he's ok with me. Very friendly in the last few days, and supportive when I told him some of the issues I'm facing. Seems I can share my feelings with him - but only when he's free to listen. Or maybe he only has space for me, when he's bored/lonely.

    But same questions apply. How do I make the most of this - and what exactly is 'this'? Darned if I'm wrong but the attraction seems to be mutual.

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