Needing a reading of compatibility: Calling the Captain!!! Thanks

  • I'm a Scorpion: Nov. 9, 1975 and he is a Libra: Oct. 17, 1973...will it last?

  • Astrology predicts this combination is not good for the longterm in love. The relationship contains a powerful chemistry for establishing an uncompromising position - it often focuses on taking a stand, which it will fearlessly defend. It also has the capacity to win over the hearts and minds of other people and is likely to find itself at the centre of a social, family or professional group. This relationship is unlikely to back down from any outside challenge; you two will present a united front. Internally, however, the matchup may be plagued by disagreements and dissenting opinions from the start. Often such contrasts give the relationship an intense dynamism, but they may also periodically threaten to break it apart.

    In matters of love, your friend's outgoing qualities and your introverted tendencies can come into direct conflict. At first the relationship can thrive on such differences, but over time, this temperamental incompatibility may prove unsurmountable. You ScorpWolf may find your friend rather too superficial and self-aggrandizing, while he may be unable to cope with your moods and depressions. Marriage is a big step for this relationship and should be considered very seriously before being attempted. Should such a marriage wind up on the rocks (and the chances are very high indeed of that happening), the two of you must be prepared for a painful breakup marked by agonizing on-again, off-again oscillations rather than any real finality.

    A friendship here can be very strong, and both competititve and supportive. You two are a model of solidarity against a common enemy but, just like in a love match when no outside threat is present, unity is likely to disappear in a flurry of squabbling. Unless you two can agree to disagree and to preserve unity in good times as well as bad, any sort of relationship here will be very difficult.

  • @ The Captain:

    Could you assist me in a compatibility reading? My bday: october 24, 1982 born at 835pm HIS bday: May 12, 1975

    Thank you!

  • Scorpigal, this is ScorpWolf's personal thread. Please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • Scorpigal, I see you already have other threads about this question so I answered you here -

  • TheCaptain - Thank you, your insight was accurate, I left this man last year...I have been seeing someone new and need your help yet again...

    His DOB: Jan. 25, 1973

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