To AstraAngel

  • I get on Oranum once in a while... I spent a little while just then... I need to set a schedule there

  • I have joined as a member but not a reader i wanted to get a feel for the place i chat to the psychics on free chat some times .

  • I have just about given up on oranum. Fiverr is actually working a lot better for me. Nice UI, simple, easy to use. I would rather give a reading for $5 and have no restrictions on time.

    The problem with oranum is they force restrictions on giving readings, in the free chat area, so there are these energies of constraint you are always having to deal with. And then when you get in a pay reading, typically the other person will run out of minutes before long. It has issues. They do provide text readings (email) however I have yet to see a request.

    What oranum should do is a $10 version of fiverr where people just pay $10 and then you can let the reading go as long as it needs to. This pay per minute thing is difficult to deal with although I know there are some who do really well there. Maybe depends on the person I would say go for it and see what happens...

  • Hi Astra,

    I found the fiverr site it looks pretty good .I understand how you feel about time limits on readings, it does sound very frustrating .i have decided not to work for oranum i really want to go back into retail .

  • That sounds like a good plan... retail... I could see myself working in a hobby shop that seems to be where I am headed, toys, fun stuff.

    Yes, the psychic world is a mixed bag... I always had hopes that the "readings" were helping people, however I don't enjoy telling people "whats going to happen" in their lives, and then be told later, "Hey, that didn't happen! You... quack psychic!".... whatever... I think it all boils down to psychology really. Subconscious desires in our lives... the psychic stuff is mostly entertainment I think.

    Retail does sound good for you though. Good luck. You will probably find folks to do readings for in your job, and it would be fun and helpful and you wouldn't have to be trying to turn a buck at it. Fiverr is fun though and is simple to use.

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