To AstraAngel

  • Astra ,

    I would never have guessed you were a male as your username comes across as a female energy to me . Look at the captain for example her user name comes across as a male energy .i wonder how my username comes across to others now ? I think you are very sought t after here , you could get a job on this site with the high demand of people asking you for a reading . Thankyou so much for doing the reading

    5 of Wands - change of role or identity

    2 of Cups - Emotional affirmation. Could be a relationship with someone or something you love *to do.

    8 of Pentacles - there is the work you need and deserve

    5 of Cups - emotional changes and adjustments

    Ace of Cups - Beginning of a love, feeling, relationship, an emotional beginning

    Wow they are truly empowering cards . I am so happy to see the 8 of pents in there i know that is a strong inidcator i will find work soon . See you are a natural at this reading lark you interpreted them in a clear and easy way , for me to understand .

    I did go out to oranum before and had a look and someone doing a reading , I will go back and have a proper look at the site and all it entails .I also did some cards for myself before regarding will my financial situtation imporove soon ,and i would like to hear your thoughts on it if you dont mind? the cards that came out were

    Justice -I interpreted this as being a defenet yes ., i feel this card indicates all will work out for the best for the future

    4of pents- This one to me was the best card i could get regarding this situation holding on to money and keeping it to be financially secure for a rainy day .

    8 of swords - This is me , i am conjuring up all sorts of thoughts in my mind i do feel trapped i supposse i am no worse off than your average Joe, but there are so many things that require money and with only one wage coming in i am so worried how we are going to pay for it all and i see no way out i feel that i am unable to keep on top of it all . I know that i need to change my thought process this is doing me no good i wish i could stop the worry . That is why i need a job quick smart .

    Thanks again for all your help

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi Loap!

    Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and all about the readings, I appreciate that. I love doing these, like really really love it. That is the thing about the charging for it I could never understand that it is like I should be paying to do this for others it is that nice... I should look again at Oranum and try to stick to a schedul with it. THey are a wonderful group a lot of people who just wanna help how nice is that! My own path has been this tug o war at times between a sort of past life Art thing... and now my heart honestly is so much here.... looking at cards this morning, and lit candle... and I can feel the presence of angels... and though, "you know... this is more my 'art' than anything else... so this is sort of a flash of insight for me!

    So.... your question... these are your cards...

    Justice -I interpreted ths as being a defenet yes ., i feel this card indicates all will work out for the best for the future

    Yes, I agree this is rebalancing and all is being handled in the best way, and you can relax that it will be adjusted as needed. I see Justice lately, and I just think "it is being handled" and I can relax...

    4of pents- This one to me was the best card i could get regarding this situation holding on to money and keeping it to be financially secure for a rainy day .

    Yes! This say foundations to me, very solid finances, and it is working very well, assured, secure. This is a very positive sign!

    8 of swords - This is me , i am conjuring up all sorts of thoughts in my mind i do feel trapped i supposse i am no worse off than your average Joe, but there are so many things that require money and with only one wage coming in i am so worried how we are going to pay for it all and i see no way out i feel that i am unable to keep on top of it all . I know that i need to change my thought process this is doing me no good i wish i could stop the worry . That is why i need a job quick smart **********

    I think you just explained the card perfectly... "quick smart"! 8's are lively energies, developing and expanding, sort of Jupiter, expansive! So there is a sense of growth and motion... so quick... and then the thoughts of swords, and some liveliness there. In addition to your interpretation, it can also add this idea that your wonderful mind could be the key here, some smart thinking, and a new idea... you never know... where it can go! Yippie..... haha I get carries away...

    All in all it looks good for you financially... maybe there are some new ideas related to finances how to handle that... organizing... the work aspect is a challenge I will admit that. Still, all we should really need is trust, that it will be taken care of. As we keep going in life. Where it is tough to find balance (for me) is when your "path" that your heart seems to keep saying go here go here! that doesn't always pay the bills... it should though.

    See, I think that is the thing... we should all be able to do the work we love and feel deep down that THIS is why I am alive, this is my life mission or whatever you want to call that... in an ideal world we could. We should be taken care of... so maybe there are other adjustments that can be made to reign in the financial arena, and restore a comfort level there.

    I am seriously considering going back into advertising perhaps. You can have fun at it... with the right crowd. Art and Tarot have neither been exactly high paying employers for me thus far. Weird that the things we love to do... are a challenge to make a living at... and these other jobs... that pay so well... well sometimes we love them too I guess! There was a time I really loved the advertising business.


  • Hi Astra,

    I am worried as my computer is a dinosaur that i wont be able to work there and i am not in a good financial postion this side of christmas to fork out for another another one .

  • Sorry i hit submit by mistake and it says it is best not to use a wireless device as well due to drop outs. My laptop is a better pc than my desk top . and it says psychics have to pass a test , i am not psychic as you dont have to be psychic to read tarot .Sorry i dont mean to come across as i am trying to make excuses , these are just a couple of things i have to consider , Thankyou so much for interpreting my reading . I hope you find the perfect advertising job that your heart desires .

    Many blessings love Loap:)

  • Hey livingonaprayer,

    I wouldn't be too concerned about whether you are a "psychic" or not, I am not sure about all of that. If you are here on this forum then that is probably a good sign that you have gifts of ministry in this area and no matter what you call it, would be a blessing for others. Intuition is a better word for it to me. And I know you are a very intuitive person.

    You are a Taurus? So that means you are Earth sign like me and like to get your hands dirty... so work that is creative with your hands too is important. Have we looked at your chart? That can offer clues as to career path.

    I will pull a Doreen Virture "life path" card from her deck for you just for fun to see what we get...

    I drew the Justice card... so that seems to show something where you are helping being fairness to others... not sure how that may apply for you. Also author... do you like writing? What would you do if you could do anything for a work? What absorbs you and the time passes quickly while doing it?



  • Hi Astra ,

    Sorry for the late reply well i did reply sooner but my post got wiped at the last minute weird and strange things have been happening around me lately .Thank you for pulling me the justice card wow it does represent balance as well and that is exactly what i am looking for .especially working around my families needs .I want to let you know i found you on Oranum i joined to chat with some of the psychics .I am still not sure on Oranum as it says you have to do 14 hours of free chat per week did you do this at all ? I did a few phone readings for a friends relative on the weekend and i was so suprised at how well i connected with the cards doing readings this way, and i feel this would be alot easier for me as i do not like sitting at a keyboard especailly with my carpal tunnel it always acts up when i grip the mouse it is so annoying . I am not much of a writer but i do like to read and i have just started to get back into it and i am thouroughly enjoying it . Do you have many oracle cards ? Doreen Virtue has just realsed another deck called Mary Queen of Angels oracle deck , i am in two minds weather to purchase it as i feel all the oracle cards do the same job just affirmations they dont dig down deep like tarot does .I do have all of Doreens other decks .I do love the imagery on them . Do you know of Toni Carmine Salerno at all ? He is an artist and has the most beautiful oracle cards i cannot wait to collect them all .Thanks for all you help i really am ever so grateful I hope you are having a great week .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hey Astra

    Have you left Oranum? I clicked on your profile and it says this psychic has left . I hope all is well and wish you all the best for a great new .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hey Livingonaprayer

    I have too many oracle cards and tarot decks. Trying to get rid of most of them now and probably just stick with my potato deck and some Runes, that gives me all I need. I have started listing decks for sale on yardsellr dot com like $5 each just to get them to folks that want something cheap. I also have a lot of metaphysics books I am going to dispose of.

    That is cool you are doing the readings by phone I am sure that will work well for you!

    I am not familiar with Toni Carmine Salerno, however there are so many wonderful decks and artwork out there. Maybe one day I can do an landscape impressionsit deck. I still want to get back to painting outside it has been cold as jack frost lately and I am not a cold weather person.

    I am not active on Oranum... I have tried it periodically and it doesn't work for me... you end up entertaining and just shooting the breeze with people for hours and I never got pulled into many pay sessions... plus the way they have it set up you are paid by the minute, so there is all of this clock watching pressure as you are reading I don't need that i have enough stress as is!

    I like writing that works for me... taking my time... then you can say a lot and it is in writing so someone else can reflect on it... I think its a much better approach than the audio visual skype oranum type of thing. Just doesn't work for me. I don't always like to see the person anyway, I would rather it be just words and email or letter and leave it at that.

    I am starting to provide $5 Celtic Cross readings on fiverr which I am enjoying. They are fun and I love how simple their website is to use. I think I will keep doing "free" readings here but they will be quickies, yes no, simple readings... and if someone wants more than that they can pay the big bucks... $5... haha.....

  • cool astraangel

    so glad to see you're back ... 🙂 you were sorely missed by me and other. I'm sure...!!!

    would love to get a reading from you on fiverr.... arent we all in a mess... i dont know why this universe like to torture us so.....

    will see me soon on Fiverr

    Hugs and love


    remember me ?? 😉

  • Hi caribchic

    Sure I remember you! I also remember your location, as I am in an arctic circle kind of environment. A warm beach would do me a world of good right about now haha... I wish... maybe this is my life lesson, I am learning to see cold frigid snow and icy, slippery streets as a warm beach 'by faith'... and shoveling the sidewalks as making sandcastle in the Bahamas... 🙂 ...

    I am happy to read for you here or there... doesn't matter. I like to help....... i hope it helps......


  • I will contact you AA on fiverr cause i think u deserve some recompense foryour talent 🙂

    sending a splash of sunshine to yah :))))



  • What is fiverr cause ?

  • AA is doing readings on fiverr dot com.... I think he deserves some compensation for his talent even though he doesnt think so.... after all we are friends here so lets support him.

  • oh ok thanks i have never heard of it b4 .I will try and find it as well .

  • I tried fiverr, however I am not totally comfortable with that. I do not like nickle and diming people for readings, that makes no sense. I think I may just stick around here and keep doing them complimentary - I have issues trying to make money with the tarot. The Universe can figure the money thing out, and if they don't then I guess I will just stay broke. But I do need income... it is frustrating. Probably will just go back to art and try to make a buck that way...

  • HI Astra

    When you say issues how do you mean if don't mind me asking ? I have issues as well i feel uncomfortable charging for it , my friends said i should get over this so they have organised a couple of people that i dont know to come to their house so i can read for them .$50 is about the standard price for a reading over here well most i have been to anyway ., they badgered me into charging a price i said no i do not feel comfortable again taking money they said they are not taking no for an answer get over it your getting paid .so i told them $25 as i think $50 is to much so lets see what happens . This will be an experience for me .

  • I think when you truly have a real "gift" you do not feel to commercialize your gift and accepting money. I really appreciate that you guys feel like this because there are too many scam psychics out there swindling folks of their hard earned money....

    and for that reason alone I am sure the Universe will find a way to make all your needs met and not by taking money for the gifts you have 🙂

    Hugs carib


  • Living on a prayer

    Well all I can tell you is that money and me do not mix well. I would rather find something else I can earn a fair wage at, and it doesn't matter what that is... I applied to McDonalds to flip burgers, we'll see how bad they need someone. Funny, that is how I started out in life... worked fast food in high school... a burger joint, a BBQ joint, a beach place grill... Seas Island Georgia... that was in the 70's... and maybe I get to do that again! I don't care whatever I have to do.... but taking money for tarot readings, it is up to each I guess to figure that out... I will say this... if I gave someone a reading, and then a week later found a six pack of good IPA beer sitting by my door, I would say, "Hey, loook at that, my paycheck for tarot reading!" 🙂

    You will do great, I am impressed that you have friends like that and situaitons where you can read for people in person. I would LOVE to do that locally, however I think my name is mud around here, for reasons I won't go into. So online is it for me I guess.

    Caribchic, you make a good point. I guess just trusting the Universe to provide it should all work out. Part of my situation is that I come out of a career in advertising and marketing, so I know what it takes to promote and merchandise and make money... which the world chases... I just don't want to repeat my advertising mentality in an area that is so divine. However it is for each to figure that stuff out I suppose.

    Hey caribchic, u can email thru that fiverr if you want with any followup on your questions, or here, I will try to keep an eye out for you. Hang in there, this situation will work out for you.


  • awwww thanks my Astraangel....keeping my fingers crossed....and holding my breath...

    wont bug you too soon 🙂

    Hugs and sunshine

    caribchic 🙂

  • Astra,

    I feel the same as you i would rather go and flip burgers which i have done before , i dont want to charge for tarot i am getting nervous just thinking about it . I like doing it for free believe it or not Thanks for your vote of confidence .Are you still working at oranum ?

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