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  • Hi AstraAngel ,

    I have seen some of your readings and they are amazing ,i was wondering if you would be able to do a reading for me on whats instore for me in the next 12 months with life in general ?. I would be very grateful .

    Many thanks in advance Love and Light Loap:)

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  • Hi Livingonaprayer

    I have been in the midst of packing for a trip, thanks for your patience!

    I did this reading for you yesterday morning and it was quite amazing. Let me share what I saw. This will be a pretty quick overview, once I get settled on my journey I can revisit should there be other insights for you!

    This is a 12 month reading, and I simply drew a card for each month, we are close to the end of July so I feel this is a August 11 - July 12 reading.

    August - Nine of Wands - You have attained a place of position after much hard work. Something or someone you have bee very devoted to, and working close on has reached a very complete level.. this leads into a most interesting and blessed phase of your life! Look at this...

    For the next FIVE months (Sept-Jan) you appear to enter a state of very positive, blessed conditions, materially. In order, I drew...

    Sept - Ten of Pentacles

    Oct - King of Pentacles

    Nov - Queen of Pentacles

    Dec - Knight of Pentacles

    Jan - Three of Pentacles

    Wow! Could it be any more obvious that you are stepping into something in your life that is very rewardging and quite materially significant. It would appear that other people are involved due to having the court cards. So, beginning in Sept expect the results of your efforts to manifest into a very stable and what I believe to be deeply rewarding phase for you. You come into Jan with the three wands which indicates a joint project or something for you, perhaps developing from the last four months, The sense is that the perspective changes here and you are more intimately connected with another(s). Something beautiful happening here...


    Feb - Strength - Something happens here that increases your resolve about matters, as if you must now develop your staying power. This period beginning in Feb marks strong spiritual growth for you, so a little adjusting at times however you will do well.

    Mar - Justice - this continues into Mar where you must weigh something out which is very important to you, and Heaven balances something in your life. An answer is given that you have been seeking.

    April - Seven of Wands - this sounds to me like an echo of the nine wands from Aug 11. There is a thread here with the wands that runs through your life. A fiery spirit that will not accept no for an answer! You go! You are standing and defending something in April that requires you to simple keep working hard, knowing that everything will work out fantastic!

    May - Two of Swords - now... now we see how beautifully you are progressing into your maturing, So exquisite you are now we can begin to see the nature and patterns on you, as a butterfly emerges for the first time! The Two of Swords shows a side of you that you have run from at times in you, a side that is a little darker and more mysterious! You like to be practical... however in your May experience I see a mysterious lady emerging who will be surprised at how easily and gravefull she steps into her new role. A queen... a lovely queen to be. In April you are really finding your voice, your beautiful new path in spirit and peace and truth sweeps you up in his arms. All of heaven dips down into your heart in May. (I feel these energies even now with you, so this May experience you will have some tastes of more and more often as that month approaches. There is a beautiful inward seeking lady here who is on a wonderful path.

    June - Five of swords - here the two swords energies mellow into a sword-intellectual attainment of your own position in the matter. It is like the entire year has been urging, urging you toward this point of decision, and it is a quality decision on your part. Good going.

    July - The Chariot - Okay hold on to your hat because now... in July... your life TAKES OFF as the result of your much earnest work over the past year and I see travel and a lot of passion and excitement. I want to say an entirely new direction for you, magnificent, hits with a bang here! A path I don't think is even on the radar screen for you right now. It seems to pull from all of your experiences and everything melts into this new exuberant song of joy in your life, and you are swept up into Heavenly places in your love life and your work of love.

    I hope that gets you started Livingonaprayer. I whispered a little prayer for you to find every blessing your heart has ever longed for, every answer and every fulfilling passion to come your way. I see that for you... 🙂

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Wow youve blown me away thankyou so much for taking the time and all the effort you put in to do this reading for me ,, i really appreaciate it , it is amazing , i will keep you posted on the outcomes as they happen .

    I hope you have a wonderful trip .

    Sending you an abundance of love, light and blessings Loap:)

  • Hi Astra ,

    I was wondering how long you have been reading tarot for ? I have seen some of the images of the cards you have posted and i was wondering what deck it was that you are using ?

  • LivingonaPrayer,

    You know, not that long really I started using a deck of regular playing cards about 2 years ago, just observing and pondering the number patterns that would appear. Then I received a tarot deck as Christmas present that Dec. I love the Tarot it is amazing! Very beautiful gift from above to me...

    the deck that you see pics of is a deck design I printed with potatoes cut into those shapes.. on cereal box cardboard... which any one can make! Thanks for asking! I do like the deck it has been fun. A gift from my spirit companion! SHE is the real author I just got to hold the potatoes in my hands and get all messy haha...

  • Wow Astra,

    That sure sounds like fun i used to love printing with potatoes when i was little maybe i should take it up again it could be good therapy for me . I have tried to read normal playing cards but have had no luck the only deck i have ever really connected with is the rider waite . Which deck do you have ?

  • I have a bunch of decks. Too many and never use them. I use my potato deck mostly.

    Have been using the Thoth deck on occasion I kinda like it... some of the art is freaky though! the Rider deck is nice and safe but I don't see too many people dressed in king and queen outfits and weird chariots pulled by a sphinxes in my life.. so I can't really relate.

    I tend to gravitate to decks that are pure abstracts.

    You should totally do some potato prints again Living... they are fun... can be messy however that is where the fun is....

  • I have so many decks as well some ive never even used , i was thinking of you the other day i was draining some beetroot and i decided to do some prints on paper towel and i thouroughly enjoyed myself it was as if my inner child was coming through .I have thought about putting in my hair actually as i love the colour so much . I was wondering have you ever thought about taking up reading proffessionally at all ?As you are very good at it and lots of people on here are always asking your for readings . I hope you are having a great weekend

    Love and light Loap:)

  • That sounds like fun... yeah your inner child wanted to keep doing that!

    I am not sure about the "professional" tarot reader thing... I thought that could be fun however I must have a mental block or something about asking for money from readings, I really don't like doing that. Not sure why I guess it can be sold like any other product or service. I grew up poor so money and I do not get along.

  • I am having trouble as well with the charging for readings thing , i feel bad taking money , but i have paid for some readings were i thought i could do a better job . Are you a seller a giver ? I am a giver yet others will always sell things to me . I just feel bad selling things , my motto is if someone else can use it why not give it within reason of course.

  • I agree... I am not a "seller" mentality. Some people seem to have a knack for that...

    I made 20 bucks in Reno once for a reading. and that was only because the lady pushed it across the table to me after the reading...

    LADY: ... well... is that it?

    ME: What?

    LADY: Are you finished with the reading? I didn't get anything out of that...

    ME: ...well... sorry, sometimes they don't alwa -

    LADY: Here... here's twenty bucks... go buy yourself a good tarot book...

    LADY: ... and call me when you think you have your act together and we can try it again.

  • I want to offer readings to people locally, but the situation is weird and I honestly am not sure about having that like a business, that seems weird. Seems like this should just be something we do personally and then for friends and whoever asks for one... then only thing is, where I am ... NO ONE is asking for anything like that. I get on Oranum and offer readings there... I dunno I am totally baffled about money and this stuff... actually I am baffled by everything in life at this point!

  • Where abouts are you Astra ? Couldnt you put an advert in your local paper or something along those lines ? so do Oranium pay you ? I need to go back to work and i cant find anything that revolves around my kids school , and i have been looking at the adds here on tarot .com..

    and often wondered how people go about working for them .

  • I am sorry to hear what the lady said some people are just real insensivite aholes . I have been learning tarot for 8 years and still dont feel like i have fully mastered it yet ,I think you are very confident at reading for people from wha ti have seen on this site .

  • Oh hey

    That dialogue was just something I made up for laughs. She was actually nice and I did make twenty bucks yay. Oranum will send you a check. You can work for any of those places all you have to do is apply probably. I think it technically should be a good way to make a nice living. I am just so new at it I have had to fumble my way through trying to see if there is any chance of turning it into a career path. Its that or become a psychiatrist... I am looking at a lot of years getting a pHd in that, and not even sure I believe most of that stuff anyway... I think its all a racket if you ask me...

    So, you are trying to find work around your kids school... I can look at that and we can see what might be a possibility?

    Aeon - rebirth

    Have you considered some sort of a day care situation for the time being? There is a real need there apparently, near the school? You should get that pretty easily and that will give you income.

  • Hi Astra ,

    Thanks Astra for all your help someone i know started a daycare in her home and got nothing but trouble, some guy even tried to sue her and there is alot of red tape as well to go through . I have heard of surveys you can do online that pay but i am weary as i dont want to get scammed . So orium doesnt ask for your bank details at all ?

  • No, it is all paid by check through the mail or by another payment provider (can't remember the name). I got one check from them once it wasn't much. However some of the readers there do really well. I may get more consistent with it, I have been in a place in my life where I have a lot of things going at once, so I haven't really focused on it. It is a growing community for sure though you should sign up if you like giving readings.

    As for work for you, yes the daycare thing I dunno it just popped up as I was thinking about your situation. I am not crazy about the "daycare" paradigm, it seems children fare better in life when there is a closer bonding over time with the mother... I will probably get in trouble if I say more!

    So we can look at work for you... are you open to giving readings professionally from your home? I mean if you really pursue that it could work out for you. There are a lot of home based businesses that you can do... I am working with some paper crafty type products for sale that path seems to work for me. Are you artistic or craft oriented?

  • I am not really crafty as such , what does it actually involve ?I don,t feel comfortable giving readings in my home, and i do not feel safe going into others homes . I have to find somewhere nuetral but where i am racking my brains i defently can,t afford to rent an office or anything like that . Im stumped as with what to do .

  • LivingonaPrayer

    I am going to keep looking at some cards for you, and this work question.

    Let's go back to a spread and talk about it... how does that sound?

    I drew 5 cards... with an 8 Pentacles right in the middle so there is a focus on work here...

    5 of Wands - change of role or identity

    2 of Cups - Emotional affirmation. Could be a relationship with someone or something you love *to do.

    8 of Pentacles - there is the work you need and deserve

    5 of Cups - emotional changes and adjustments

    Ace of Cups - Beginning of a love, feeling, relationship, an emotional beginning

    The work is modified directly by the 2 of Cups and the 5 of Cups. So your work $$$ is connected to a relationship, a feeling you love... and changes emotionally, which has to do with new love.

    Path changes on the left. So this is a change of direction for you for sure. WHatever it is has a very strong emotional charge running through it.

    7 of swords below... this is some imagination, all in words and writing.

    And the Knight of Cups... more emotional energies, this is all chasing....

    I tell you what I do get that you would do really well on Oranum!

    Go to oranum dot com / regpage

    and that should walk you through the process. As I am pulling cards here these all seem to point to you doing that, I think you would be great then you can be comfortable helping people virtual from home. You would be wonderful for relationship matters - which is the majority of the issues. You ladies are so very gifted in this realm naturally... I am a klutz really... I am tolerated I am sure... haha... hey I try. Actually... some days I think I might be one of the girls... in a guy's body. Sort of a guy's body... maybe I am changing... maybe we don't stay male or female... we change... that is weird isn't it?

    So yeah I would check out oranum and go for it. You need cable or dsl internet ...most people do I guess...


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