Captain can I ask for your help?

  • I asked a question not too long ago about about an abusive ex boyfriend. You talked about his ego and how immature he was being. We have recently started talking again but not to get back together. We have both moved on. He is giving me bad feelings. What is going on with him? Is it still about ego? Why is he so bitter? Would it be better to have no contact with him at all? Will he ever take responsibility for how he treated me? Truly that is all I want.

    Thanks so much Captian


  • Yes, it would be better to break off all contact with him. His ego is hruting over the break-up. Plus he is very controlling and doesn't like to think that someone 'got away' from him. He still wants to punish you for that. You are much better off away from him.

  • Thank you Captain. I really appreciate your answer.

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