Please can someone who has time help me with this love celtic spead? spread

  • Love and me High Priestess

    Situation Knight of Cups

    Challenges The Moon

    Background The Magician

    Recent Past Death

    Higher Power Two of Coins

    Near Future Six of Coins

    Issues Seven of cups

    The Loved One Ace of Wands

    Love Advice Ace of cups

    Long-term Potential Page of Wands

    Thank you.

  • please anyone who has the time and will to interpret my reading?

  • Overall it looks very positive for you. You've been through something of a difficult time in your past, something ended "badly"? But you've put that behind you and are now ready to move on and start a new relationship.

    If there isn't someone new already in your life then there will very soon be. Be mindful of your dreams/fantasies; balance them with reality and don't let yourself be carried away. Passion and romance are in the cards and things will start to move very quickly. Strive for balance and you will achieve all that you desire.

  • thank you. hope this will make me move forward in my life.

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