Aries and gemini relationship

  • Also, all the time we were together, i kept telling me that i can do better, maybe he was too scared that once i find someone else, someone who has good job and don't smoke, i will probably leave him. Because he has been in a similar situation with his ex, maybe thats why, it was hard for him to trust me. when he broke up, he told me he wants to see me happy, he thought break up would make me happy, and i was like you guys are weird lol

  • yeah...clearly I didn't mean much to him if he went off 2 months after we broke up and got his ex pregnant...yet everything he said when we were together made it sound like he wanted to marry's been hard for me as well, WillGem...I'm just trying my best to keep it out of my head...we were together for about 6 months...

  • ScorpVirgo, I would suggest you to take a break from the whole dating process and think and write down things that you want in your "soulmate". meanwhile, go out, have fun with your friends, , do whatever makes you happy, then when you feel like you are ready for a relationship, then start dating again. That's what i am doing. Ever since we broke up, i have been going to the gym and try to do everything to keep myself busy.

    BTW he texted me today asking if everything is ok? i didn't want to text back but my friend insisted that i should reply back. So texted back after like four hours lol i tried to keep my msg short and tried not to get too emotional or depressed.

  • willgemcomback,

    hope you u doing okay.... its hard to say about all gemini cause we all are not the same. gemini is only our sun sign , the rising and moon signs factor in just as much i read. i am Gemini sun, Leo rising and Capricorn moon... that's the earth wind and fire ! lol i look for brains in a girl as well as outgoing and creative. a little aggressiveness behind closed doors but not too possessive. a friend and partner and collaborator in creative ventures. a general all around good

    person who does whats right and is selfless... as well as someone who is attractive on the outside as well as inside and takes care of themselves and stays active and is independent .. there are lots more things i could say but you get the picture.... is that like your gem man ?

  • omg yess!! lol I got everything but i think i have to work on selfless and possessive part, and also he dislike the fact that i flirt with other guys lol he did call me selfish one day and possessive ..but i got everything else 😉

  • okay good, since you flirt , that would make possessive almost fun ! acknowledgment that you can be self centered is a good step in the right direction. sounds like you have passed with flying colors ! : )

  • well i got all the qualities that he ever wanted in a girl, he even told me that. i think he just not ready for a relationship! i know he will come back but i have to wait few months or even years untill he becomes financially stable 😞

  • life is too short for that my dear, i think you should start putting it behind you then . if it comes back good but if he doesn't you wont be wasting your life waiting and wondering . what are some things you like to do or would like to pursue ?

  • yea but i don't think i am ready for a relationship rite now either. i need to take a long break and focus on my career as well. I only date a person if i have a crush on them. but right now, i don't have crush on anyone, so my only option right now is to wait 😞 i just miss him a lot is everything with you?

  • well willgem , right now my fingers hurt ! lol i burned them with a 3500 deg torch about an hour ago ... the weird thin is i have never done this before until last tuesday . so yep, i have done it twice now two fingers right hand and now two fingers left hand... i am left handed so that hinders me more this time... before that on monday something broke off of a machine or something and shot me in the forehead, man that hurt ! i its starting to grow its way out now i think, maybe in a day or two i will see what it is.... lol ) : this whole summer has been crazy for me. there has been a bunch of eclipse's in my sign. even a full moon eclipse on my bday june 1st ! ... its supposed to mean big changes for me in the pipeline, may i will hit the lotto ! i know a guy that did about 10 yrs ago that hit 60 mil jackpot his first time ever playing !

    so what field are you thinking of going into after school ?

  • ouch!! i hope your finger gets better so you can talk to me lol..this summer has been crazy for my gemini man as well. i read the gemini horoscope, and it says that first six months are going to be good but the last six months of t2011 aren't so great..and im going to school to be a doctor 🙂

  • amazing ! a dr is what i need ! man talk about hitting the jackpot !

  • so the last 6 months of 2011 r going to suck ? no way, i met you ! and my fingers healed so quickly it was amazing.... thanks to all who helped. i would luv to had been a dr. as far as trying to figure out and make a diagnoses . im good at getting to the bottom of things others overlook.

    but i wouldnt want to do hands on the gross stuff...... unless it was a she and she was hot ! lol

  • yea lol but i still have a long way to go :(. "unless it was a she and she was hot" lmao you're funny.. so i blocked my gemini ex on fb coz some gril was flirting with him and couldn't take it so i had to block him..but i don't miss him that much finally MOVING ON lol

  • awesume ! what kinda dr do you want to be ! by the way, i am a mess as if you havnt that out yet : O )

  • willgem , u making it okay ? about time to make a better screen name for yourself : )

  • hahaha lol actually i didn't mean to make this my screen name. i was trying to type as my topic but shomehow i ended up making this my screen name. and idk how to change the screen name (

  • hey willgem , good to hear from you . i guess instead of changing your name just logout and re register with a new name. i dont think there is an option to edit the other. my pick for you is

    ............. Doc Aries........! haha i kinda like that. : )

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