Aries and gemini relationship

  • Hello, i have been in a relationship with a gemini for one year. Recently he was going through tough time and decided to end the relationship. he got into an accident, and he is the only driver in the family. he said he wanna focus on his family and career and he won't have any time for the relationship. and i used to bug him for not spending enough time with me. so one night i got into an argument and said "im better off single" and he said "me too" but i didn't really mean it. Then he said he can't do it right now and he wants to focus on his family and he broke up with me. he cried, i knew he loved me a lot!!(his whole family knew that we were dating even his frndz knew) he said once he gets good job and everything works he will be happy to be with me again. but i'm afraid he might find someone else, and i even asked him if he found someone else. i said i am everything he wanted in a girl. I begged him not to broke up with me but he didn't listen. I planned my whole future with him. I even thought of getting married with him. do you think he will come back and is he worth waiting for?

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  • wow, i can really relate to this story sounds like me in my early 20 s only with my knowledge and experience now. i went thru the same exact thing having the only car and having to take care of my mother and aunt while trying to start my carrer. my gf was putting a lot of pressure on me to be with her more. if she had said she would be better off single to me, i would have let her go too.

    she tried to push me by saying dont call until you have more time but it never worked, she always caved in and i was never shure how i felt either way. one thing i do know is the pressure put on me while my life was already too complicated will always be a sore spot with me.

    i had an assistant for a while , she was an aries , i saw how good of a match that would be for a gemini but she was a little too aggressive and competitive for me so i can see this situation you are in. if you can chill and give him space and let him know your got carried away and will be less demanding and take all the time he needs to sort his life out then, if your still around he will want you back. you cant push or pressure him, this is a rough time for him. remember he is an air sign !

    its great that he wants to cool it until he gets his act together.

  • haha wow!! our story is same!! are you sure ur not my bf? jk are you back with your aries gf now?

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  • hey willgem , i am not with the aries,that was a work relationship ! she did get to the point where she about to make a move though. i couldnt even though i wanted to because i am married to a introverted picses and even though we dont seem to ever be on the same page, i have to do whats right.

    i feel like i have given up my life to entertain her. she has no hobbies of interest other than reading about or watching stuff about celebrities or movies. my interest are unlimited hobies

    inventing, researching, writing and playing music and anything outdoors which seems to draw me. i never like being inside. so i am just about ready for an aries lol , i think aries are awesume !

    : )

  • important , whats the reading mean ?

  • well thank you!!! i know we aries are awesome.. my bf even said that "i have everything that he ever wanted in a girl". my heart says he will come back once his family settles down and he get a good paying job. and idk wht the reading meant either lol..

  • wiigem , that was my thought about my aries too ! wow ! weird stuff here !

  • then why aren't you with her? im scared now, wht if he end up getting married to someone else too 😞

  • he sounds too busy for that. just keep in touch but dont smother him.

    the reason im not with aries is because i was already with someone else who was very ill at the time, possible terminal but is mostly well now. i had to stay . no other right choice.

  • i know he is too busy. 😞 i texted him yesterday night asking if everything is ok. He didn't replied back. Do you think fell out of love ? why is he ignoring me ?

  • it sounds like you may have stressed him too much and he needs to be away from you for a while. i would say not to contact him for 3 or 4 wks and then maybe just happen to be where he hangs out or something like a chance meeting tp see how he acts towards you. it could be that he is done with it . even then dont make any moves as far as trying to get back with him, let him come to you in his own time, meanwhile, ur just gonna have to talk to me ! : )

  • I've had a very similar relationship with a Gem man. I tried SO hard to keep us together after he broke up with me and I felt like he just didn't want it. I was always the one to communicate after the breakup and he never initiated anything. We had broken up back in January and reunited in June, and then he told me that he had gotten another girl pregnant. it devestated me, but yet I still was trying to be a supportive friend(I knew we wouldn't be able to get back together after he told me about getting someone else pregnant), but yet he still didn't sound like he wanted me in his life at all. I finally gave up a couple of weeks ago. He hasn't tried to contact me either. I guess that's that.

    the funny thing is that when we were together, he pushed SO HARD for me to be in a serious relationship with me and talked about marriage and kids. and then suddenly he was "done" and didn't want anything to do with me.

    it's been difficult but i'm keeping myself busy with other things and trying to move on the best I can. He hurt me pretty badly, but I realized that I'm more important and I need to take care of myself. I could only fight for him for so long and then I just gave up. He didn't even once try to mend our relationship. instead he went back to his ex and got her pregnant. if he was SO serious about me, he wouldn't have just gone off and done that and would have actually WANTED us to work out. 😞

    willgem, I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope you're situation works out for you.

  • well thank you earthwindfire. you really are helping me a lot, i really appreciate it! btw a night before he made the breakup decision, i had a huge fight with him for not spending time with me. all i asked him is to spend at least three hours in a week with me..and he said i wish you love me..which really broke my heart so i tried apologizing but it was too late. He assumed that i am unhappy with him so he told me that i deserve much than him and i should move on.

  • also, i asked him if he found another girl, he was like i don't need to find anyone else, if everything goes well and i get good job, i'll be more than happy to be with you. but since i really hurted him so much, im scared if he'll ever even consider getting into a relationship with anyone lol..and scorpVirgo, i am really sorry to hear that. i read so many bad things about gemini man on this website haha it's crazy..

  • Also, we go to the same college, so i will probably see him around and slap him lol jk..i will smile and walk away hahaha

  • so tell me what else do gemini man wants in a girl? i have learned from my ex that he wants a girl to be family oriented, respect him

  • Willgem, if you see him around I would just wave "hi" to him or say "hello" politely and just leave it at that. what I've learned, the hard way, is that if a man REALLY wanted you...I mean REALLY wanted to be with you, he will fight for you and he will make sure you are his. it's part of the nature of man. they will hunt you and track you down and make you theirs. you should just leave it be for now. if it's meant to be, you will have it be in your destiny. if not, then most probably someone else will come along eventually.

    I hate to sound cold. I'm not meaning to. I guess I'm slowly starting to move on or something. I still miss my Gem man very much and I wish him only the best but I can't keep pining over someone who doesn't want to make an effort to even keep in touch with me every now and then. I understand people are busy, but everyone is busy. you can take 5 minutes out of your super duper busy week and say hello.

    like I said, if he really wanted to see you or talk to you, he will. be patient and move on with your life for now. keep yourself busy with your life. you never might just realize he's not worth it in the end...

    just my two cents...hope I didn't offend you...:)

  • I understand what you are trying to say ScorpVirgo, but you know its recent breakup so of course im gonna act all desperate lol Also, our relationship wasn't like 1 or 2 months things,we've been together for over an year. All the time we were together, family always been his top priority! i knew he loved me more than anything b/c he introduced me to his mom and his friends. i am sure he is going through tough time and need to sort out his life and i never understood his life, and which is why, i used to think like you, how can he be so busy? and, argue with him almost every other day! But, when we were together, he used to text me everyday, but only problem was that he didn't spent enough time with me. I just wanted him to spend at least three hours a week with me. was i asking for too much? There were only two things that i disliked about him, that is smoking and not being able to spend enough time with me. But everything was perfect! his family was so nice to me and he have everything that i ever wanted in a guy. But i know the best thing right now is move on with life. But i don't think i will ever try to date any guy, coz it's really hard to build trust now. 😞 I'll just stay single for a while! And you mentioned that your gem guy got someone else pregnant, if it happened to me, i would have immediately forget him and date someone else. the only thing that is not letting me to move on with another guy is that he didn't left for another girl or anything , he left me for his family. friend told me that the guy who value family is worth waiting for!

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