Miss Beth, can I know more about some past insight?

  • Hi Miss Beth,

    In early May you responded to a thread in which I asked for guidance, titled "I'd like some insight." I didn't check back in this forum until months later, however, I'd like to say again Thank You. Your gift and the insight of the angels has helped me immensely. The power of envisioning the white blanket of light helped from the moment I did it. Thank you.

    I come to you now because you shared with me that my purpose had to do with teaching, and speaking, and being myself in front of a group of people. You said something even more shocking when you told me to pursue learning outside of academia. This has made me uneasy... as a college student who has changed her major three times I am obviously lost in finding my way to my vocation. Additionally neither the teaching or speaking seem to be expected characteristics of any profession I'm familiar with. I have asked my angels to give me signs, and I've opened myself up to the possibility of a new direction yet and still I feel lost. I believe that you can understand them and my signs better than I can. If at all possible, can you share a more detailed insight into my purpose? I understand that the journey makes the destination worthwhile and that it just wouldn't be right to give everything away, but it's important to me to understand the learning outside of academia part of my purpose. Mostly, where exactly does one learn outside of a classroom? In what types of fields? Can you tell I'm a nerd?!

    Thank you for all your help.

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