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  • I would fully appreciate some guidance in regards to the relationship I am in. I am only seeking guidance because this is the first serious relationship that I have found myself in for many years. I am not sure what information one may need for such a reading versus astrology / numerology so here’s the basics. My birthday: Jennifer 6/27/86 and his Andre 6/5/81. If additional information is needed please let me know. I greatly appreciate the insight  Many blessings to all!

  • I can compare your astrological compatibility for you.

    Jennifer, this is not a favourable combination for love. There is often a magnetic attraction between you two highly different personalities. The focus here is often unrealistic, however, featuring grandiose schemes or plans and a vision of an idyllic future. You two could easily embark on the proverbial 'wild goose chase' together. Part of the problem is a deep need to communicate, yet you and Andre have such different styles that the only time you seem to meet is when dreaming, predicting or prophesying. In fact, you could easily squander a lot of money running to mediums, channelers, tarot readers or other types of psychics (at least here on this forum, you get free advice).

    You are a feeling type, Jennifer, but your mental faculties are often stimulated by your verbal and intelligent partner Andre. You may get frustrated by his indirectness, but ultimately you are up to the task of learning his language. He for his part will benefit from the relationship's characteristic kind of communication, which occurs on a nonverbal, often emotional level. Sharing strengths is an important dynamic here.

    A love affair or marriage is not particularly recommended here. Assuming there is a physical attraction, romantic feelings are likely to develop quickly, then just as quickly fade away. Relationships of this kind in this combination usually lack a firm basis, sexual or otherwise. The two of you are quite capable of drifting and dreaming together, and of enjoying an easily shared affection, but unless painful problems arise that challenge this relaxed stance, this relationship rarely goes deep.

    A friendship here is usually much more successful than a love match. Your interactions and conversations will range from the most humorous to the most serious, and a broad spectrum of emotions may be expressed.

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