Cancer Man and Libra Woman....He's so confusing

  • I've been dating a Cancer Man for 7 months and he is soooo confusing im a libra woman and if you know a libra we are very giving and loving people but this man confuses me one minute we're fine then the next he acts distant his friend told me he talks about me all the time and that he wants everything to be perfect when we get together. The cancer man tells me i'm a very sweet woman and the things i do for him will go a long way when i first met him i didnt have any intentions on falling for him as hard as i did he's very sweet and caring and we spend alot of time together and then times he seems standoffish but when it comes to a relationship the first time he told me last time he rushed into a relationship with someone he was dating and he found out they were cheating with their ex i can tell he's been hurt alot and i don't know how to ensure him that all i want to do is love him. this is so hard and i really dont know what to do.

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • This post is deleted!

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