Insight on my compliated triangle?

  • I'm a married Leo 8-19-74 married to an Aguarius 2-9-73 and I am, for lack of better word, obsessed with a Virgo 8-30-84. I met Virgo about 6 years ago and we've flirted with an affair, had on online only affair, and rollercoasted frienship off and on. He occassionally slips and sends me a flirtatious and sexually toned message and I try to laugh it off. We decided to be only friends as I am married and its a problem for both of us if we actually went into an affair. My husband and I have 3 beautiful children and we love each other but I feel our directions are changing plus after an incident a month or so ago I have a hard time trusting my husband and toyed leaving my marraige. I told Virgo of the incident, he responded twice, I sent numerous messages discussing it and my decision to stay in my marraige and Virgo has since been in hiding. This frustrates me to no avail and I'm confused why my Virgo relationship is turmultioius and why we can't just be friends like friends should be.

  • Kittylu and husband: This is a very good combination for marriage. The energy between you is extremely high - far greater than the sum of your energies as individuals. This synergistic chemistry is balanced, although you Kittylu often prove more inspirational to your husband than he is to you. A love affair here is spurred not so much by passion as by mutual interests and affection. It is more a matter of liking than of loving, which can augur well for the relationship's longevity. Empathy allows for understanding, and understanding allows for trust. This makes the relationship an ideal candidate for marriage. Such is the closeness here that should one of you fall in love with a third person who is also a mutual friend, the relationship may continue along relatively successfully as a ménage à trois, formally or informally. Your tremendous respect for one another can endure in the face of even infidelity. There may even be a playful competitive streak between you in some areas. You two should think very carefully before endangering this good relationship in any way.

    Kittylu and friend: the two of you hate emotional instabilty, yet that is what you get in this matchup. The relationship also magnifies both your nervous, sensitive and insecure sides. Because you two have an unsettling effect on each other, you will both have to work hard to maintain even a modicum of stability between you. On the other hand, the sensitivity and the feelings of many sorts that are likely to emerge here are in an odd way an achievement for you, because as individuals you two tend to repress and hide your problems. Your combination encourages your interest in any and all spiritual or psychological disciplines that may help in the life journey. The challenges of love and marriage here are multiple. Faced with unfamiliar emotions that you may be feeling deeply for the first time, your relationship at first tends to have to struggle to find itself. Once you become more comfortable with each other's feelings, you can begin to build bonds of understanding and trust. If you can hang in there through what are likely to be many setbacks, changes of direction, and minor successes, the relationship will come into its own, often becoming increasingly spiritual. Over years of personal development, then, a basically practical couple may undergo a complete metamorphosis. A friendship here will do best when grounded in physical activity. Competition is good for the two of you since it brings out your forceful side and encourages you to develop willpower and concentration.

  • Your insight on my marraige is right on. We seem to bring out the better of one another and I think we appreciate and love that about our marraige. As for the friend, I feel that if I wasn't married things would be different between us but, tempted as I am, the what ifs are not worth losing a great relationship at this time. Thank you greatly for your insight on this as it has helped me clarify what direction to go in.

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