Please help with a reading

  • Hi I am new to tarot and was hoping someone can help me with this reading I did for myself. Its a 6 month reading that uses 21 cards.

    1.6 cups


    3.The sun

    4.10 cups

    5.7 swords

    6.Queen of swords

    7.Page of pentacles

    8.9 swords

    9.8 wands

    10.5 wands

    11.Ace wands

    12.7 pentacles

    13.2 swords

    14.High priestess

    15.Page of wands

    16.King of swords


    18.9 cups

    19.2 pentacles

    20.10 wands

    21.2 cups

    The spread I used is one for the next 6 months.

    There are seven rows with 3 cards in each row.

    Position 1: what's in your mind currently

    2:what's around you

    3:hopes and fears

    4:all things that are expected to occur

    5:what you don't expect

    6:future events, 2-3 months range

    7:further future 4-6 months range

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi there I'll have ago for you!

    1.Whats on your mind at the moment - Stability, thoughts of the past, maybe of an ex and there has been some news or you have been receiving messages, which come from a person afar. You are worrying and doing most of it, in bed at night.

    2.Whats around you - Trying to create and manifest some positive in your life and trying to overcome the negative thoughts. You have the confidence to communicate what you truly want to someone.Things are moving a little quicker for you now, things are changing, there is passion in the air and you are awaiting news/message. you are either trying to analyse a person/situation and trying to leave feelings out of it or there is a man in your life who thinks rather than feels. x

    3. Hopes and Fears - Your hopes are a trip/holiday, Something to do with children. You hate fighting and arguments and just one someone to show some compassion and support.

    4. All things that are expected to occur - Happiness in the family, joy and celebrations, A new job, maybe a move,new beginnings things going along well. Getting what you desire.

    5. What you do not expect - Watch out for sneaky people and who you can trust, Feelings of frustration, things seem to be moving too slow, juggling finances, multitasking different aspects of your life.

    6. Future events - An air woman may help you with problems as there is something you are not seeing for yourself which is burdening you, you will soon see things/someone in a new light which i feel will be positive.

    7. The further future - Studying, which will go well, Intuition and psychic abilities blossom and a new romantic relationship/or if already involved a deeper commitment from them and if neither apply then a new important friendship for you 🙂

    Hope that makes a bit of sense for you! It looks really positive x

  • Hey, thanks a lot! That does make sense.:-)

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