The Secret of Success

  • What is the meaning of life? Why do we incarnate on this planet? What is our purpose? These are age-old questions that have been asked since the dawn of mankind. Many answers have been thrown up but my version is simple.

    The secret of success and why you are here is - to know yourself.

    It's amazing how many people don't really know themsleves well yet it is the answer to a prosperous, fulfilled and happy life on earth. If you have taken a deep breath and dived into the depths of self-discovery, then you know what really gets you excited and what makes you happy. Then all the right choices and decisions become easy. You know what works for you.

    But many people seem to do it all the wrong way around - they rush out and try to find someone who can tell them who they are and support them and keep them from being lonely. They pick partners and friends and careers at random without knowing if it is what they really want, then wonder why everything collapses. If they took some time to really get to know and like themselves and to become their own best friends, they wouldn't so desperately NEED anyone else to guide them or save them.

    I was struck by how many people have a false idea of what they are really like when talking to two friends recently. One had a string of disastrous love affairs and a failed marriage behind her yet she blithely stated that she was a very good judge of character. Another friend who was a constant nervous worrier said he thought he was a very relaxed, easy-going person. Neither statements could have been further from the truth.

    So today why not sit down and make a list of what you see as:

    • your strengths, talents and abilities

    • your weaknesses and faults

    • what you want in a partner and in a career

    • what your past partners have been like and whether, looking back, you feel they were good matches for you at all

    • what attributes you have that would make you a desirable partner for someone, and what attitudes/actions of yours might scare them off?

    • how much money and possessions would make you feel content and secure?

    • how inwardly safe and secure you feel, and what insecurities do you have?

    • what your passion/goal/dream is in life and whether you are following it

    • what makes you happiest and most fulfilled (don't answer from what you think other people or society wants of you), and do you have it?

    • where do you want to live?

    • what would be the best present anyone could give you?

    • are you surrounded by people who love and support you or by people who use and abuse you?

    • are there any negative patterns of behaviour you keep repeating?

    • what good decisions/choices have you made in life, and what bad ones?

    • what have you learnt?

    Then take your list to someone you trust to be honest and ask them if they agree with your assessment or maybe have some other feedback for you on what you wrote about yourself. You may have left out strengths or abilities you didn't know you had or have bad behaviours you don't realize are making you unhappy.

  • Wonderful post! 😉

  • Great post would love to chat and join in sometime...been busy with ideas and continuing to study and write my script. I might be young but Im always open to learn more, get to you later Captain so much too talk about though, been really trying to figure things out working with little to nothing-seeking options not knowing if I should stick to some decisions or just let go altogether and start anew with something else or another plan (mainly school wise) . Hope everything is going well with you though 🙂

  • I think thats good Captain, especially if we second guess a lot, defintly for those of us who do that!

  • I'm trying to figure out what my strengths are, they are buried under a few things right now, but I'll find them:)

  • Try asking people you trust about your strengths and weaknesses. You might be surprised at their answers.

  • Thats true, thanks Captain:)

  • The very best thing that parents can do for their kids is to help them to really know and understand themselves so that they are prepared for going out into the world, knowing exactly who and what they want, rather than wasting a whole lot of their time and energy chasing people and situations that won't make them happy.

  • Amen Captain!

  • This will be a good exercise for me but I have to copy and paste it into a document for later when I become unburied from school work. I do know that what I am doing in school I love...I am really enjoying the choice that I made from a career perspective. I also decided to not quit when I graduate next spring but to keep going for my bachelors and then maybe my masters. I really love being in school. :0) What did catch my eye even more on this is what you said about parents doing something for their kids. I will copy this and give it to my soon to be 18 year old son and have him do this task. He will most likely balk at the idea but I think you are right that this would be a great exercise for him when it comes to finishing up high school and getting set for a career in the future. Thanks for the suggestions Captain.

  • Hi Aunt Buck - nice to see you back here. 🙂

  • Well...I just ran this by my son and he says that it doesn't motivate him to want to do the exercise at all. Ugh. I am still going to do it once I get thru finals. I think this is a great thing to periodically in your life and not just something you do once and then forget about. I think you should be checking in with yourself like this at least once a year. Good New Year's Eve activity...well for those of us that don't go out and party that is. :0)

  • Hola All, they say we sign contracts when we come here and we choose the things we want to overcome our life lessons would be easier if we could all access the Akashic Record hall but that takes time, I think until then live your best life and let Love be the all/Healing and forgiving!

    Have a Blessed Day! I miss you guys!

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