Please, could I get a reading on a complicated situation?

  • Any insight in this complicated mess would be greatly appreciated.

    I've been in a strange relationship with a man I met a few years ago. He and I have texted and chatted but never really spoken to one another since 2007. Our online relationship has been chaos as its been friendship then over to the sexual realm and then kind of friends with sexual inuendos or flirtations thrown out there by him. We agreed to be friends and leave the sexual tension and desires alone as I am married. When he slips in things I generally laugh it off to flirtation but then he will avoid my messages for a while. Why am I so obsessed over this guy? Is he just a strong past life sexual tension? Perhaps a soulmate? I sense that there's more to what meets the eye on his end.

  • Kittylu74

    I feel like this man is someone to fill your time and a bit of what may be lacking in your marriage at this time. A three year flirt session is quite a long time to keep in contact with someone that knows you are married. You need to stop the relationship with him and fill your time with meeting new people that you can talk to in person and form friendships with that you share something in common with.

    The web feels like a safe screen for some yet it can be deceiving also.

    You need to do some soul searching about your marriage and why you are in it? You may need to ask your husband some questions and lay your personal feelings on the line. If he gives you answers that are unacceptable to you than you two may need to seek a marriage counsler.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader on this site , that donates some of my free time to do readings here.

    Good luck to you


  • The internet can kinda be like talking on the phone. When I read your post, sounded similar to something a friend has encountered. They have talked to someone for quite a while and the other person initiated overtures on the phone. Then the person got embarassed and didn't call for a couple months. Anyway, I see the situation as two people who really DON'T want to be involved but like the attention. Flirtation without real intention. They still talk and flirt, it's really kinda wierd but I guess people need friends. They consider themselves friends. They met as network marketers. They have never met each other and this has been going on for 15 yrs. The person who initiated the overtures actually gets jealous over the happenings in the other's life. It's like a virtual relationship w/no intention of fruition. I think they're both flirts and have come to understand each other, something that might confuse someone like me--the art of flirtation. We're talking about a Gemini & Leo.

  • This man and I have met a few times but not since 2007. He is 10 years younger than myself and we share a lot of similar interests and beliefs. Maybe its wishful thinking but I feel we avoid initiating more because we can not trust ourselves around one another, so, we try to be friends without adding too much personal contact. Internet is way less personal, in my opinion. I think we are both flirts as well and are great of letting the other know when lines are crossed. We only chat now about once every two weeks average. My gut tells me that if I wasn't married there would be something more there. The sanctity of marraige is something we both have great respet for and the reason we didn't take it to a physical level, but neither of us can't seem to not slide in a flirt or innuendo now and again. I can't think of voids that he fills in my marraige and can't understand the strong attraction-except listening without judgement or a look of judgement. In this mess I am a leo, husband an aquarius, and the friend is a virgo. It seems there is a lot to consider out there and I will need time to consider this.

  • I don't want to pass judgement but I feel I might be perceived this way when I state my opinion. In my friend's case (male), the female initiated the overtures. She claims to have respect for marriage. She isn't married but he is. She would call when wife was asleep. She also wanted him to move to her state. He never took the bait and I think that's good. He still flirts but for him it's more of an ego deal.

  • Recently in my situation, we have been falling into the frienship role more comfortably and I am good with that. Yeah, maybe it is an ego thing with this guy too as he does try to behave himself and the overtures and innuendos are diminishing. More curious as to where he stands because with me so I don't jump into or create more tension. Thank yoku for your opinions and insight. Very helpfull.

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