Death with tower!!!!!!!!!!!! help please!

  • hello all

    this june i have doing my actual cards spread for practices, in any question the death and tower comes up!

    and now for the reading of my husband's monthlty cards this is the results

    for today.

    june magicain

    ju;iy judgement

    august sun

    sept strenth

    oct emperor

    nov. death

    dec. tower

    i also did twice of my husband life in general and state of mind this june the the TOWER comes up in position 7 twice. i noticed that the HANGED MAN usually comes in my readings many times. is there any emtional pain coming up_

    i am in two minds to pursue my divorce although i have all the papers translated and ready for

    submission. making a decision is not easy i know because i am depending on tarot cards now.

    please give an additional advice with this one? please?

    thank you in advance.

  • The Death card always reveals that change is coming. An old way of life is coming to an end so that a new door to life may open. With a combination of having the Tower in the same reading, it sounds like powerful forces are in the works with a surprising and unexpected event that will be the cause for the change in your life. The Tower often makes us realize something that we need to know and causes us to pick ourselves up and start anew.

    Both the Tower and Death cards are cards of divorce if that is the question. Also Death can be a change of residence.

    All divorce, even if we want it, can be painful; however, with the Hanged Man appearing it looks like you need to see things in a way that you have not viewed them before and to make a sacrifice so that you can be true to yourself. Tower can mean revelation. Maybe you need to be hit by that lightning bolt of realization in order to let go and move on in your own life. The sacrifice could be having to go through a bit of pain, but the Tower makes us see that things could never have been better if you don't fall off the Tower first and then move on. If you are doing the celtic cross, position 7 is "you in the situation" so that says that you are going to initiate some of what the Tower may bring.

  • The Hanged Man is a card of letting go also.

  • hi... I am a reader OK The Death Card is about transformations, this card means significant changes, career moves, relocationg, even's a card of changes that will be coming..Also the Tower is about changes.. but however the Tower is swift changes, changes that will happen faster than the ones with the Death Card. The changes with the Tower card is to learn important truth about yourself and act accordingly. Release from the social bondages .

    Now the Hanged man- you need to reevaluate your attitudes, goals and priorities while remaining true to your spiritual values. Perhaps you must let go or make a sacrifice to achieve a greater good. I hope this helps can e/mail me if you like...


  • hello 1953bard, i appreciate for the help u gave me. yes i am very open to new changers in my life now. for the better of for good i am hopeful that it will come as fast as it could.

    i am not in the position to stay in the same depressing situation. with God 's help i am ready.

    thanks again.

    god bless

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