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  • This dream is a strange combination of people I know and don’t know. I am in a community – not sure if I’m abroad or in the US. The people are just a mix of friends, acquaintances and unknowns. I went to an art gathering. Many people knew me there but one person I did not expect to see was Museum curator Gary Reynolds who died of Aids in 1990. He was just as surprised to meet me as I was introduced as a “Jerseyan to watch” in the arts. (in real life I was featured in the State newspaper as a Jerseyan to Watch in 2006.) He was happy and congratulated me for a thriving career. But I was there, too with a problem different from art. For some reason I was summoned to a court sentence (not a hearing) and I was to die by lethal injection like all the others in the same gathering. What have I done? We were all gathered in a house and processed over several days. Processing meant interrogation and serving of lethal injection. Puzzled like everyone else, I thought I’ll check the matter and fight my way out of it. As usual for the last three decades I face danger alone. Instead of pitying myself I got to work immediately looking for clue and observing people many of them waiting – simply waiting. One of those waiting to be called was famous diva, a xxxxx actress of long ago (my dad’s time). When her turn came up I kissed her good luck and good bye. Her captors handcuffed her, which was unnecessary because she wasn’t resisting. The captors were emotionless whites. I waited. Another group was called. It was a family of a mother and four children. I remember saying to the mother that the youngest person to be executed must be her youngest daughter age 4. She simply said yes quietly as the captors approached them, handcuffed them and took them away. Night came and none of those taken returned. I assumed they were executed. The rest of us in the house were worried about ourselves. Then came my HS classmate. xxxxxxxx whom I hadn’t seen for 45 yrs. was endearingly called Opak back in HS. We both said goodbye and off she went with the captors. I still do not understand who these captors are, what power they have and why are they doing this. At nightfall I waited, and waited, and waited and there was no sign of Opak. I concluded that she was executed. In the morning people gathered in a house next door. I went to see what was going on. It was a wake with lots of flowers around and people were gathered around a bed (not a coffin). My friend Opak was there alive and talking about her ordeal. I talked to her and the bottom line was that the administrator put her execution on hold for further investigation. I asked her what she did, and she said: I asked them to check the records if I’m the person they wanted and the records were not clear. So, I got the key! Precious luck! At that moment I had a vision of Papa walking about and looked at me as if saying “You’ve got the key. Use it wisely.” I felt at that moment that I wasn’t alone. Dad’s with me in spirit. Expectedly I knew I would be called in that day or night. I felt ready that this would be a 50/50 draw and I’ll use all I have. My mind wanders through a labyrinth of death issues. If I fail and be injected the poison how would it feel? Will I choke first? Will my heart simply stop? How would it feel if my heart stops? Will my brain know or would it die instantly with the heart? Will I understand what would be going on? For how long – seconds, minutes? They say it is not painful as you simply fall asleep. But why should I have a death sentence for no reason? Why should I feel powerless? There should be a way out. I can’t accept this. It will have to stop. How? How! How…

    End of dream.

  • The Goat? You are an articulate smart playful talented being with a very creative mind. You should take it seriously and put it to work for you! BLESSINGS.

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thanks for your quick response. It puzzles me as to what to you are referring to -- talent or death? I think I'm smart but the things I sometimes miss are little hints. My ex-hubby used to tease me that I totally missed his first marriage proposal. How could it be if I'm smart! But I guess I did. Many of my dreams a vivid sometimes disturbing like this one. But I can't take hints. I need a message smacked directly on my face. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.

  • Tellstar, If I read correctly you're an artist--I am also. I've had dreams similar but not as intense. Because my dreams are of similar nature, I can relate what I think it means. I don't really believe in reincarnation but as a teenager I believed I did have a past life. Somehow the Nazi experience is in your dreams. In your dreams you're recalling past crimes. Somehow it got incorporated into your artwork. You can incorporate this into your artwork but may be hated as a result. If you feel you've had a past life, your individuality is what sent you to court. You do have the key, your artwork. I can remember from my dreams being in an outside cement holding cell watching naked people going to the gas chamber. I can also remember taking a train across Europe into the Scandinavian countries. Your life in some ways will mirror past experiences--wherever you believe they come from (reincarnation etc.) There is a parallel into this life so please don't be a victim, that's another meaning in your dream.

  • ps--your dreams are mirroring the naz*i crimes.

  • Dailolite,

    Thanks for your response. I almost said the same thing about the holocaust. I did feel the threat of death, that it was coming to me and I was braising to do what I could. Knowing my strength I thought its a 50/50 chance and that was so intense. I do think that reincarnation is quite possible. I'm Roman Catholic and this religion does not deny nor affirms it. Checking only my genealogy for the last tens years my research is leading me to story that my family is not ready to chew, that we came from Sephardic jews escaping Spain during the Inquisition. But pangs of the era caught up with my family. The NAZI period has parallels to the Inquisition. How interesting. I'll pick on this later. I have lots to say, but I gotta work now.

  • Hi Tellstar. Your dream might reflect an existencial question - what are we all doing on this planet, and why do we all have to die eventually, no matter how old, young, or famouse we are ? Everybody ask themselves this question, I'm sure, and it came to you through your dream. There is also a strong religeous element in your dream (God being an executer?) You said you were a Roman Catholic - have you noticed that you called your dad "Papa" ? That's how Italians and other Latin nations call the Pope. Probably your dad in your dream represented a spiritual authority, like the Pope, who is offerring us advice about the "salvation", but doesn't have concrete answers like the rest of us. We can only try to figure out how to prolong our lives and "save" ourselves. I think this dream is about the lottery of life and death.

  • I think instead of looking at this dream telling you about a past life, you must look at what the dream as a whole is trying to tell you. Whether it relates to a past life or not, it could have valuable lessons about your life situation or what you need to learn and do to change it.

    So the way I would interpret the dream is as follows:

    You feel extremely stuck and claustrophobic regarding a situation in your life (or if the dream is more direct then in your work), and although you see a lot of other people around you going through and dealing with the same issues bravely (and with out any external sense of panic or fear), you still can't help but feel extremely stressed and desperate about your future.

    You feel you need a Divine Intervention to get you out of this. Some message sent by God to transform your life completely anfd get through this. Because a huge transformation is what you think you need, nothing less....

    Hope that makes some sense.

  • Dear Friends,

    Each one of you took slices of parts of me. The holocaust, which was part of my thoughts in the dream was on my mind while I waited long hours about my fate in the dream. VoplySoply mentioned salvation and the pope. Well, in real life salvation is what Roman Catholicism is all about and what shaped me from birth to this ripening age. And, yes, Therealhermit is right about being stuck. This is poignant in my life as I am one who prepared to be a good parent from age 10. I remember, growing up busy trying to learn everything so that I could teach my children well. Ironically, as I enter the “golden age” all the preparation had not merited any dream children. Instead, I find myself surrounded by students. The situation is worrisome and if I could change this part of my life to having my own family I’d be happy to do it in a heartbeat. Not that I didn’t seek it when I was younger. There was simply no ideal and reliable one. Bitter-sweet it is and I don’t think it is fair. Just like in the dream, I don’t think I deserve a death penalty. In real life I shouldn’t be alone or die alone. Going through the threat of death is precious to me because it makes me appreciate life more. So, now what?

  • As your dad/Pope said in your dream - you have the key, use it wisely. This might mean that you have to look within yourself to understand why you are feeling stuck. Maybe there is more to life than family and children, and you just have to see what a great thing it is to have freedom to pursue your interests/career? Maybe your vision of an ideal parner is too idealistic ? Maybe you could adopt a child ? Lots of possibilities ! Sometimes our challenge in life/karma/theme can be to explore other avenues in life than what we were prepared for from the tender age. By the way, I also have no children and lots of students - maybe they are the reason why I never insisted on having children of my own. 🙂

  • VoplySoply,

    Thanks for your insights. It is interesting that we are in the same profession. Here's something more to share. I nearly died of a heart disease when I was 10. Surviving this gave me a life that when compared to my siblings has been slightly different (or a lot different). It was shortly after that that my dreams were strong a lot of times and strange. I also remember them in great detail from then on. But only in the last 10 yrs. that I started writing and sometimes drew images on advice of someone in a forum like this one. I don't know what to do with them, however. The dreams just linger in my head and sealed in my diary. Ten years ago, it was embarrassing to write about dreams as people think you're "cuckoo" . Some of the dreams I recognize in real life later on. I get stunned but don't know what more to do. Are my dreams suggesting something I should do? But I don't know what to do, how/where to begin or if I should do anything at all. They are just there embedded in my brain. In real life I am an artist and became a writer when I least expected it. It sort of fell on my lap. I publications and got complements. I never thought I could write. I suffered having to write term papers. And then, as a professional I had to or I couldn't keep a job. I became an author when my first book was published. Now into my 15th catalog I miss family. What if I had a child or children. What would they look like? What would life be like? I was in love or thought I was in love many times only to find it wasn't the one. And then an old, old flames shows up as we both enter "golden age" and we both sigh...what if. He thought I was dead. His marriage is unfulfilling. A brilliant man his career has taken off to high levels. We both know that there is emptiness in our hearts. Oh dear what have we done to our lives? But, where to now?

  • Tellstar, yes, it seems like we have lots of similarities profession wise. I also teach (music), as a regular job, and have a career as a professional classical composer/musician. I also hate writing buraucratic papers for the Academy where I teach. And I also have lots of vivid and sympolic/crazy dreams which often reflect my situations and give clues. I think the challenge here is not to regret what could have been, but to concentrate on the good things that you have in your life - your artistic , creative path. Still, if family is important to you, you can always adopt children, for instance.Or to communicate more with different people and see what happens - love and desire for companionship happens to people of all ages, it's never late. Why wouldn't you get in touch with this old flame of yours just as friends for a start ? Instead of mourning the losses, concentrate on possibilities.

  • VoplySoply,

    You're right. It is so much better to be positive and be thankful for the blessings. While career is doing well, I had given up on the personal. And then a spark less than 2 yrs. now. And now a lull. Thanks for your insights.

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