Someone please help with interpretation

  • I did a spread on a friend and i and just the truth behind it and was wondering if anyone could give me any futher interpretation! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    I asked what is the truth behind a close friendship of mine and a close friend.......

    this is what i got

    Me now: Wheel of fortune - ready to start fresh

    A new phase is beginning dont fear change embrace it

    Him now: two of wands embracing a new idea

    having the courage to prove a new point?

    Joint goal: page of wands -

    Do i really want this: king of swords (king of wands)

    Do you really want this: hanged man (six of wands)

    our current illusion: eight of pentacles

    how can i help fix it: eight of wands

    how you can hlpe fix it: king of pentacles (star)

    our hidden unspoken agenda: empress

    what i'm projecting on you: high priestess

    what your projecting on me: seven of wands

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Any help would be much appreciated!!

  • 2 of Wands indicates a choice. Not a difficult one, but one where the chooser is carefully weighing up the pros and cons of the options available. The Hanged man suggests he is a bit stuck as to what to do. Indecision, a feel of making a significant sacrifice, discomfort.

    The Page of Wands suggests there is an opportunity to start something new, but it's not yet taken form. The illusion is that this is something that can be worked at, which may only be true to a small extent. He is very unsure of all this.

    You can try putting more energy into it, but until he decides this is what he really wants, he won't put in the work that's required.

    You seem to be encouraging him to do what you feel is right. He tends to see things from your point of view - he agrees that it's "for the best" - but only to a certain degree. In turn you are feeling frustrated and challenged by him. Although you're far from giving up, you're driven more by your intellect and passions/desires.

    Overall, whatever you are after you are making progress, but there's a while to go yet.

    Is this a potential love relationship? If so, be careful. I feel he's torn between his heart and mind. He's still getting over the previous relationship or it's very much clouding everything for him right now.

  • I had a falling out with a friends girlfriend and ever since our friendship has been on the rocks and i was just getting on guidance on where to go from here ... It all did make a lot of sense what you said i can see how he feels torn....

    What do you mean hes torn between his heart and his mind could u explain that a little further if at all possible 🙂

    thanks so much..

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