Someone help me interpret these, please?

  • I asked the cards: "What should I watch out for?"

    I used the Rider Waite tarot deck/No reversals/No Positions

    What should I watch out for?

    1. 6 of Cups: Stop thinking about the past

    2. The Fool: ..because it will only bring foolishness..

    3. Page of Wands: time to start looking to the future where new opportunities are waiting to develop

    How would you interpret these cards? Is it trying to tell me not to get involved w/ a person from the past or something? Thanks in advance for your answer(s)

  • You have a child-like quality about you. If it's a situation in particular that you're asking about, you may be out of your league because it may require more adult experiences (wisdom.) Use this childlike creativity to your advantage. This is a very creative, expressive reading. You have the world ahead of you is the theme of this reading. I think getting bogged down is going to be useless for you at this point--you know what I mean.

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