Is my marriage going to last? Getting strange cards...

  • My husband and I have been together for six years, three married (our anniversary is a week from today!). As I've said in another post, I've been practicing Tarot and when doing a reading on our relationship I get very strange cards--mostly the 9 of swords and the devil in the 3 position and the 10 position on a celtic cross. I'm trying to figure out how these play into our relationship. We just last year got back together after being legally separated and everything is going better than it ever has right what could these be trying to tell me?

  • What about focusing on what is real and be happy then looking issue through cards. is what you are seeing on front of you and living in your life not enough to show a more stronger evidence that everything is fine.

    oNE NEED to remember there is no guarantee in life, just enjoy your happiness not everyone get the chance to get their relationship back after a separation

  • It's hard to tell without knowing the other cards in a spread, or how you read a celtic cross (in your reading, is 3 the Foundation, or distant past?).

    9 of swords is the "nightmares" card, and while it may tell of sadness and depression or discouragement, it also tends indicate that these are somehow caused by your mind rather than reflecting reality per se. Are worry and anxiety magnifying and distorting your perceptions? In some cases, guilt about something you (or your partner) did in the past may be the source of the unease. Or it may also be that his behavior is troubling you on a subconscious level.

    The devil tends to signify addictions and self-indulgence, which in the context of relationship can often refer to co-dependency. Ponder the true nature of the relationship and your behavior in it: is it healthy for you both? If not, what you might need to do to make it healthier? Are you staying in the relationship to heal an old wound? Are you repeating past patterns and behaviors? If the devil is landing in the outcome position, you may not see it fully manifesting yet ("everything is going better than it ever has right now"); if in the foundation position, you may want to closely examine why you chose to get back together, and whether the relationship's underlying patterns have really changed.

    Hope that helps a bit!

    blessings & light, gd

  • The 3 in my spread is the card that "crowns" me...according to my book it is either my goal or the ideal outcome, which the 9 of swords is neither. The only reason it concerns me is because it shows up time after time. Anyway, your input helps, thanks so much!

  • Cards that show up time and again on the same subject are definitely saying something important, something we need to examine more closely. (The tarot is, after all, your own intuition expressed through the cards.)

    I find when this happens the cards may be in varying positions according to the ways in which the situation has changed since the last time a reading was done on it, and/or corroborating cards may show up in addition or instead (such as the Hermit and the 4 of swords, each with a differently shaded message of "go within, take time out").

    In my experience, when I have a mental block about a card's meaning, it tends to wind up lending an especially insightful perspective once I study it further.

    For that, you may want to gather information about these cards from as many sources as possible (try for one; she amalgamates info from several sources; or to the end of each for the site address), and see if anything you read jumps out at you. Also try looking at the cards from a strictly pictorial perspective; maybe something in the symbolism, the colors, image, etc., will give you that "aha" moment. You can look up the symbolism, too, if some aspect of a card interests you but you don't know what it means. The meanings can sometimes be subtle and encoded (kind of like dream symbology). The numerology of the cards (9 and, for the devil, 15) and astrological associations (9 of swords is Mars in Gemini, Devil is associated with Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn) may also give you clues. And if you read reversals and one or both shows up reversed, you'll want to consider that aspect as well.

    In the case of the "crown" position, Rukargi mentions somewhere in the Tarot Learning Circle thread that this is often a subconscious wish and that the card may seem odd (or out of context). Maybe considering it from the angle of subconscious desire will shed more light on why it keeps coming up? Since you're asking "will my marriage last?", it seems that at least some part of you is worried that it won't, and that may be where the 9 of swords comes in (perhaps you have a tendency toward worry/anxiety, whether needlessly or no?)

    One more thing you may also want to consider in regard to the Devil card—it can also indicate power issues, such as power struggle or imbalance of power in the relationship.

    Whew! That turned out long. Hope it's more in the way of shedding more light, and not obscuring it 🙂

  • 9 of Swords in the ideal outcome is telling you that you are worrying too much about the outcome of your relationship.

    Sometimes the tarot really does state the obvious to us 🙂

  • Thanks for that, Marc : ) gd

  • Thank you so much both of you! That really does help me and is spot on--am a bit of a worrier in case you couldn't tell, and there are definitely power issues in our relationship. Mostly on my end. Thanks again for taking time to answer my question, and I will definitely check out those websites @gracefuldaisies!

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