Would be interested on how you feel about God and believing in Tarot cards.

  • SO yes, i do believe in god.

    I also believe in Tarot cards, Astrology, Psychic, karma.

    So my question is, do alot of people feel this way, or does it have to be either or?

  • Nothing is all or nothing--in fact happiness in this life is a journey of finding balance in all things. As long as you do not make anything not God a God--in that you believe it holds the power then there is balance and you are still honoring the higher conciessness in yourself--that is God. Tarot and any form of getting a message is just a tool or language but it does not itself hold power. For Catholics it's written in the ten commandments that notion of worshipping false gods. Many people use that example to fear spiritual tools for guidance. Being psychic does not mean I have any power--it means I am a messanger of Spirit wether they be Angelic or just guides and any healing received is from that energy of love--not me. Although my intention to serve does amplify that love seed. When receiving a tarot reading one needs to also include an inner voice--retain their own intuition and belief that God resides inside all of us. Otherwise a person who can not trust that will get addicted to tarot readings--feel constantly unsure or even let themself hear what they want to hear but is not good for them. It's complicated but mostly it's about balance. Nothing is usually all bad or good. Food can be good but bad if one uses it in an addictive way. Money can be a blessing or buy evil. It's all in the intention. BLESSINGS!

  • Well said Blmoon... I agree fully.

  • We are all free to believe as we choose. I think the Tarot is a gift from God, from Heaven. Some might see differently and all are entitled to our views.

    However, I am originally from the deep south, (the Bible belt), and my experience there was that Tarot cards are not usually found in church.

  • It's my belief that Jesus died in order that we would stop feeling guilty about 'sin' most of these 'sins' are man made beliefs and not from God, like tarot is evil. If I felt guilty about doing the tarot I would be dishonouring my saviour. Jesus did many miracles while he was here, he talked to the dead, predicted the future and healed the sick. And he said that we were able to do everything he did, so where is the sin?

    To answer your question, I am a spirit temporarily inside of a body. No, I don't see anything wrong with being what I am, using my spiritual self (which is the real me) in the way which is natural to it.

  • Waiting for my pieses

    For some it is either or as they are taught through religion that believeing in what they call fortune telling is a sin . However, if they were to realize that Jesus himself had what I call a built in psychic line with God , as many times on his life journey he knew what was coming because he would go into long sleeps and be infused with message from heaven above just what was going to happen to him next. He also was a master healer, which in my opinion when he laid his hands upon those in whom he was lead, he knew what their soul meant and felt like when he healed them.

    Edger Casey also a master healer and psychic, at a young age could lay his head on a book and sleep and awaken knowing the contents of the book. He knew information about his patients that could only have been sent from heaven above to him to heal them. He too would go into deep sleep( some call trance) and awaken infused with knowledge to give him the information needed to fullfill his distiny as a healer and psychic. Edger could have made himself rich, however he was such a God connected man he died young and far from wealthy.


  • I agree the cards are merely a tool and in most cases for the person who is being read. The gift is the reader and so delivering what is received by them. Why would anyone have gifts if you weren't suppose to use them to help others?

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