AstraAngel Could i Get a tarot reading please! if your not to busy....

  • Hello! I am so sorry to bother you, I was just wondering if i could get a tarot reading about my up coming weekend, we maybe going away and i just want to be prepared for any issues that im scared might occur!! Any guidance on this at all will be much appreciated!!!!

    my birthday is oct 19 1987

    thanks so much!!

  • Hi Candy22cane

    Let's see what the Universe comes up with!

    Your present state of mind - JUSTICE - wow you are definitely weighing things out in your plans! Hang on, let's see what the proper course here is...

    You want to be prepared, let's simple pull a few cards and see if they spark anything that you should consider.

    TEMPERANCE - an angel pouring something back and forth, make sure you bring PLENTY OF POP and snacks and stuff. Is there a pool where you are going? Make sure you buys some floats for the water. Sunscreen.

    TEN OF CUPS - Love is abundant here, nice family love feel, so it looks like this trip will be wonderful and bring closeness, very nice. Wouldn't hurt to bring some extra cups for the journey!

    SEVEN OF CUPS - choices, choices. You have some options for this trip? Sounds like some side trips or something, could be fun to explore!

    PAGE OF CUPS - sounds like a lot of playfulness, communications. Take your cell phone charger!

    all in all I you should put your mind at ease and not worry a bit. You will have a wonderful weekend and it will be fantastic in every way. I hope that helps!

  • Awww thank you so much!! I appreciate it a lot. It all makes a lot of sense I was just wondering if i could ask a couple clarifying questions. Is there any romance in store for this weekend and with whom. Also how and when can i expect and be prepared for this option if it becomes available to me!!

    thank you so much GREATLY appreciated 🙂

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