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  • Well - I have recently had huge upheavals in my life with regard to family, work, relationships and money. I went to see a psychic about it and she said a lot of things that have come true and mentioned that I will meet a new man soon.... Well everything else has happened except that. Can anyone feel when this could happen for me?

  • Sorry, I can't answer when. But I went through the same situation a few times. So just so you know, you aren't crazy, lol.

    It is something about relationships that always seems off. There could many reasons why he hasn't came about yet, or he could already be here and it is not time to recognize it yet.

    Also dealing with relationships among other things, it is true that alot of things come when we least expect it. Because when we least expect it, our nerves and emotions are at a calmer state which allow things to just float right on to us.

    Also, i believe that knowing information sometimes can alter its path.

    I've also learned that being ready for when something comes helps out alot better then always peaking around the corner to see if it is already coming.

    Have you ever been in a relationship that ended for whatever reason and you wished that you could have done something different, acted different, paid more attention, or whatever? (i have plently of times) So I just started working on how to be that person, left dating alone, and out of no where someone came to me.

    Sorry I couldn't help. But if you ever want to be a person where I can do a free past life reading let me know. Just been practising.

  • Thanks for that - yes a free past life reading would be fantastic...... How do I go about that???

  • do you do past life readings for any one, I do angels cards , perhaps we can exchange , I am new to this letter writing, and dont know how we could Luana

  • Hi there,

    Just " found" this thread...

    Usually, it's the Astrology dept for me! The wisdom I received from here was/is just perfect for my life at this point! ( When I wasn't looking for it!)

    Thank you so much! I'm feeling grateful, which I know is a good space to be in! 🙂


  • you can gain insight and clarity through all divination / astrology / etc, but true love is more of a spontaneous occurrence and it's almost never premeditated or a calculated sorcery so much as the random hand of fate intervening when we least expect it to

    but by practicing divination such as tarot and astrology (and other esoteric sciences) daily with a serious mindset you can better understand that personal and celestial timing and influences play important invisible roles in shaping our lives, including our mind and heart and potentially increase the chances of your success in doing so with others

    for instance

    by examining the most basic structure of the zodiac in others around you and associating them with their birth signs you can better determine the type of person who is right for you based on people you are fond of and what characteristics you find to be admirable traits that they possess

    this will also help you to identify those character traits and personality differences you may find are highly incompatible with your own beforehand

    just keep in mind that sometimes opposites form very powerful attractions as well

    there are some individuals also who do not operate at all according to their zodiac signs so regardless of the validity of astrology it simply will not apply to them as it does to others

    I suggest using the combination of a casual tarot deck (physical) and I ching divination

    once daily as a very basic ritual to gain your own insight into the present and help to discern some of the imperceptible events the near future may hold for you

    being a gifted psychic is not required to do this

    only an open and focused mind

    a basic knowledge of the zodiac signs is very helpful in understanding the personal matrix of a lover, but the method I describe is a bit more tailored towards identifying something specific in your own life that is not apparently evident and may be easily overlooked

  • Hello, Ahliyah here.

    It looks like your attention has been very focused on the upheavals in the other areas of your life, would you agree? One of the most basic spiritual laws says that what you give your attention to will thrive. We all desire love at some level, but it's understandable that a relationship isn't manifesting right now as some other aspects of your life require balance first.

    My guides tell me that you could look forward to someone in the fall, after the solstice.



  • Thank you beautiful people!!!

    Ahliyah you have made some very sound assumptions and they are correct... I have been focusing on other things...

    Godflesh - your wisdom and insight has been very helpful too.

    Readerwriter - would love to have that past life reading done...

    Thanks again - you are all fabulous!!!

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