Past lives

  • I've been told that some past lives do show up in an in depth chart. There are psychics who specialize in past life regressions. Look up your local spiritual church or center for that--and expect to pay for it but if you are very drawn to that and believe in karma it will be worth it as the purpose of one is to help you see this lifes challanges and crossroads. There are also audio regression tapes and CD,s you can try on your own. I had a past life regression done 15 years ago and it was very very helpfull. The man was a Reverand of a well known spiritual camp and he explained that not all people are good candidates as it takes someone who is already familiar with going into a deep meditative state as they guide you. So a good reader will offer you your money back should you not be receptive. My guide asked Spirit to choose 5 lives that would most help me and I was told that I would observe but feel no pain or discomfort. At the end of each lifetime I was asked--what did I learn from that lifetime. All five lessons had great signifigance for future crossroads and I feel it made a difference in my progression as the choices were hard. I never felt the need to have another one done. BLESSINGS!

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