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  • Hi! I'm new in this Tarot's world, I would appreciate if someone could help me with this tarot 9 cards, past, present and future. I'm looking a new job, since a month ago my friend told me about a job in her company where she works, so I went to interviews, and I talked with a man so nice person and he told me that I'm a good person for the job, and I will work with he, but I'm waiting and waiting, the last week I had news, but now I don`t know what happens. I need to wait more time? really I will obtain this job? I need an advice.


    Page of Pentacles

    Six of pentacles

    seven of wands


    ace of pentacles

    king of wands

    eight of wand


    nine of pentacles


    The lovers

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  • You may want to get back in contact w/this employer as he may be busy. Let him know you're interested and believe you can do the job.

  • Carmen83

    I agree with Daliolite.

    I got the Wheel of Fortune for you, so I say if you get back in touch with them as Daliolite suggested, you will get the job.

  • thank both of you=)

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