AstraAngel Reading Please?;)

  • Okay so this matter with your daughter really has you concerned.

    I drew the Five of Pentacles and the Devil - so this looks like she is locked out of a house situation, out in the cold. The devil shows her pretty ticked about something. She is blaming and upset that she is having to be jostled around to find a place to live. The Chariot shows her being carried away quickly on some sort of journey or trip. Two of Wands shows her having to make a choice. Knight of Wands shows her in a relationship.

    I think she is going to be meeting someone soon who will anchor her to the city where she is now. She is fidgety (devil) and would love to have lover pay her a visit. She has no one? She really doesn't want to follow you off. The Chariot tells me she really deep down would like to fall in love, and her knight is around the corner. That is what I see.

    I would relax, she will be meeting someone soon and then with that "anchor" she will happily move in with Grannie and set up base camp for love from there. be prepared for some phone calls from Grandma as to your daughter's behavior, like "you need to talk to your daughter, she is keeping me up all night with her 'activities' with her new boyfriend!"

    "Gee Mom, sorry to hear that..." (NOT) then you can tell your daughter to calm down. Won't help, however it will get you off the hook.

    Does your daughter have anyone? Your time might be best served over the winter in helping her find a guy. Give her a gift subscription to "LoverFinderz dot com" or whatever.

    You and your daughter need to lighten up. You two have nothing to laugh over? Take her to see a movie this weekend and then go out for Chinese. And talk to her about her love life. See where that goes. You two have had a little trouble sharing about intimate stuff haven't you?

    Blessings, keep us posted.


  • Thank you Astra for the response. Yes we can not talk openly any more about love life etc. She does not have any one in the picture at the moment. And the trip you mention is interesting, because her adopted grampa may have to go to Hawaii on business in January I believe and said he would take her with him. Well we have shared a few laughs as of late....and it does feel good. I hope it all works out before to long......I need to know that she is settled when I move on. My friend will be in town over the weekend and am hoping to get together.....few obsacles but hopefully they will fall to the way side. As always a pleasure hearing from you. Blessings to you Astra have a wonderful weekend;)

  • Good morning Astra.....hope you are well! I am in contact with my friend often. He is really homesick....poor thing....however I told him of the area I was going and not far from him. He began to ask questions including when was I going to be there. I told him he should go explore the area, it is beautiful. He said he would. I am hoping April will be a good month for us. I worry about him and want to see him happy. What do you see about all the recent contact......the wheel turning....? Thank you for your time Astra....always a pleasure. Have a splendid weekend and Blessings to You!

  • Hello Astra....I do hope things are well for you. You are so wonderful to give advice and deserve the kindness in return. Well things with my daughter seem to be better. We have had several good times together as of late. Yes she is unnerved by my move and has expressed so.....however I know the universe will provide for her too as it is for me. I trust that things will be fine.....there are several things that I am taking care of and dealing with and all seems to be picking up speed and falling into place. If you have any insight on recent developments I would love to hear them. Again thank you for your help and I know the universe will be there for you also:)

  • Hi MaBelleAmie

    That is nice to hear about your daughter, I know that relationship will continue to improve.

    Sitting here pondering your life and where you are heading now. I drew the Five of Wands which is a "leading edge" change of spirit, creativity, action, expression, art. So you have recently engaged in a new action or spirit (could be a new attitude) in your life recently embraced and now coming in.

    This will shortly lead to Three of Wands which is "The divine, miracles, primary colors, the beginning of a new action in your life", it could be the establishing of a new approach to your method of living, This is also the card of friendship and community, so you could see a new friend coming into your life. Also speaks of family harmony.

    The overarching theme of your life right now is The Lovers. So love and romance is a strong energy over you right now. Taken together with the wands tells me you are developing a new spirit or attitude toward love, and are focused on how to express this in your life. You are really wanting to take "next steps" toward companionship, and this is a conscious decision. You are looking in your life at your existing relationships and looking for clues and hints from your existing relationships that help you establish this new love principle.

    I would say be expecting something new in love very soon, something almost miraculous and divine, magical in a relationship appearing, The Wand energy is working out a change in your love life right now! This is very nice for you.

    I hope that blesses you Mabelleamie. i wish you continued peace and tranquil relationships in your life.

    Love and light


  • Good morning to you Astra! I was very surprised yesterday when I arrived home my daughter had everything out for xmas and was decorating......usually I struggle by myself. It was sooooo sweet of her to do that. And I let her know how much it was appreciated. She even made a nice dinner. Today we are goin for a tree. The change I have embraced is that I trust the universe will provide....I have seen strong evidence of it already. As far as the relationship aspect I truely hope that is my friend upstate. We are in contact alot and he calls 2 or 3 times a month. I am sending him a 'care package' for xmas so that he has things to open under his tree. I know there are a few that will really make him laugh! I wish with all my heart for your happiness too at this special time of year Astra! Blessings to you!!!!!

  • Good mornin Astraangel......This time I am not really asking for anythng. Just concerned because have not heard from you in a while. Hope all is well with need to take care of yourself also as you have helped so many so should you be helped. Take care Astraangel;)

  • Astra.....hope your christmas was a good one. Things have been really good here and I hope continue so. I am in touch quite often with my friend upstate. Just hoping that my transition up there does take place and goes well. Seems like a few snags coming up. I was told by someone else not to expect things to work out like I was hoping for with my friend......I chose to believe that there is something there for us to persue. Any insight on this? My cousin gave me a beautiful tarot deck King Arthur for christmas....haave to practice with them soon. Hope you are well......concerned for you. Please have a safe and happy New Year.

  • Hi MabelleAmie

    I have been off this forum for a while trying to rest a little and enjoy the holidays with the family.

    Let me take a look at your situation...

    "Seems like a few snags coming up. I was told by someone else not to expect things to work out like I was hoping for with my friend......I chose to believe that there is something there for us to persue. Any insight on this? "

    Page of Pentacles - this appears to be you in this situation, industrious, crafty and good with money. So this seems to be a good position for you.

    King of Cups - so this appears to be your friend upstate. So far so good! He looks expectant to me!

    So I have those two cards side by side and then a series of three cards coming from those in a line

    1. Ten of Pentacles - so this seems to be the vision. You and him doing quite well and very happy and successful!

    2. The Star says HOPE! ANd that is what you are doing hoping, hoping and dreaming. Good for you!

    3. Ten of Swords! Ouch! That was not nice! What someone said to pop your bubble. I wouldn't worry about it. Most of the swords are all acting anyway...

    I pulled another card to neutralize whatever energy has come against your dream and this is the NINE OF CUPS! Yay! You are back on track and this is the WISH card so start wishing and keep dreaming for exactly what you want! I would sketch out your vision... or I can try that. Sometimes it helps to have something to look at to keep your hope strong!

    Here is a photo of a happy couple put you and your friend in this picture and DREAM and VISUALIZE WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN! Yay! All will work out I am standing with you in faith MaBelle! You are going to have an AMAZING 2012 and I am sending you inspiration and strength to keep going and don't give up. Happy New Year!

    love and light and a fantastic outlook for you!


  • Blessings to you Astra. Glad you made time for yourself and your family. It is important to take care of ourselves as much as we take care of others. Glad your holidays were joyful!!! Thank you for getting my mind at ease. My friend and I talk from time to time still and he calls sometimes. Computer connection he has trouble with where he is.....anyway different things are alluded to about us and then he still says someday he plans to leave there but I think that is the unhappiness talking. Again thank you, I WILL keep dreaming (funny cause my daughter gave me a 3 candle holder in black with the letters D-R-E-A-M on it) the way things have been super between us just like the old days. And for that I am very grateful. Again Blessings to you Astra and take care.

  • Good morning Astra. Wanted to let you know that now that time is getting close to my moving, I am abit nervous. I talked to my daughters father to get things prepared for her at his place and grammas. Now I still have to talk to my daughter again. She needs to start doing her share of the packing and knowing this is REALLY going to take place. We have been getting along fantastically this year and I hope that she does not take back everything we have built up in our relationship again. Wish me well! Hope you are doing well , take care of yourself;)

  • Hi MaBelleAmie

    I drew some wonderful cards for you so I hope you are doing okay! I have been off and on with the forum as I am in the process of making my own move too...

    anyway here are the cards I got...

    YOU are the Queen of Cups


    Nine of Cups, Knight of Cups, and the Chariot

    Sounds like everything goes well, wishes come true, there is a handsome knight in the picture who is all about love, and the Chariot seems to say the move will be carried out by Heaven and all should go really well for you.

    Blessings and love


  • Thank you Astra! I have a few road bumps to work out,, but the next 2 months will move along and hopefully according to the universes plan. I hope that the move you are making goes well for you. You deserve happiness for the help that you bring to others. The cards you drew give me solice in knowing that I should just go with the flow. Blessings to you Astra....and good luck with your endevors.

  • Well Astra, it seems that my situation has changed. I guess the universe has other plans for me. First of all my friend, who is very very unhappy up there has told me several times to reallly think about it before I move. Seems he is trying to talk me out of it. He wants to come back here in the worst way.....he misses it terribly so. Well, today, because of monetary issues I made the decision not to go. After giving it much thought, I know I will have to eat crow. There will be people that will say I told you so...and others that will be relieved of my decision. I would very much like to hear your take on all of this when you have the time. Blessings to you Astra and hope all is well in your world.

  • Hi MBA

    Okay well things are still on path for you, no worries. These changes happen it all builds our faith ha ha.

    I did a quick cross spread and I am a little pressed for time however I will give you the overview for what I see and I think you are going to LOVE what I will share!

    1. Situation - Queen of Swords - this is you in this matter having to all of a sudden become a Queen of steely resolve, as you give up some deep feelings you were counting on about this move, and now you are moving into more of a mental attitude phase were it is sheer resolve mostly now to keep trusting Heaven.

    2. Crossing is the THree of Cups - this is the challenge now, to keep seeing that ALL is PERFECT AND LOVELY still even though it seems like the change has knocked the wind out of your sails, keep going you are doing fine.

    3. Above - the QUEEN of Cups - this is what you long for a life of love and tenderness with your partner and this vision is strong. Keep that strong.

    4. Below - Knight of Pentacles - this is your companion who underlies everything in your life, you are always thinking of him. He is a slow mover though, and that is a good influence on you.

    5. Recent past - Ten of Cups! Oh you knew this move would be it! You had so much emotional investment in it, and now, it changes! Oh no! So, up come the swords, and you are protecting your heart more now as you await what comes next... don't worry it looks very, very nice.

    6. What is coming up - Three of Swords - first though, you are going to be passing through a brief (I hope its brief) time period of adjustment as this move is ENDED and you are dealing with the emotional pain of adjusting. So there will be some pain and tears perhaps as you shift your focus and stay trusting and bright-eyed... you have a lot to look forward to though...

    7. Future environment - THe LOVERS - well, there really isn't much I need to add to that. I am guessing that your Knight moves down and this develops into something wonderful... that is my sense however keep trusting Spirit as anything is possible. Still this is a lovely sign that LOVERS energy is coming your way - yay!

    8. How other see you - The FOOL - well the lovers plus the fool tells me you are heading into a love that isn't asking anyone's permission... it looks like others see it too...

    9. Your hopes and fears - The FOUR of SWORDS -You are settled and peaceful depending on Spirit, your heart is really determined to be at peace no matter what happens in your life... this also is a little fearful at times as it seems to call you to being alone so that causes some concerns. No worries all is working out for you, and your peace no man (or woman, or daughter can take from you)

    10. FInal outcome - QUEEN of Wands - I am sure this would have been the Queen of Cups had their been two in the deck. All works out wonderfully and this Queen gets her wish of love and a life that is royal and rewarding!

    BEAUTIFUL THINGS COMING YOUR WAY IN LOVE go with the flow all is being handled by the angels and heaven... you are dearly loved... everything will work out really sweetly hang in there.

    Love and light


  • Wow! Good morning Astra! When I checked my tarot card ot the day on here was the World. And the picture on that card had the bull and lion on the bottom(myself and my friend)! Funny because last night we were on the phone for 45 minutes;) Thank you for your response. I think in my heart of hearts as much as I wanted this with the road blocks that kept coming up I knew the universe had other plans. He left me long email other day abvout making sure before I moved telling me all the pitfalls he ran into. How stupid he was! I told him it was not stupid and not to be so hard on himself. He did what he needed to do at the time, right or wrong. I will have to "eat crow" for awhile for all the big talk I did. And I know some people will say "I told you so".....but with faith I know it works out the way it is supposed to be. If you ever get the chance I would love a reading for Rich. He is Leo August 33 1953. Anyway, thank you again. I hope that whatever is goin on in your own life is goin well for you. You are a special person and deserve the happiness that you give to others. Blessings Astra!

  • Hello AstraAngel!! Our mutual friend Scorpioreader said she heard from you. Glad to know you are ok. I have had a lot happen in my life since we last had contact. If you ever feel like pulling a few cards for would be greatly appreciated. my last post and my friend is not August is 22.....oops. Well take care and hope to hear from you soon;))

  • Hello MaBelleAmie!

    Nice to hear from you, and I am doing well, thank you. I can look for you... it has been a while...

    This will be a sort of general look at your life, see where things are at, I hope it is interesting for you... I am working from a new approach that I call "ASA" a sort of variation on tarot, so I hope it makes sense for you, I will try to explain as we go along. At the bottom of this post I will list the schema we are following so we are in agreement on the associations. Should we have an ongoing relationship in this dialogue I would be open to our shared discussion of these associations and changing them as needed to fit your life needs. These are simply my associated terms that I have been working with for myself.

    The setting:

    (a) 10C - Transition emotion reality pattern

    (b) 9C - Complete emotion reality pattern


    A lot of emotion reality! This is saying something like, "a transition of a complete emotion reality pattern"

    1. Beginning = 8W. Beginning expansive inner communication pattern.

    2. Affirming = 4W. Affirming foundation inner communication pattern.

    3. Growing = Sigma (1S + 4P). Growing lights in the night.

    4. Foundation = 5W. Foundation changing inner communication pattern.

    5. Changing = 7P. Changing rest-reflection material reality pattern.

    6. Social-sharing = Lambda (4W + 1C + 4P). Social-sharing turning.

    7. Rest-reflection = 6P. Rest-reflection social-sharing material reality pattern.

    8. Expansive = Xi (1W + 4S + 4P). Expansive deconstruction.

    The setting began, begins, or will begin with expansive inner communication patterns. It is interesting that after the setting, there are absolutely no ERP at all, except the beginning ERP in the Lambda group as a social-sharing placement. So that seems to say that there must be something very significant about a desire to social-share a beginning emotion reality with your outer world experience in some way.

    The beginning is with expansive inner dialogue within the setting that is "a transition of a complete emotion reality pattern."

    Affirming the expansive ICP is Affirming foundation inner communication pattern (Afrm ICP4). The expansive inner dialogue is being affirmed as a foundation, which means that there is something really important about this inner dialogue. You are saying "Yes, I want this to be my foundation, I want this inner conversation I am having to be my dependable communication, I believe this is secure and dependable."

    Growing the setting is Sigma's "lights in the night" with allusions to the stars and themes of the tiniest pinpricks of light in the darkness. The sigma group is a "summation" of all that has gone before, and continues to see a light in the night with all of the summing of the life experience. Basically Sigma takes stock of the life experience at any point, sums it all up, and still concludes "all is well!" And continues to look to the stars as signs of hope and the expectation of good things to come.

    So, there has been some life experience most likely that has caused you to really question your path, seeking answers to what could look very confusing or even distressing at times. However you are "growing" in the way you continue to paint a smile on all of life, and are learning that wherever you are at is exactly perfect for you at that moment, and life could not be any better. Maybe you would like it to be better, and that is okay, however Sigma is really saying "accepting" the settings we are in, the way life has been summed up as being AOK for now. I think there has been a lot of soul searching over this 10Ca + 9Cb setting background, something of an extremely significant emotion reality for you that has placed your life in "a transition of a complete emotion reality pattern."

    The foundation for you now is a change in the inner communication pattern (Chng ICP5), so the inner dialogue foundation, the way you have been depending on your inner communication patterns to be, have been experiencing changes. Which is going to perhaps feel somewhat disorienting, because you were depending on your self-talk to be this way, and yet that has been challenged, you are aware you need to change that in some way, so you are willing to experience whatever is needed to achieve these changes.

    With the strong beginning and affirming, both in very well established ICP dialogue, a change of foundation in ICP seems a little difficult to me. So you could be trying to hang on to earlier patterns of internal dialogue, saying yes to them as foundations, repeatedly. And yet they are being asked to change. I would want to look more at this area with you. Your inner communication patterns, because that along with your strong emotion reality setting is what is generating your external material reality pattern (MRP). Your life experience.

    Changing is occurring in the material reality pattern (MRP), so there is not a lot you can do there, as these are results of the inner forces (ERP + ICP). This is letting you know that you are experiencing changes in the rest-reflection of your material reality pattern. So you could be experiencing a time now where your "resting" of your material reality is changing, maybe it is not so "resting or reflective" as it once was. You could be getting busy again, or making some physical changes in your life, watching this happen.

    The social-sharing facet of your life is being handled by Lamda, turning. Turnarounds and the themes associated with all things being interconnected, like spokes on a wheel. As one side changes, it affects the other side in an equal and opposite direction in order to maintain equilibrium. So there is a inner communication pattern (ICP) that you are sharing and that is causing an opposite effect in physical life experience (MRP) . So you could be having this one very involved inner communication pattern that is very wonderful, and yet the material reality pattern is showing the exact opposite results of that. Blogging is an example of that, where you can be writing your heart out and having the best time and yet the harder you express your heart the less results you see in the material reality pattern! It is very disorienting at first because you keep concluding that something must be wrong, so you try to change the ICP dialogue patterns and that only causes the material reality to express more constancy, so it is a weird sort of interconnected experience in Lambda. It is good training though because Lambda forces you to discover who you really are, without any feedback from the outer life experience. So you could be in a situation where you are really having a very wonderful inner world communication pattern with yourself or an emotion reality partner, and it has so nice... and yet nothing ever changes in the external realms, forcing you to accept that as it is, and enjoy the inner experience for its own sake - without anything tangible "affirming" what is going on in ICP foundations (repeating ICP patterns that you remain consistent with). Eventually the ICP patterns get to rest, and relax and then the MRP patterns turn the corner and begin to change. I am still waiting to see this happen so I can't really speak to that though, haha...

    Generally the appearing of Lambda in ASA's are showing an area where "nothing is happening" in the area covered by the position, in this case social-sharing. In spite of some very earnest effort in the ICP patterns. So the message is all is well, your ICP dialogue is doing great and there will come a point sooner or later when you will turn the corner on this and then the reality patterns will reflect all that you dialogued about within (also covers your cherished dreams, wishes, goals, secret relationships with others, hidden little secret desires that in calm moments you reflect on and they really feel wonderful.) In your case MBA, I think you are showing something very deeply wonderful in your emotion reality as a setting, a consistent aspect of your life that is not changing, and this has become like a little flower garden for you, that you tend, and talk a lot about within... and yet not a lot really changing on the outside of life. This is as it should be. However! The placement of the 7P5 (refl MRP5) says that something is changing in this lull of your physical life pattern! So I would expect to see the Lambda turn for you very soon. Then you can rest for a change.

    7. Rest-reflection = 6P. Rest-reflection social-sharing material reality pattern. So here is that same idea showing how connected the material reality pattern is with your social sharing area, and that this social work, physical, security pattern has been largely at rest or not changing probably for a while now. The social dimension of your physical life has been a very reflective area for you, and that reflectiveness is now or will be soon changing.

    8. Expansive is Xi (1W + 4S + 4P). Expansive deconstruction. Xi is the "voluntary" version of the Rho symbol group (Tower in tarot). This means that what is actually expansive for you now is a continued deconstruction of some area of your life you had built up to be "always there" for you. A system, a belief, a rule, an expection in any are covered by Xi which is associated with your ICP, OCP and MRP patterns. So all of your communication patterns are experiencing deconstruction, you are relaxing or letting go of your established dialogue patterns, mostly internal ones because we saw the strong begn and afrm placement of ICP at positions 1 and 2, and then also a foundation position of change (foun ICP5). So you are relaxing in your iCP patterns (also shown by Lambda at 6). And this will in turn contribute toward watching your external reality patterns then change for the better. So the message here is really, relax your inner communication patterns (ICP) and now just let the universe do it all for you... just relax and coast along, and watch with amazement at how everything now fits together for you!

    So, I would expect some very significant material reality pattern changes ahead for you MBA!

    best wishes,


    **** ASA Schema ****

    The 4 primary symbol group sets:

    1-10 W - ICP - inner communication pattern

    11-20 C - ERP - emotion reality pattern

    21-30 S - OCP - outer communication pattern

    31-40 P - MRP - material reality pattern

    The 22 combination symbol group set:

    41 - Α α alpha (beginning) beginnings, risks

    42 - Β β beta (playful) innocence, play

    43 - Γ γ gamma (secret) mystery, the unknown

    44 - Δ δ delta (nurturing) nurturing, mother

    45 - Ε ε epsilon (viewpoint) viewpoint, father

    46 - Ζ ζ zeta (rule) rules, systems, doctrines

    47 - Η η eta (love) lovers, all is fair, trust

    48 - Θ θ theta (movement) motion, haste

    49 - Ι ι iota (resisting) delicate settings

    50 - Κ κ kappa (isolation) alone and in love

    51 - Λ λ lambda (turning) turnarounds, all is connected

    52 - Μ μ mu (honest) balance

    53 - Ν ν nu (immobilized) content with going nowhere

    54 - Ξ ξ xi (deconstruction) dissolving the rules by choice

    55 - Ο ο omicron (balance) blending

    56 - Π π pi (imagination) seeing within

    57 - Ρ ρ rho (collapse) dissolving the rules by force

    58 - Σ σ sigma (stars) lights in the night

    59 - Τ τ tau (moon) darker side of our nature

    60 - Υ υ upsilon (sun) lighter side of our nature

    61 - Φ φ phi (release) moving out, moving up, moving in

    62 - Χ χ chi (completion) completions, rewards

    We are following a 1-9 setting/script pattern.

    1 group (A) represents setting, 9 groups representing the script.

    The 10 number associations are:

    1. Beginning

    2. Affirming

    3. Growing

    4. Foundation

    5. Changing

    6. Social-sharing

    7. Rest-reflection

    8. Expansive

    9. Completion

    (10. Transition)

    SEQUENCE: (drawing this sequence from the random number generator at allowin for integer duplicates)

    20 19 9 4 58 5 37 51 36 54

    10C, 9C, 8W, 4W, Sigma, 5W, 7P, Lambda, 6P, Xi

  • Correction, 8 symbol groups are the "script" (1-8). With 2 groups as the setting (a+b).

  • Than if I am understanding all are saying that the life I want with my friend is at hand. The conversations I have in my head, the planning I do, for the moment are not materializing on the outside yet.To live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of it.Changes will occur. I tend to turn to my inner thoughts a lot about how things should be.Relax and let go and enjoy the ride. Trust.

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