AstraAngel Reading Please?;)

  • MaBelleAmie

    That sounds lovely, you are indeed in a nice flow in your life right now... allowing the Universe to arrange everything when the time is right. Here are a couple of more cards that I drew for you...

    Five of Pentacles - No matter how you feel, and sometimes it can feel like you are left out in the cold, know that everything is working toward a very nice arrangement for you.

    Ace of Wands - Something new is beginning in you, a choice you made has turned out to be the right one and you are now reaping dividends where it counts - in your faith and trust.

    Nine of Wands - Do you see those bruises and cuts on your body, and the pain you have felt for so long? That's right, those are the scars and the evidence of a warrior princess who never learned the meaning of the word "give up". Wait a minute, that's two words.

    The Devil - Your are racing for a relaxation of the restrictions and it will be revelational!

  • Afternoon AstraAngel....hope all well with you;) I do have the faith in me and know as you said that heaven IS helping me. And yes, it is sooooo hard at times. I feel I have waitted my whole life for this if the universe and Heaven continue working their magic...we will have a magical rest of our lives together. I care for this man and unlike the other women he has had in his life....I wouldnever hurt or cheat on him. Blessings to you!

  • Hello AstraAngel! I just did a three card reading and would like your take on it.....I pulled the 7 of swords in the love me postition.....the 6 of wands in the situation position and the Ace of wands in the challanges position. I get from it that progress will be made if I allow things to unfold naturally. That I have to take responsibilty for my actions and turn obstacles into stepping stones. Any take you have I would love to hear.....;)

  • Hello AstraAngel! I just did a three card reading and would like your take on it.....I pulled the 7 of swords in the love me postition.....the 6 of wands in the situation position and the Ace of wands in the challanges position. I get from it that progress will be made if I allow things to unfold naturally. That I have to take responsibilty for my actions and turn obstacles into stepping stones. Any take you have I would love to hear.....;)

  • Hi MaBelleAmie

    I think your interpretation is great. I see it as you describe it. That Six of Wands is a wonderful card indicates an energy of attainment and victory in this matter. The Ace also seems to be a sign of something new wanting to develop, and like you say may require the patience to see it complete.

    For fun , i drew three cards and laid them over yours to see what that says...

    Love me - Seven of Swords / Six of Swords - so this love is willing to run hard, and make whatever crossing is required. Sounds like a pursuit is under way!

    Situation - Six of Wands / Page of Cups - So there is a lovely innocent love lurking here somewhere. This page is a little shy. This page could be the one who is also responsible for progress.

    Chalenges - Ace of Wands / Ten of Pentacles - whatever this is leading into, seems to have some family matters associated with it to contend with? I hope it isn't a shotgun wedding! 🙂

  • Hey AstraAngel you are funny......noooo no shotgun wedding here. Not at my age...and complete hysterectomy;D Anyway it may be my daughter....she does not like this man....lets just say an evening did not end well. But that is her problem....she will have to come to terms with it eventually. Thank you for your reading and as I said when I hear from him I will keep you posted;) )0(

  • Good afternoon AstraAngel....I told you I would let you know when I heard from my friend. I did today. My phone was dead and was charging it....when I checked messages there were three from him! Asked how I was and said he missed it here.....said talk later. I sent message back ....any feelings you get from this? I know how happy I was to here from him.....thought by the 15th I would and here it is the 14th......Blessings to you)0(

  • Hi MaBelleAmie

    This feels wonderful to me!

    Let me draw some cards and we'll see...

    The MOON - so there are strong emotions connected with this connection.. something new. Add a dash of mystery too.

    Eight of Swords - someone is in a prison of their own making, and it sounds like they want to get out. Is that you or your friend? It sounds like this reaching out is great first step in dissolving those boundaries and healing old wounds.

    Nine of Wands - the Wounded Warrior, this comes with the re-connect, the wounds are carried forward however now they look more like beautiful scars that tell a story... you are both still standing, how wonderful.

    knight of cUps - this is your friend. He is making the journey back and he looks happy, almost optimistic. A lot depends on you he seems to be saying He is waiting to hear more, he wants to talkk to you and really reconnect.

    THE SUN - about as bright a sign as could be seen for you and him.

    This looks fantastic MeBelleAmie, there are some pains still however the general thrust feels absolutely sincere and beautiful. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers... let me know should you have anything else related to this that you are needing to get answers to.


    love, astra

  • Dear AstraAngel: Well I heard from him around 8pm the same evening. He called and we talked for about 1/2 hr. Really misses it here and tried to come back even, but not feesible. So he has had a place now for 2 wks. He mentioned when his dog passes someday, he may think of sellinfg and traveling etc. We talked about several things, told him I am still going in April. It is 1 1/2 hr appr from where he is located. I have things to send him so he gave me his address. It was soooo good to hear his voice and hear his laugh. Now we are in touch again and it is great....however my daughter is all angry again....she heard me on phone withhim....sooooo......but thank you for your input and I will keep in touch. Blessings to you)0(

  • Good morning AstraAngel.....Well I heard from my friend. He even sent me pics of his new place. We talked for quite was great. Poor guy feeling under the weather though, so I wished him a speedy recovery. So just wanted to let you know......the universe is moving things along the way they should by;)

  • MaBelleAmie - that is wonderful! 🙂

    I have prayed for your friend as well for health and wellness, and I know all of going to work out so nice for the two of you. Sending you every possible blessing from heaven...

    Page of swords - I see a lot of tender, heartfelt communications, very lovely and open...

    love, astra

  • I just finished talking on thephone with him for the past hour.....still mentions at times "if he is still therein the summer" heart drops....but I will keep letting it play out. Thank you for your Blessings and Healings for him. Actually, I got a touch of sickness and told him it was sympathy sickness Don't you know he is better today;). Again, thankyou and as always will keep you posted. )0(

  • Astra....would like your take on something.........months ago coworkers and I were trying to remember the name of a certain girls toy from the 80s. I said they were called 'sky dancers'.....turns outthey were. My daughter used to have some when she was little. Any way , again thinking of my friend (when am i not?) and asked my sister in Heaven for a sign to let me know that all would be ok and work out. Well, today I was at my exs to see my son, when I was leaving I stopped dead in my tracks......on top of the mailbox was.......a sky dancer toy!!!!!

  • GM AstraAngel! daughter is 6/10/85....she has many issues with me, my situation and friend. She also I am told, third party, something to her grandmother about the move upstate....or so I have been told. Is there anything you can see and give your insight with a reading for her. Sure would be appreciated. Blessings to you.

  • Hi MaBelleAmie

    BTW, your Sky Dancer story was really nice. Shows how Heaven is always watching over us and taking care of everything. My oldest daughter (17) was a ballet dancer and is now ice skating really well, so the dancing is a part of my experience.

    Okay, the question about your daughter.

    Her chart:

    Sun, Chiron and Mercury in Gemini. She is a real talker-communicator. Give her something to chat about and you are NOT going to see her stop anytime soon. Its her nature to be a communicator.

    Gemini is also an elusive sign the twins can shift and move their position in life. I am thinking that your daughter is not always of this attitude regarding you and your friend. However, the fact that she has Chiron in her sun signs indicates a break in the core personality (self image) set. So she struggles with feelings of self worth, finding her place in life, fitting in, all of that is symptoms of Chiron in the Sun sign. That is the situation with me (Chiron in Capricorn) so I am all too aware of those issues. So she may easily project her own insecurities outward against you and your friend as being somehow "at fault" for her her own issues of self worth.

    Venus and North node in Taurus, so she has a gregarious love nature and should be showing affection rather well, and this is also her life path (NN) so she is wanting to be a very strong, loving lady, and she has to work through that personality break (Chiron) to get there. She needs a lot of pats on the back, affirmations, etc. From you too, anything she is doing and you are aware of her efforts go overboard on the praise that will help her.

    Moon in Pisces, so she is very emotionally intuitive and can sense insincerity, she is very tuned into how people around her are feeling. This causes her to respond/react in kind, which is at war with her unconditional love calling in Taurus. So she sounds like she may have a chip on her shoulders at times and can be touchy emotionally, handling her with kid gloves is what I am hearing. This is also a factor with any praise she receives - she can detect insincerity instantly so make sure you try to get inside her head a little as regards her life and work, so that when you DO praise her, it is really coming from your heart and not just the head. That should go a long way toward healing some pain between the two of you.

    Jupiter in Aquarius - She likes tie dyed tee shirts. And loves the water. Anywhere, beach, lake, ponds. Has been known to run the bathtub to almost overflowing to create her own lake when another isn't handy.

    Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio - you will not be winning any arguments with her anytime soon. She can run rings around you with logic and can change topics so fast it leaves your head spinning. Advice: always agree with her. She points out something about you and your friend, nod and smile nicely and agree with her that she is "probably right and thanks for pointing that out, an area for us to work on". Then she will relax.

    Mars in Cancer. She likes to shop for nice bedding and sheets, blankets and anything to do with the bedroom is top priority to her. Next to the bathtub filled with water, this is her second favorite place to play.

    Okay, that is kind of a quick take on her chart! Now, the Tarot for the nitty gritty as to what is happening now...

    Six of Swords immediately popped up, which in this deck shows a youngish boy and girl being faried across a river. There is gloom in the background. The girl has a somewhat bemused expression. I get the feeling there is some resentment about this girl being carries to places she doesn't exactly want to go.

    Page of Wands - based on this card it does appear that there is communication going on with another older person. Maybe the little girl is not too thrilled about where that boat took her, and she wants someone to know about it. The Wands Page is certainly chatty.

    Seven of Wands - another wand, so the energies associated with your daughter seem to be internal mostly. Again, going back to the Chiron placement in her chart she is looking for a scapegoat and you (and your friend) are simply first up on the list. It really has nothing to do with you and your friend. These are internal self image issues for your daughter is what is at stake.

    Advice - the High Priestess - Follow your heart is all I am hearing, pray for your daughter to accept herself as she is and embrace her unique Gemini nature. She is a communicator by birth, loves to talk, and she will be at peace with anything going on in life when she finds her "voice" and mode of expression, she will calm down and won't be as quick to find fault with others.

    I am praying that situation will calm down and you and your friend go free. Your daughter also deserves freedom to be at peace with you and your friend, and this will come about soon. Amen.

    "For freedom Christ set us free..." -Galatians 5:1 NAB

    Peace and love, MaBelleAmie


    P.S. And thanks to the Sky Dancing angels who are helping us all!

  • I don't want to T/J so if this needs to go somewhere else please let me know. I have had a very difficult year with the ending of a long term relationship, and with it the total change of my retirement plans. I have recieved advice on here from a couple of the very fine psychics on the need to move on but I am having difficulty seeing how. Can the Tarot offer any insight in this, it would be much appreciated

  • Oh my certainly hit the nail on the head with regards to my daughter. I try to compliment her and at times yes it comes out not sounding sincere. and then when I try again she either gets deffensive or second guesses. Wow....the water thing...ever since she was a baby she has loved the water.....even likes to go for moonlight swims at times, which bothers me because she will go alone. And she does love her room and the comfort it brings her. The part about being taken where she did not want to go....whenI left her father she had issues with him and wanted to go with me.....later she turned it around and said I dragged her into my crazy world! She talks to our neighboralot...he is the grampa she does not have. We have adopted him since moving here. She is stirring things up now and hopefully it will all calm down soon. I still plan to move in April.....alone. The best thing for her is to move in with her gramma to be of help to her. I put my trust in the universe thatit will work out. And yes she does run circles around me. I love her so much and want the best for her and for her to make a life for herself and finally be happy. Thank you for the reading.......Blessings to you!

  • Dear abetterplace

    Okay let's take a look, should you have followup questions, you probably want to start a new thread...

    This will be free form, I am just going to start laying some cards and see what it provokes...

    Ten of Wands - well this is obviously you at the present time, weighed down. You are carrying this baggage which you feel like YOU have to be the one to figure out, or have a psychic figure out. No one can figure this out except the good Lord.

    "Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you." -1 Peter 5:7 NAB

    Seven of Cups - this sounds like you still have some love related issues you are trying to decide on and sort out. There is some wistfulness, and a looking back on "what was", I think you still have some connections of love with this person you ended the relationship with, only I don't think it actually ended, I think you are still connected somehow.

    Six of Pentacles - You are still hoping for something to happen there, for mercy and receiving love from them again. This is telling me that there is still a relationship on some level...

    The Hermit - you left it behind, or did you? You are trying hard to go it alone, how is that working for you? Wasn't it better with that person? I am wondering what happened there.

    Six of Cups - it was sweet and very kind, I am surprised it ended, what caused the split.

    Queen of Pentacles - Ahh... it is a money issue. What happened, was there discord around money?

    Retirement plans are now the focus? Did you break up over money? Hmm..

    Nine of Wands - Well, believe it or not, you (and the other person) are still standing, wounded and bleeding perhaps, however you are still alive and I have to say the relationship surprisingly still has a heartbeat. Can you reach out to this person and mend your affair? Can you ask forgiveness? I would not be too concerned about the retirement plans, focus on this affair of the heart, make sure there is love and forgiveness there and the retirement dough will show.

    That is all I get. I am hearing Strongly that you need to go back to this person and reconnect and forgive or ask forgiveness, pray together, ask the LORD to heal this rift and then the money issues will resolve nicely for the both of you. Must have been some sort of shared account that had to be liquidated or something shared there that the breakup caused a tragic and painful set of circumstances relate to money.

    Ugh. Money. I wish we could all figure out how to live on this planet without money! We don't need it, all we need is love, according to St. John and St. Paul of the Beatles.

    Reach out.

    Blessings and love abetterplace, everything will work out for you, hang in there.


    (photo courtesy Mary R. Vogt and morgue file on the world wide web - thank you!)

  • I started a new thread Clarity and questons. Thank you for the reading it was beautiful and comforting

  • Good evening Astra. Hope all well with you. Well still in touch with my friend via the computer and phone. But my daughter started abit of trouble with her gram.....all smoothed over now. She said she was going with me....NOT. The fact that she is like her father and instead of saying sorry....does things for you instead. Few nights ago she was in a foul mood and put a damper on the evening with our neighbor aka adopted grampa. He had a talking with her next day. She apologized to him but when I came home had been cleaning to 'say' sorry. I really think the best for her is to live with her grandmother......she loves having her there anyway so we are trying to arrange sister in law and I. Do you have any feelings on my daughter and the situation? Sometimes she tells our neighbor she is making plans, and is receptive to his ideas of jobs here and then she pulls crap like saying she is going with me to her grandmother....well I for one need it to all smooth out quickly. This is Novermber and I move end of March......alone. Blessings and light to you Astra......

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