AstraAngel Reading Please?;)

  • If your offer is still available, I would love for you to do a reading for me. I read some of the ones you did and they were amazing!!! I hope you are doing well and I understand if you are busy. I am 5 13 54 and am in complicated relationship. Blessings to you!

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  • Hi MaBelleAmie

    Here is what I get for you. Complicated is an understatement! 🙂

    Self - PAGE OF CUPS, so tender love here, this is how you see yourself, and a communicator, you have a very open heart, and like to open things out

    Environment - TWO OF SWORDS - this is a reliance on your own inner faith. Perhaps something recently has changed matters, and you have had to walk in faith. Which is good, stay in faith, all will work out.

    Immediate obstacle - EIGHT OF CUPS - something connected with how you feel, love is wanting to go in a more serious direction now, and that may be causing some pause for reflection. This along with the quiet inner TWO SWORDS tells me some real soul searching is going on or trying to occur.

    4. Hopes and dreams - THE KING OF CUPS - This sounds like a high, vaunted hope of love which is very strong. This swells the view. Mature relationship. Love is a many splendored thing, the hills are alive... with love!

    5. Difficulties in the past - TEN OF SWORDS - This shows a profound, exhausting analysis of the matter. It looks like your involvement in the situation is over in some way.

    6. Last of the present - NINE OF CUPS - it was nice, it was really, really nice... until just recently! Mixed with the TEN SWORDS above seems to say some deep/love/probing. Beauty and the beast.

    7. First of the future - DEATH - majo wonderful transformation coming up, so the inner work is good, you are turning matters over, being patient and nice in the journey. This seems to be saying a continuation of the ten swords, whatever the matter is, you can rest that it will turn out for the very best. No stone left unturned. The Universe sees every angle and you are safe in those arms. Strong justice energy lurking here too.

    8. Future environment - FIVE OF SWORDS - so we move from the present two swords to the five, so a change in that atmosphere is coming up. Sounds like a lot of listening and watching over your own heart and thoughts. So I see the beautiful, quiet inner work you are doing is really your light, it is quite lovely! You are on a wonderful discovery through this love matter.

    9. Outer influences - PAGE OF COINS - How others see you in this situation - Page of coins - Some writing going on here. Some dialog going on... communications with others.

    10. Hopes and fears - KING OF SWORDS - here is another king to match the King we saw in your Hopes and dreams card, the King of cups, so there is a strong male figure present. The King Swords can be a little stern, maybe that is a fear, too much control or something.

    11. Outcome - THE HIGH PRIESTESS - TA DA! This is it MaBelle this is where your life is really wanting to go. Where you are very strong within, and spiritual in a quiet, reserved manner which causes your light to shine all the more. The High Priestess is a wonderful "outcome" card for you.

    I can say that whatever has been going on - and it looks you have been really tested - is evidence of your own inner journey being very strong and pure. You are dealing with some issues because you possess the wisdom and maturity to handle it. this could factor into your role as your own "High Priestess" as you step through whatever life hurls at you with such mystical and magical flair and debonair! That is the High Priestess for you. I see a lot of lovely light around you, angels and heaven is all around you. Love is in the air. 🙂

  • First let me thank you from the bottom of my are phenominal!!! By the time I got to last sentence I was crying. I am wrestling with many things right now. One is making a major change in my life. Not living my life for others any more.....need to take care of me. If you do not mind I will keep in touch with you. Blessings to you and once again thank you so much;)

  • Dear AstraAngel: Here it is August 20 and I would like your input if you please......I have made a major decision and my daughter is not happy with it. In the long run it will be for the best. I would also like to see if you see anything different with my friend and I situation. If you can do this at your convience it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi again MaBelleAmie!

    I am happy to hear that some of that first reading seemed to help, Heaven is good.

    You are asking

    "I have made a major decision and my daughter is not happy with it. In the long run it will be for the best. "

    On this matter I receive the SIX OF WANDS (rev) and THE SUN. So this seems to confirm what you have decided as regards your daughter. SIX OF WANDS (rev) says to me that this is the energy right now, that is taking this matter into a more "settled" state after your daughter stops complaining. She will be fine with it. Eventually. You decided the right thing for sure.

    "I would also like to see if you see anything different with my friend and I situation. If you can do this at your convience it would be greatly appreciated."

    I receive these cards...

    THE THREE OF PENTACLES - planning and it is connected with material matters. You are making decisions about the kind of family stability and security you want.

    SIX OF WANDS - again, which is a good card to keep getting! This tells me that whatever you are doing is working for you, you are settling into a more cyclical and predictable pattern in your own self-image, the way you see your life. It all still feels like you are what is changing for the better.

    NINE OF CUPS - well this says integrating, combining what you have been learning about relationship in general, and you step into a place where you are very happy and content in love. Emotional accomplishment.

    QUEEN OF PENTACLES - this ties back to the THREE we saw, your own goals for family structure and security are validated and placed into practice. There is a real sense of accomplishment here, like it is something you have worked really hard at and it pays off.

    QUEEN OF CUPS - Another queen and this affirms that some wonderful outcome are in store for you. I will be honest, I see these energies all radiating from you, that these are all telling the story of your own personal transformation. As you continue you will be rewarded from without with great relationships one way or the other.

    WHEN I asked, pointedly to Heaven about the relationship, I received the TEN OF SWORDS which seems to tell me that it has served its purpose. There is a lot of mental energy here as it seems to show an end to analysis about it all. A rest from it all. Either the relationship is going away, or it finally "gives up the ghost" and settles down into something a lot calmer and more fluid and lovely, Queen of Cups.

    I hope that helps you MaBelleAmie, you are on the right track, keep up your good work! Wishing you all happiness and success in your life.

  • Oh My.....Thank you ever so for the reading. I do feel as if I have made the right decision. However I can not make final move until next April. The relationship going friend has already moved upstate. We talked up until two nights before he left. All I hope, as I told him, once I am up there.....who knows. Any more insight is greatly appreciated at your leisure. Thank you and B lessings to you!

  • Hi Astraangel,

    having read the readings above,you seem very talented, if it is not too much trouble I wondered if you would be kind enough to do a reading for me.

    Anything that you could pick up for me would be great,but I would mainly like to hear in regards to will I find a local job that I enjoy doing,that also offers enough money to support my family within the next few months or so and also about my love life.

    My D.O.B is 23rd Nov 1977 location is u.k.

    please ask if you need any further info from me, I will provide feedback and Thank you in advance.


  • Hi Laura

    I sat down and these cards came up for you:

    Your present situation - The Seven of Swords - I can sense that you are really rolling over some options employment wise. This is a card of your imagination, so you are very busy envisioning the kind of job you want and that is good. Wands speak mostly to inner self issues and how you see your life unfolding, so while I understand there is some trepidation going on in your life about work, you are learning a great deal about yourself in the process, you are searching what really makes you happy, and this is something you have been wanting to do for quite a while - zero in on the work you love to do.

    The work prospects look excellent to me. The card I drew for this is the King of Pentacles and I can hear heaven encouraging you to stay strong, as your needs will be addressed and you will find the job/work that will abundantly take care of your family.

    Next I drew the Eight of Pentacles which seems to speak to your love life. I can sense something is developing there, you are pulling away from one situation and a new door is opening to another. What are the specific concerns you have for love? This card is telling me that you are pulling away from something emotional, an attachment, it is time to move on. Not sure what that could mean in your personal situation, the Eight of Cups is a beautiful card, one of those sad-sweet cards that is a harbinger of something that was very beautiful at one time, however that time has passed and it finds you looking to the hills of a new love that beckons. Feel free to provide more details on your situation there and I can look more.

    Then, I wanted to circle back on the work issue, and dig more into that, so we came away with three more cards which bear some exciting news for you I believe!

    First as the Knight of Swords, and you are very focused on finding that job! You are willing to do anything, however you are also keenly aware that you really want the kind of work that you LOVE so you are tossing this around in your heart... what do I really want to do? What stimulates me? ... this Knight is on a mission. This is all in the realm of your intellect so your mind is working overtime lately pondering your situation.

    And then, the Page of Swords. So the mental effort you are doing has a reason, you are working up a plan to get the job you really love. Pages are communicators, and I got this very strong, that you wage a paper campaign of some sort, I mean hit it hard, letters, resumes, mailings targeted to the situations that you would love to be employed. Have you read Richard Bolles book "What color is your parachute"? That is a wonderful book to help zero in on your dream career. Instead of only looking at what is available out there in the job market, you are seeking the places and positions that you would LOVE to work at, and the you go after those places whether they have an opening or not. I would encourage you to look that book over! 🙂

    And now, a lovely card for you that I believe offers some real clues for you in your work. I drew The Empress who is all about nurturing and very concerned about Mother Earth so the word I am getting is that you could be looking at something in the natural, earth-friendly, herbal, green job sector. And I was getting managerial energies... like you are managing a store. It felt like something you are running or opening or handling. Assistant Manager of Acme Green Herbs and Foods (smile) something like that... the Knight and Page of Swords all seem to reveal a strong word-communication talent in you that would really thrive in a field that is a nurturing, caring, eco-friendly something or other!

    I trust that gives you some clues.. timing on a job, a I ended up with 4 cards, my first thought was four months, however they are all upright except for the number two card which was reversed, so I am wanting to say 2 months wait perhaps, no more than 4. Get a plan of action underway, determine the work you love to do, and message and communicate yourself to those companies you would like to work for and I believe you will see miracles.

    I will keep you in my prayers.... with a family to support you deserve something extra special that you are really going to love. 🙂 That King of Pentacles is a powerful card to have show up for work related concerns so the future looks very bright indeed!

    Peace and blessings. 🙂

  • MaBelleAmie

    Hi, it sounds like you are really in the throws of a lot of changes right now. I wanted to draw something to give you some encouragement as followup.

    The Seven of Swords - Yes, I can see that you are thinking through all that is transpiring right now. You are projecting ahead, what will happen in April, how will that go, and the issues with your daughter all have you mind in a little bit of a tizzy at times. You can relax, all is being taken care of by Heaven, I know these changes are unsettling. You have something to look forward to though!

    Knight of Cups - love, love, love. I don't know where or how, I know that you will end up in the arms of someone and it will be sweet. Is this your friend? And the Page of cups - I see you writing a great deal, communicating with him, and these are very tender words you are saying and hearing. I hope with all my heart that you and your friend can make this work. April sounds like a long ways out... however love knows no distance, and it feels to me like you make up for the physical distance by staying very connected emotionally through letters, email. I would encourage real letters, there is no substitute for holding something in your hands that came from someone very dear to you.

    That is all i have for now.... those two Cups are like little roses popping up on my desk here amd look so sweet and nice. That is what is developing for you, something sweet and nice.

    Keep us posted on how things progress. You are in my prayers.

  • Laura

    I wanted also to circle back with you on your chart to see how that might help you in your work situation. You are a Sagittarius so you have a way of always landing on your feet. Once you have you goal in sight you will be off to the races. Sag is a sign of conquest and attainment, so you are have a lot going for you. You know how to move around and reach out and connect with people too. That is important in your job hunt.

    Your North Node is a very important sign as it is connected to your life purpose-mission. And your North Node is in Libra so you need to be aiming in the direction of work that offers balance, justice, fairness and this seems to tie back to something green conscious. As that kind of work has you on the side of our planet, helping to keep a harmony and balance between profits and taking care of our home.

    Pluto is also there in Libra helping to transform your life path towards that which you will love to do. Go Pluto!

    Your moon and Chiron are in Taurus, so your emotional side is strong and opposite your Venus in Scorpio, so I bet you have some emotional roller coaster days sometimes. With Chiron also in Taurus you have some little broken part of you that is connected to the Taurus bull feistiness, which could mean that you sometimes tend to hold your emotions inside when they are trying to come out and be expressed. My sense is that employment in a field where you are around people a lot, sharing, helping in a situation that requires that customer interaction could go a long way toward helping you find ways to express your emotional side in safe situations, so that you aren't afraid you are going to lose control. A happy, green work setting sounds nice for you somehow!

    You also have Mercury in your sun sign Sagittarius so that helps you mentally, plan, communicate and execute well thought out strategies. I still see you in some management role however still staying connected with your customers on the floor. That is my sense.

    Maybe that will spark something for you!

  • ASTRA<

    Thank you so much for doing this for me.

    sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you,wow that is alot to take in, I was not expecting such a long reading

    Firstly ,I was working voluntary as a parent helper in order to get my NVQ certificate and am now doing Maths and English courses to improve my grades and better my CV, so I guess that pretty much covers the Page of Swords.

    I am quite focused on this area of work with either able or disabled children,and have phoned various schools and been into children's centres that I know of regrdless of wether they have anything advertised,so I guess that covers the Knight.

    I'm not sure what it would be managerial wise or 'green' 'eco' wise......any more info on that?

    you said about emotions also ,I suffer with depression and anxiety,so spot on again well done, I tend to take so much then just explode at people

    With my love life, I am wondering when I will find 'THE ONE'..... I have been divorced since 2000 due to domestic voilence and have had a few relationships, but they have not been right for me, also my children are finding it hard to accept someone new into my life ,which is understandable.

    So I guess my question there is When am I likely to find someone special that will love us as much as we love him?

    Thank you once again.


  • Dear Sweet AstraAngel: Thank you for this recent information. I did not get to see him before he left...but have something to send him when I hear from him. And it includes hand written notes. Fate put us together once in our lives when we needed each I truely believe it can and will happen again. I will keep you posted and many Blessings to you:)

  • Dear AstraAngel.....Hello there! Hope you have been well. It has been a month since my friend has moved. I miss talking to him, bumping in to him. But I know that he needs this time to himself....for himself. Can you give me anymore insight on this situation? I feel that by Oct 15 I may hear from hard as it is....I want to call his cell......but hold off. thanks and Blessings to you!

  • dear meankids

    Okay, let's look at your 'green' question, the managerial piece too...

    The Hanged Man - So there is something hidden I believe that you have not yet considered about the work with the children. The Hanged Man is up in the air and I detect that you also are up in the air on some issue, career I guess, although something else in the background. Sheep. Don't ask me why, what does sheep remind you of? You know what meandkids, I think this is something to do with sleep, like dreams... child sleep disorders?... Sleep anyway...

    The Hanged Man is seeing life from an upside down point of view. Where do kids play upside down? What therapy makes us upside down, like a spinal relaxing thing... just speaking out loud here...

    And the Nine of Wands - so this is also connected with the career, the battering you had experienced is coming into this too, like you are remembering what happened, and how that effected the children, and you may be searching for a way to take the pain and turn it into a blessing, a work of your heart to these children. That really feel strong to me.

    I am not sure now about the 'green' element unless it has something to do with healing (the devil) restrictions and a need for (strength)... i see green in that sense of nurturing a child who has gone through a lot, like you would bind up a wounded sapling.

    And now, your heart... this love that you seek, 'THE ONE', let's look at that... i can already tell that your heart is wide open to love, and you have a profound understanding of what a true, deep, intimate, caring and sweet love looks like, and that is your gift to your companion to be, for he is at the door.

    The Magician

    Something in the blink of an eye for you! He is finishing up his act and has spotted you in the audience. And he feels for you and your children, what you already feel for him. I would be anticipating something very soon.

    The Tower is a card of lightning strikes, so i feel this will strike you out of the blue, and you may be taken by surprise! And also, you will feel like a swirling tempest around you (seven of Wands) and your dreams and wishes will all change for the better in that same blink of an eye.

    And the Three of Cups... very nice... this is a card of imminent celebration around love. I feel very strong meandkids that you have something wonderful coming in emotionally which will be like the sky opening up for you and yours.

    Also the acceptance part, your concerns about your children accepting someone new... Three of Wands, I see three children all looking up to this person, and as they sense the love you have one for the other the children's hearts will melt and all will be nice... their eyes ARE ON YOU

    I hope that gives you something to consider meandkids, i do feel something very lovely entering in emotionally for your home, your heart is ready for that, and Heaven has seen your tears in that area for sure, so you hang in there and know that there are wonderful things coming for you. You will be glad you waited for 'THE ONE'. And weight all in your own heart, what I say, you listen to your own heart above all.

    Peace and Love

  • Dear AstraAngel....I wrote to you earlier and told you he has moved already. I long to hear from him and as much as I want to call his cell.....I won't. I know he needs this time to himself. However.....I am thinking that by October 15 I will hear from him....that date is in my mind. Any input you have is welcomed. Blessings to you!)0(

  • Hi MaBelle Amie

    Well, I know you are following your heart there, so you are doing well...

    Judgment - You have weighed the relationship matter out and you are happy with your present choice to be strong and allow the Universe to move you together in the perfect timing. Good job.

    Nine of Pentacles - You are looking at a small bird near you, and gazing there you find a new answer about your love life, you are hearing your beloved in other ways... in the sounds and smells and deliciousness of nature.

    Six of Wands - this sounds like something very positive developing here between the two of you. Very impressive is the sound I get. You are willing to go to great lengths for this man, and you are waiting for the time when that is appropriate.

    Page of Wands - a message soon. I think you are sensing the same thing, two - three weeks? That feels right. Something coming your way soon.

    And the Knight of Wands - oh I see, this is him. You are the page (princess). So this is lovely message that something connects the two of you even now. He is chasing you as all Knights do. Even when the hide and you don't hear a sound from them for the longest time... don't let THAT fool you. Knights are crafty... they like to look at all the angels. I mean angles. So even though you are divided by one or a few dimensions, don't let that prevent the relationship moving forward anyway. That is YOUR choice to make that happen now, not his.

    I hope that give you some food for thought. 🙂

    Peace and love...

    (Using the Mystic Dreamer Tarot which is lovely)

  • Thank youAstra. That is what I feel exactly. I hate the distance and the not hearing from him....but as I said.....I feel he needs this time to himself and when he is ready he will contact me. I was scoffed at by someone I told this too....they just do not understand. My friend knows how sincere I am.....I do believe it is in the timing. Thank you again.....I will keep you posted. Blessings to you.

  • Dear AstraAngel....I had to let you know that on my way past a beach the other day where my friend and I would meet sometimes, I called out to him and said how much I miss him and hope he is thinking of me too. I was also 'talking' to my sister and asking her help. When I pulled into my house Rascal Flats song My Wish came on the radio. This is a very special song of meaning and she sends it to me when I need it. Funny thing was you had said in a earlier posting that Heaven was helping me.......;)

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