Help Interpreting Hexagon7 Reading

  • Hello all,

    I am new to posting in the site. I have read a lot from the forums here but had never posted before. From reading, I see that there are a lot of very talented people here and wanted to get your advice.

    I am having a bit of a problem interpreting a Tarot Reading. I used the Hexagon7. I asked for it to give me a reflection on what is happening with regards to a possible relationship. She is someone I like, and despite mutual chemistry, circumstances have not lent themselves for anything... yet! 🙂

    So I would really appreaciate if any of you really talented people could help me out!

    This is that the reading:

    1. Past: The Magician; Normal position

    2. Present: The Fool; Normal position

    3. Future: The Empress: Reverse position

    4. Environment: The High Priestess; Normal position

    5. Unconscious: The Emperor; Reverse position

    6. Solution: The lovers; Normal position

    7. Conclusion: The Hierophant; Reverse position

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  • Hi Felix,

    I'm new to tarot reading, but have been trying to practice as much as possible. I hope it's ok if I use your spread to practice a little bit more : ).

    1. Past: The Magician--The magician is about being able to control the world around you; your choices in terms of relationships is probably what this is referring to. You've definitely felt in control before this. The reason I say this is because of the next card.

    2. Present: The Fool--The fool is a person (to me) who is brand new to something. They are going off on an adventure and are just happy to be going. This probably refers to you and the fact that this is a new relationship. This also means you're not feeling as knowledgeable as you were before.

    3. Future: The Empress--The Empress in the normal position is about growth and nurturing, when you turn her upside down it turns into neglect or a blocking of that growth. I think this card is telling you to go for it, don't just wait for the right circumstances. You'll need to nurture this relationship yourself to make sure it succeeds.

    4. Environment: The High Priestess--Right now you're in a place where you're not necessarily moving on anything, but just reflecting on your feelings and taking it slow.

    5. Unconscious: The Emperor--This card when right side up is about authority and control. Upside down it can indicate a feeling of helplessness, or maybe that something is blocking you from being in control of the situation.

    6. Solution: The lovers--This card is about making a choice. You have come across a person you really like, who there is a lot of chemistry with. It's up to you to make a choice on whether or not you'll follow through on this relationship. Meditate on your attraction and on whether or not she'll fit into your life, whether you have time to put the work into building a relationship (it sounds to me like you've already made your choice though : p).

    7. Conclusion: The Hierophant--Hmm, this is an interesting card. First of all, I choose to interpret the conclusion card as what will happen should you continue down your current path. Now, is there some sort of unorthodoxy about this relationship? Something or someone that would be against this? The upside down Hierophant is about intense pressure to conform to societal expectations. It's also about following the rules without knowing why. I believe this card is telling you that you could be facing pressure to conform to a set of rules. I would need a little more info before making an accurate reading on this.

    Hope this helps (even if it doesn't, thanks for letting me practice a little more!).

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