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  • I had recently met up with an old flame who contacted me after a months of silence. When he saw me he had a huge grin and hugged me. Right away he told me what happened between us... he said that he still had feelings for his ex and so he broke it off with me and avoided me because he felt guilty, and then told me he broke it off with her soon after. He told me he came by my work a few times, but couldn't bring himself to actually see or talk to me. He said that he was sorry for not contacting me sooner and we should hang out again. We hugged goodbye and that was that.

    Do you think that he contacted me to get stuff off his chest?! Should I wait for him to call again or should I make the move? I miss him but I don't even know how he feels. Also, I'm pretty upset that he chose someone else over me, so I should probably just move on. Right?

  • hi shenita,

    Thank you for your reply.

    it's been for a while (my family had some problem and I didn't have much time to think of other things)

    after the day he said "I don't mind". We emailed back and forth (not much), then he suddenly kept in silence (as always).

    I asked him what went wrong since he has been silence recently. he said "you also know I keep in silence always. I respect your emotional sensitive. I feel that you are difference compared to all others Vietnamese girls." Then, he asked me about my day. After that, we emailed 1-2 more mails. Then, he kept in silence (again!)

    I'm always the one initiate the conversation (it was opposite when we met in person).

    I don't know what is going on, or just because he's cancer?

    I sent him another email to ask him the reason why he always kept in silence, and if it's because of me, he can shut me up. Then, I don't waste both my and his time. Still waiting for his reply...

    This time, he will definitely disappear. I guess I should move on with other things in my life.

    I just couldn't understand him. He never opens to tell me anything (I actually don't expect he will tell me everything).

    I really appreciate any advice/suggestion.. -____-

    sorry for my long story

  • Hi I was actually on here looking for some advice and saw your post.

    I have been dating a Scorpio guy for about a year now. We met in class and never separated after that. He will be 23 this year and things have gotten really weird.

    Our first 4 months dating were pretty rough as he pushed and pushed and pushed me as he wasn't ready for commitment because he didn't trust it. I would say since day 1 he has let me know he doesn't trust people at all. He's told me his past is the reason for that but he doesn't like to open up about it. When he would open up he would disappear for days.

    Well January this year is when he started getting closer and the disappearing acts were less till about March when he was open with me and stayed open. He told his family about me and was all about us . Our sex was pure love from both ends and even after sex he didn't pull away. It was just love.

    All summer he had been goin threw something's he wasn't too proud of but I stuck by his side and was there when he needed me. Till July.. His attitude towards me changed. He wasnt sweet or calling me nick names any more. He wasn't mean either he was just dull I guess you could say. I thought "he's just going threw a lot give him a break".

    Well august came and all the sudden he just stopped talking to me all together. He ignored my question on when I was going to see him and never replied. A week later I asked if he's just done and not talking to me anymore and he said "No not at all, just going threw something's". I told him ok and we haven't talked since.

    He hasn't returned any of my things or given me the vibe that he met someone else. He's always been able to tell me when something was wrong and he's a pretty blunt person. I don't understand what happened and although I've left him alone I'm still confused on how I should feel. I'm mad, hurt, fine, sad, confused, and everything else. Its been 2 weeks now of no talking.

    My friends say he means what he says and to just back off while others say he's a dick for not explaining and I should just drop him.

    I don't know what to do. Any advice on that?

  • Hi Shenita, sorry to bother you again but need your advice or listening time please? i dont know if you remember when i told you that i was with a guy for two years and find out that he had a fiance at home. after the whole situation came to light to everyone attention in January [ well me finding out about her and her finding out about me], both got married straight after the whole issue.

    anyway i stayed low and back away.

    two days ago i went for an interview and my ex was there, he came smilling and happy to say : i m married now to the love of my life and you were just a mistake, i told him i was happy he got married. then in evening i received an email from the new wife.

    she told me to stay away from her man or she will report me to police etc..

    after taking it all in all this time i blow out and told her that it seem they both making me responsible for bad and issues between them in their relationship.

    I told her it was her man that knew he had a wife at home and he decided to look for something else outside the relationship, i didnt put vodooo on him to come to me for two years. i didnt know anything about her.

    he even booked hotel rooms for week to try to convince me to come to see him there and told me it was his job that paid for it when it was him.

    i feel so furious, not regarding the wedding but i m felt up, i got feeling too.

    i find so ugly that some women out there think because they are the wife, they got some kind power over their man and that man is like a handbag or an object

    i never been married but my god i cant understand people like this.

    for many people i dont exist because i was not the girlfriend or his wife so my feeling doesnt exist but for me my feeling do matter to me, i dont care if they cant care less for me this are my feeling and i didnt lie or cheat on anyone or try to hurt anyone

    i was just myself

    i guess both of them find a commun point to be together, blaming me for their misery

    her husband goes around doing his mess and when his in trouble he goes to her and said we are in trouble with her other there , please let's fight her together and she come and fight the battle for him and he never had to face his action and behavior toward the people he hurted

    amazing no, then you get blame to mess their relationship


  • How funny, maybe i m missing the point altogether but is marriage not about love? you are with the one that you choosed to be with, but when someone keep messing around with other people does this not mean that you are actually not the person they want to be with or you have become the person they messing about with [ i mean if you are the wife]

    what does it mean to be a wife? if you marrid just to say his mine after you find out his been cheating on you

    i dont know about you but for me it wont mean much to be anyone wife if he been lying or sleeping with someone else and now blaming the other women for all his bad doing, it;s weak and just immature.

    anyway, for them i m the only issue in their life, i have left it alone but funny how some people can think really

    the way i see it both of them refused to look at the issue of the cheating from his side and blamed all on me, they both run to the wedding to prove yeah we want to be together but it's wonder how much trust exist there now

    as soon they hear my name they send threat to call police ahaha, i m dangerous woman can you believe this ahahah

    it's kind funny

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