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  • If you are having problems with your relationship or having trouble letting go of old flames or just need some advice on what you should do in your current situation i will gladly give you my insight.. I AM NOT PSYCHIC

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  • Hi Shenita, it's nice to see someone offering advice for once, i have a situation i need advice with please.

    I have this flame for this guy that come to my gym, i dont know why but each time i see him i simply cant look away

    to me his looking at me too and following me

    i made a move and asked someone to gave him a card to say" gorgeous" for me. after few weeks i came to him and told him i was the girl that gave him the card, he simply walk away and said he had a girlfriend. the next day he followed me again

    i had enough of the situation because i feel his looking at me and follow me but then when i come to him he deny any interest with me

    it's making me very sad, therefore i left the gym and wont come back until i m cure of it

    but it's weird this deep attraction with this guy

    i m constantly thinking of him and i dont know him and i strangely feel i know him

    Ok i know how can you advice me here hey

    I feel in pain through because i really like him and it make me sad to feel that i am not the kind girl he likes.

  • @star2u this guy seems like a waste of time. Him showing signs of liking you and then denying it proves that he isn't very mature... I feel bad that you stopped going to the gym because of him but take my advice your boldness of exposing your feelings tells me that you are a fun girl and i'm sure that any guy in his right mind would love to date you. Don't change your daily routines for anyone because life is to short. Have fun and go out with some friends i'll bet you'll meet a nice guy... By the way don't look for someone that can make you happy look for someone that can keep you happy... There's a big difference.

  • Hi Shenita... I have been seeing a guy off and on for the last 4 months. He is a Libra. When we are together, which up until recently was all the time we got along and enjoyed each others company. We have the same interests and share a lot in common. The problem is he has an ex-girlfriend he can't seem to shake. She is a Gemini. She lives out of town, but when she contacts him he everything gets tossed the the wayside. I have tried to be understanding, but have recently decided it's time to move on. I am an Aries. The problem is he can't let go of me and he can't let go of her. What gives? What does he want? Any advise would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you Shenita

    I just did that a lived the life to the full and my feeling to the full too, because he was sending me mixed message i did the best i could to make sure that really is not interested and i got it all wrong [ i made a music cd for him, wrote poetry [and by the way got both them published as they were quiet good, i find at lease someone out there that appreciate it]] he kept reading me for 1 month and then blocked without a single words.

    What happen about this guy here is not what really bothering me , it's to not know anymore about your own feeling

    ok you know when you like someone but how is it you can get it so wrong when you feel that someone also like you and they keep looking at you and follow, my god

    i left the gym because i need to move on and i need to find someone that is more deserving of my feeling

    be at the gym, it keep me stuck in this situation and i dont like it at all as i feel his sending me mixed message and i have no time to play

    Yes, dont break your routine for someone but really everyone need to know their limit in situation and this situation my limit was reach and i need for my own smile and happiness to move to something else

    By the way, Shenita, i m sorry i didnt say but yes i have moved on, i didnt go to the gym for 4 months now and planned to go back there in feb next year.

    i find out by his facebook last week that he left the country to live in Goa. it helped me to focus that i will never see this person again and it kind freed me but then 2 days later his now indicating his in Singapore and i am right now in Singapore too ,but live in UK where we met,

    anyway i feel i have let go but just wanted to share the experience here regarding trusting our own feeling about a situation

    it's hard when you feel you belong with someone and you get all this vibes and then it doesnt work, it's confusing to death

    so what you cant even trust your own self to really know

    the last guy i liked this way, i thought he was the one for me and i was ready i got that big feeling then i find out that he was engage with a girl during the 2 years with me

    so since that time i m still bleeding and wondering if i can trust my own feeling as too many times i got it completely wrong

    right now i m focusing to get my life back and i m terribly scared to get with someone as i have no job.

    My job in a very important part in my life and even if i find the right person tomorrow i wont feel like i deserve it as i feel i m nothing without a job.

  • To brightsideandhazel eyes i think that instead of focusing on what he wants you should be thinking more about what YOU want.. Don't give him the ability to be able to choose between you and someone else.. You should do whats best for you.. You should be the one making choices between him and someone else.. Don't make him your priority while he considers you as an option find someone who is positive that they want to be with you and doesn't have to choose.. I'm sure you're worth much more than he can see and if deep down he still wants to be with her its not your lost its his.. My Best Wishes *Nita

  • To star2u i'm very proud that you have moved on and i'm sorry to hear that none of your endeavors with guys seem to work out. But don't worry everything in life is predetermined and everything that goes wrong only makes you stronger .. Learn From Your Mistakes.. Keep focusing on your job and maybe the right guy will come to you and if you start too feel its taking to long go on the search to find him i'm sure things will turn around.. Wishing You Luck *Nita

  • Thank you so much Nita and thank you for starting this subject it helped me.

  • Thank you Nita... That's exactly how i feel and why i termed the friendship/relationship. Nevet make someone else a priority when they treat you like an option... Either they recognize your worth or someone else will... 🙂

  • Star2u and Brightsmileandhazeleyes you're both welcome.. Feel free to ask me for advice if anything else comes up. I will gladly give my advice.

  • I want to ask a shy guy to be my boyfriend.

    How do I do that? I don't want to scare him away and still be his friend even if he rejects...

  • If i were you i would first flirt with him but in a friendly way.. Try to figure out whether he likes you or not by the way he reacts but be cautious because when a guy is shy sometimes his kindness is mistaken for a likeness so try to make him feel comfortable with you to the point where he isn't as shy as he was before then take that leap and ask him.. I'm sure he'll say yes. Good Luck *Nita

  • never thought of that,

    Dont look for one that makes you happy.. look for the one that keep you happy might be where i been going wrong.

  • Shenita: I definily flirt with him and always make him laugh. he said that i'm outgoing and funny, and he likes that (he doesn't tell me that he likes me).

    For me, the hardest part is asking him out as a friend. We are both little busy. Because, sometimes we have to work on the weekend.

    I really don't know if he likes me or not. I just know for sure that he's a nice guy. If he does something he thinks it's wrong, he will apologize (for example, he replied my text late, then he will say sorry to me, even if it doesn't bother me much).

    We know each other for about 4 months (met in person once). I asked him hanging out with me few times, but he's been busy. So, I didn't ask him again because I think he isn't comfortable or doesn't want to meet me.

    I know it's a bit too soon to tell a guy that I like him and I want to be more than a friend. But, I know I like him for the first time we met. I guess, I should just wait? I can wait, but I will feel worry.

  • My thoughts are to take a leap.. You never know until you try ask him he can only say yes or no i understand you don't want to drive him away but at the same time you wouldn't want someone else to ask him and then he's taken.. So be yourself tell him how you feel i bet you'll be relieved at the end and if he says no at least you know how he feels and at least you asked.. Good Luck *Nita

  • Already tell him (by email).. I just don't have the gut to tell him over phone or person..

    I guess he will ignore it and disappear.. He's cancer.. he could probably do that.. >.<

    I'll keep you post

  • yep.. he said "I don't mind. Don't worry.. i know you have good personality. Good night and nice tomorrow!!"

    this is how he rejects?

  • No if you ask me thats a shy yes... he said "i don't mind" which in other words means "take matters into your own hands and claim me as your guy" 😄

  • Shenita, I am an aries and my ex is a leo we were married 25 years, now divorced.

    Our kids are grown and he and I have reconnected. Its weird and fabulous at the same time.

    Sex is incredible, like beng incredibly high. Im afraid this is keeping me from moving on...

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