• Sitting here in the middle of the night, can't sleep cause i have a high fever. A week ago a fell and hurt myself pretty badly. Am I being punished for something? Can anyone please do a general reading for me? I seem to be stuck in some strange loop where good things don't happen to me, but bad things happen more and more. My bday is August 7th 1981. Thank you x

  • life is hard for everyone. you may think you have been a sole target of some kind of bad luck, but if you ask around you will find that there are others who have gone through worse. I don't offer reading and never ask for one, all I do in times of doubt is ask my spirit guide and before I have a guide I just take life as it is.

    what you get out of life is what you put into it. if you have only planted seeds of compassion and honesty, that will be what you will harvest. if you have in the past, planted seeds of negativity, unintentionally or intentionally, then that will be all that you harvest later on. you may think that being negative at those who are negative at you, is fair and just. but they too will harvest what they planted. you just need to avoid being negative so you don't have to harvest it.

    life is meant to move forward. take the challenges as they are, learn from them and move on. I myself still have a lot of anger inside to deal with it. I try to not project it to others anymore, since it will only return to me and overwhelm me more.

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