Captain.... What's going on???

  • Good evening Captain,

    Haven't been here in a while. Can you tell me what you see regarding a relationship in my future? Do you see me entering in to one and what should I be looking for? I am Aries 4/8/59.

    Thank you Captain... greatly appreciated!

  • You will attract and enter a relationship when you remove any internal blocks, fears or issues to doing so. Consciously you may want a relationship but if you haven't attracted a compatible partner, it can mean that something deep inside you resists the idea.

    Your profile indicates you may be reluctant to share 'centre stage' with anyone else, preferring to keep the attention on yourself as the 'star'. You may also prefer to be on your own rather than being controlled by anyone. Make sure it is a equal partner you want, and not simply an audience. Choosing a partner with more of a social conscience may help. You need to strike a balance between your own personal needs and the needs of those nearest and dearest to you. You can make a truly formidable and inspirational champion for the less fortunate when you put your own needs aside. If you can cultivate the serenity that no longer being ego-driven brings plus some necessary objectivity, and avoid a tendency to be somewhat overbearing and demanding, you will be rewarded with great success and love in return.

    You can also have a somewhat nervous hyperactivity through feeling internal pressure to be 'good' and to 'do the right thing.' Some people can feel uncomfortable around your high-strung energy and sensitivity. You may conversely go too far in wanting to please others, and your ideas may pour forth from your mind to your mouth as you speak rapidly to keep up with your thoughts. If you can stay more in touch with your feelings, fewer words will be necessary.

    A major relationship issue for you may involve ideals that block authentic feelings and, because of this, you may have a difficult time expressing yourself honestly. Relationships provide a superb opportunity for growth in this area. Your lofty standards can also make it hard for other people to live up to them. Once you get past judgments about yourself and others, you can open up to more relaxed and accepting relationships. Self-doubt, perfectionism with an emphasis on performance, and sometimes issues of morality can interfere with the social and sexual aspects of your relationships.

    The more you work your life in the positive, eliminating anything that might be thwarting your goals, the more loving, intimate, easy to attract, and pleasurable your relationships will become.

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