Captain, can I rephrase my question please?

  • Hi Ms Captain,

    Its me again (Leah 2/9/84). My question is about Richard (2/6/82) I dont plan to contact him again because I still dont understand what he ever wanted/ expected from/with me. My directt question is this. Is he going to now move on? Is it safe to say that he wont contact me anymore either? Thanks so much in advance for sharing your gift with me and others.


  • Answered in your other thread.

  • Thanks Captain,

    I saw that...and soooo appreciate it. I have accepted that Richard is not the one for me and I dont expect to hear from him again.

    When do you think I will meet the person that I will end up with? What will he be like? Or am I meant to just be alone like my grandmother that never married and didnt have any other children besides my mother?

    Will I meet someone soon that I'm attracted to and that just clicks well with me?

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