The Scorpio Man who lied

  • This is going to be long, I apologize in advance, but I figure I need to paint the picture so you can give me your honest opinions.

    I'm a sun Taurus (May 1st)

    Rising - Aries

    Moon - Gemini

    Mercury - Taurus

    Venus - Aries

    Mars - Gemini

    Jupiter - Aries

    Saturn - Sagittarius

    Uranus - Sagittarius

    Neptune - Capricorn

    Pluto - Scorpio

    He's a Scorpio (November 12th)

    Unknown rising.

    Moon - Gemini

    Mercury - Scorpio

    Venus - Capricorn

    Mars - Virgo

    Jupiter - Libra

    Saturn - Libra

    Uranus - Scorpio

    Neptune - Sagittarius

    Pluto - Libra

    We met online when I posted that I was new to the state and was trying to meet people. Turned out we were both Americans living in Australia. ( so we immediately had something in common) He responded and we got along great. Shot a few emails back and forth, then started texting alot. The flirtatiousness  between us was copious. Felt almost natural to speak/flirt/open up with him. So we met up for a coffee. The way he looked at me and conversed with me... Made me feel shudder. We talked and laughed for 3 hours before he had to leave for a meeting. I went and got on the train and immediately looked up his Facebook to see "so-and-so is engaged to so-and-so" (Im not sure of her birthday. I believe she is either a Capricorn or Aquarius.) I can tell you I could almost feel my heart slumping down into my stomach.

    We didn't speak for almost a week. When out of no-where he called me and asked if we could talk? I thought for sure he would bring up what he lacked to mention for the past 3 weeks: his fiance. But to my surprise he told me how she had cheated on him, plus a few other things she had been keeping secret from him. How he broke up with her because cheating was a no-go zone for him. His parents are still married after 30 years and that's what he's hoping to find. My heart might have done a backflip if I hadn't been holding my breath so tightly while he opened up, agreeing with him where appropriate. Of course immediately after the call ended I was on his Facebook ( mind you which I am not his friend on) to still see the same picture of him with the girl, but the relationship status had disappeared.

    I was... Tentative to believe him. I already have issues trusting people, let alone people who purposely leave out important information for the sake of "personal conquests"

    But the texting resumed, with no flirting. He called me the next day and asked if I could meet up with him again for a coffee. Still reserved, I accepted, but it would have to be a little later because I was busy running errands. So when I met up with him again, I was VERY aware of how he spoke to me, and how he watched my every movement. It set my skin on fire being watched by that much intensity/curiosity. Like he was a hawk, and I the mouse that he wanted for dinner. I didn't bring up that I knew about the engagement... I didn't know how to without making myself look like a stalker. So I left it alone. So we sat for another 3 hours before he needed to go to a meeting. I asked him where his meeting was, and that this time I had my car and could give him a lift because it was on the way. So we got there early and sat chatting in the car a little while longer. I almost couldn't meet his eyes. He mentioned to me that he was going on a roadtrip with his co-workers for a business conference and that he'd be gone for the weekend. I told him to enjoy himself now that he was "single" and I knew a few spots out where he was going for him to check out because I had lived there for 4 years. He said that sounded good, he'd text me later, hugged me and got out.

    The whole ride home had my stomach in butterflies.

    A couple days later he was suppose to be leaving on his roadtrip. As it turn out my mom was buying something off eBay that was up where he was going, and she wanted me to go get it. So I texted him and let him know and he suggested we take the ride up together, which that plan then fell through when I couldn't leave till the next morning and he couldn't wait.

    So we met up up there, and I took him out. Telling him to point out a girl that he thought was good looking and that I would help hook them up. He just kept telling me he couldn't see any. So I eventually gave up. When we were sufficiently drunk he asked if I wanted to come back to his hotel and watch a movie. I was rather wasted by this point so of course my nether-regions spoke for me.

    We started the movie, and he quickly shifted the laptop so I had to curl up with him to watch it. So on and so forth. >< and again the next morning. ><

    It was almost awkward after we got dressed. He had to go to a conference, I had to go pick up the item and meet up with a few of my friends. He texted me after the conference to see if we were still going out, I mentioned I was still hungover and I didn't feel like it. So he asked if I wanted to come over and watch movies, since we didn't watch much of one the night before. I was reluctant, but agreed.

    After the movie was over, the obvious happened. We then went to have a smoke and talked about how he was driving back home the next day, and so was I and I asked if he wanted to come with me. He agreed and said it would work out well and he'd let me know when the conference  was over.

    Well, I was rather disappointed when he texted me saying he had to go with them cause they had much to talk about with work.

    He texted me a couple hours later asking "how's your drive going?", I didn't reply cause I was hurt ( even if it was not his fault, I blamed him. )

    I texted again saying "you alive?" I didn't reply, still hurt that I was not picked over talking business for 2 hours on a 12 hour drive. A couple hours later I got ":(" and still didn't reply. I replied the yesterday with "you got what you wanted from me. No need to feign niceties. Though I appreciate the effort." it was now his turn not to reply. So I asked him today about an item I left in his hotel room and when I could pick it up. He replied 5 hours later with "hey Im sorry...been super freakin busy like usual... listen idk what ur text meant about me getting what i want... that was out of the blue... but when u gonna be in the city next?" I told him "tomorrow. Can I pick it up then" he said "sure that's fine. just hit me up on your way out...." I said "k"

    I have dated a cancer for 3 months. We were just too different and mutually broke up.

    I have dated a Virgo for 18 months, though I broke up with him for being too... What's the word.. Obedient.

    I have dated a Aries for 6 months. He was extremely physically abusive, so I left him.

    I have dated a Scorpio for 6 months back in college. He was my whole world for those 6 months. I

    Loved him so intensely that when he broke up with me I cried for months thinking I would never get over him. We were both immature back then, I'm sure if the circumstances found us single in the same room, there would be our old spark with a new sense of amazement between us. Though... That ship has sailed.

    I want to know how to get him to tell me the truth. I want to know if he likes me. I need to know where I stand. Though when we both met we said we weren't looking for a relationship. But now... Sigh.

    Could anyone give me a perspective? Im sorry if none of this makes sense. I'm just so flabbergasted. 😞



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  • Your love affair for the most part is likely to be magnetic, physical and sensuous, reaching new heights in torrid sexuality, much to the delight of the both of you. But you are both very opposite in personality, and your individual approaches to the world are miles apart. Very occasionally, the relationship may also be volcanic, unleashing hostility along with desire and passion.

    Marriage will be a much more stable relationship - if you two can make it that far. Your marital home can become a reliable and comfortable haven from the world's pressures. Fighting can be kept to a minimum (unlike in the love affair) and peaceful evenings can unfold. You BST will enjoy being able to walk through the door and relax after a tough day and your spouse will like being appreciated for what he has to give. You two usually make well-defined demands of each other but your marriage would tend to keep your requirements of each other to a minimum and see you settle for what is rather than what could be. However, this is not to suggest that you two are by any means turned off, but rather that the marriage's emotional intelligence would be high. There is an appreciation here of the value of compromise and understanding, and a realization that impatience and constant anger are counterproductive and undesirable. But before you two can reach this state of domestic bliss, you will have to weather some very tense and stormy times indeed. There is no guarantee that you will reach this marital haven at all unless you are both prepared to work very hard indeed.

    Friendship is a lot easier than a love relationship here. It is often relaxed and productive. Equality is the norm between you and this may be the best and easiest relationship of all for the two of you.

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