Aries he interested or not? A reading please :)

  • Hello,

    I'm a capricorn woman (Jan 11/73) who has recently met an Aries man (Apr 7/83).

    We hit it off right away. He was attentive and teasing me through out the night. He texted me later on that evening and the texting continued (non-stop) until last Thursday the 21st.

    We were to go out on a date that Thursday. And he did text me that afternoon. When I asked (in a sweet and witty way) about our date that night, the texting abrubtly stopped. Didn't hear from him for a couple of days. And then on Saturday I got a text from him. He apologized for dissapearing and stated that there was a family crisis. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him that I understood.

    Since then he has been texting me again through out the day. Just nice, simple texts, like how was your day....what are you doing, etc.

    There has been no metion of a raincheck on our date. Nor do I even want to ask him out on a date. I know Aries men are very much the hunters and like to initiate and control. This is fine with me, as being a Cappy, I like the man to take the traditional role of pursuing me.

    But at this point....I don't know if he is actually romatically interested in me. Or just interested in me as a friend.

    I am attracted to him and wouldn't object to dating him. But have no issues with just being a friend either.

    Perhaps I'm over thinking all of this. And just let things happen as they should.

    But I guess I'm just curious and am looking for some insight.

    Thank you for considering doing a reading on my question.

    Any insight would be much appreciated 🙂


  • Comparing your astrological profiles, I would say that this relationship is best for friendship and worst for a love affair, since moral expectations are likely to be rigid in this combination. Basically you CuteCappy like structure, security, and planning in your life, to know where you stand, and your Aries does not. Conversely however, if the tensions this causes can be survived, this kind of strictness can actually be a benefit to a marriage here. But your tendency to dominate once you have 'won' your love partner, CuteCappy, will meet with stiff resistance from your Aries who doesn't like being controlled and is bound to rebel against the structures and rules this relationship will throw up. On the other hand, you are prone to hero worship (usually a holdover from childhood) and, if you come to idolize your Aries 'star', you may prove less rigid in your expectations. An adored Aries man meanwhile may be willing to endure a few rules and standards.

    A friendship here can be magnificent. Sharing, mutual ego-support and an extroverted stance are characteristic of this non-threatening type of relationship. You are highly physical, and your Aries man may prove the perfect companion for you in activities ranging from sport and fitness to adventure. Both of you like pushing limits, whether your own or the record book's. Such rolling back of existing structures gives the relationship both form and an outlet. The danger here is a propensity to get into trouble, particularly with authority figures or the law.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for your gifted reading and insight.

    I have been in a long term relationship with an Aries before. And that did not go well, or end well. So that's why I was wondering about this relationship.

    I can totally agree with what you are saying regarding both of our signs. But this man has brought me out of my shell. And I am having a lot of "playful fun" through our text's. I feel very rejuvenated with this man. And am just saying to myself at this point....what the heck, just let your hair down and have some fun.

    What caught my eye the most in your reading was the hero worship. He is a firefighter....and I am totally fasinated by this. And, yes, totally idolize him. I don't feel any compulsion to "dig my heels in" with this man. I am totally willing to let him take the lead. Which is very different for me. As I tend to be use to having things my way and being stubborn about it.

    Regardless....I'm going to have fun with this man. And enjoy my serious self for once!

    And in the end, if we end up as good friends, that will suite me fine too. That will just mean that the universe has someone else planned for me 🙂

    Again...Thank you.

    I appreciate that you took the time to give me this reading 🙂


  • Hi,

    You may not want to hear this, but as a Libra woman who has dated mostly Aries men, in my opinion he is not the moment. The thing about Aries men in my experience is that if an Aries man is interested.. you'll know it. He won't stop chasing until he conquers you, or you hurt his pride. Aries live in the moment. Their feelings and emotions are genuine and they wear their heart on their sleave. But in a nano-second their feelings and emotions can change. And those changed feelings are true for them in that moment. Aries men are stimulated by the new. Whatever grabs their attention instantly has their interest and vigor enthusiasm. And like a toddler, they MUST have what they want that instant. Then when they have their desire it's only a matter of time before they get bored or something different that's 'bright and shiny' catches their eye and they're off to explore the new territory. They seldom look back as there is just so much new and different experiences to be had.

    So you see, in the beginning he was full throttle. As the days went by something or someone else must have caught his interest. He likes you and doesn't want to cut his connection wih you so that when he's interested, he will have the opportunity to persue. The key is to catch and KEEP his interest, which is not an easy task. If you date him once more- pull out all the stops. Sexy it up with red. Flirt with your eyes and make him feel like he's the only man on earth. Seriously, sleep with him (expect it to be somewhat unintimate and raw, which is normal for that is the way they do it) An Aries man will not think bad of you and will only want more. Let him take the lead sexually and get into it, showing him how turned on he makes you and that he pleases you. Then..... after the date... do not call or text. Do not answer his calls/texts for a few days. Then finally when you do take his call, sound happy to hear from him yet stay aloof and be reluctant to see him. Let him chase you and then give in. Do this over and over and he may stay. Only show your best side. Never fall beneith perfection and portray that of a beautiful, elusive princess whom he longs to rescue. But beware.. once reality sets in and his perfect image of you has burst his bubble... he'll be out the door. And you'll be a forgotten princess with a broken heart.

  • Hi SlickeryG,

    Wow....thank you for all that information.

    And, are pretty much bang on!

    He was full throttle for the first week after we met. Texting me non-stop. Which would then lead to sexting. It wasn't constantly about sex though. We would ask about interests, work, etc.

    After a few playful, but tasteful pictures sent to each other. He finally asked when he could see me. And we set up a night to meet up.

    I was away on a girls weekend when this all happened. When I was coming back into town. He told me he couldn't wait for our date. And wanted a "quickie" after he was done work. I obliged. When he showed up at my door I was ready for him. Wearing a black teddy, high heels and a trench coat. He was impressed and the quickie was on! And everything that was mention by you above, was done by me in bed.

    We texted a bit after that. But it wasn't full throttle as in the beginning. The day came when we were supossed to go out on our date. He did indeed text me that day. And I dropped a subtle hint about our date that evening. That was it.....didn't hear from him at all until a couple of days later.

    He texted me, apologized for dissapearing and said there was some family problems that he needed to tend to. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But acted very aloof. Not repsonding to his text's for quite some time, short answers....basically playing hard to get.

    Now the texting has become full throttle again.

    I have not mentioned anything about said date. And although he told me last night that he wants to see me "in person" again. I didn't feed much into it.

    More so....I have only initiated texting with him on 3 occassions. He is the one texting me first thing in the morning...last thing at night.....while he's working. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the attention.

    And yes....I do stroke his ego. I let him take the lead. I praise him for the job he does (in and out of bed ;)). Basically....I make him feel like a man. And yes....I take very good care of myself. I always look like a lady and dress very feminine. I like looking perfect for myself....not just for a man.

    I will totally take your advice and totally appreciate it. At least now I can have a game plan thanks to your experience.

    And love you Libra's. My bestfriend of 30 years is a Libra. As is her husband and their daughter. Yep....a house full of Libra's. Makes for a fun evening any time I go there!


  • i would like to share a little from my experience with my aries man. maybe it will help

    1. don't go there if you are not fiercely INDEPENDENT, SELF CONFIDENT, and READY TO LEAVE HIM ANY MOMENT YOU WANT

    slickeryG said that she DATED mostly aries men...this means she actually never managed to KEEP one. so...i wouldn't play the games she describes up there, although it's mostly what i've been doing with him for a looooooooooooooooong time...just i have never done sth beacause i THOUGHT i should be doing that.....but because i wanted and felt like doing it then and is my pure nature

    i've done every and each mistake possible dating books mention: i slept with him at our first date, i asked for the "next level" of our relationship when i wanted it, i closed the door in his face and then phoned him in 5 minutes, i disappear whenever i want, i tell him to look for somebody else if i'm not enough....etc...

    he's an aries man and maybe he wants compliments...i never make any.....he wants me more committed...i tell him "we'll see"....

    maybe this is what keeps him interested...i have no idea....the truth is that i promised myself to give him spaaaaaaaace...whenever i see he needs it...after all it's in my best interest...if he comes back it means he loves me, if he doesn' means i am not wasting my life...

    don't get me wrong...he's not a soft man to be wrapped around a woman's finger and i am not always that tough, but we've found a balance btw our strong personalities and the stability of a long term relationship

    there are few women in this world who could manage and keep up with him....and he recognised and admitted that from our very first date.

    there are few men in this world who could put up with my rebellious, unpredictable behaviour and who could put me in my place any time i make a huge mistake and i openly admit that.

    this is why we respect each other very much. the rest is about love, sex and "hard worked for" trust.

    don't get me wrong we are not 2 lunatics who argue all the time. we are happy most of the time....and go through some difficult times once in a while....just a pair of 2 respectable intellectuals with a very respectable public life who enjoy a teenage, outrageous very private life.

    we are in our late thirties[me] and late forties[him] and we love each other as we have never loved....we both thank life for allowing to find each other....

    my strong advice to you is: move on if you feel you WORK for this relationship. stay in if you feel he's all you could have asked for [despite the temporary distancing, mixed up signals, bluntness he practises see in his eyes that he would sleep with you any minute and anywhere]

    maybe it's the aquarius me who keeps the aries him and the other way round idea

    good luck

  • by the aries man will NEVER stay around for long if you don't keep the communication lines open the way you usually his phones, answer his messages...otherwise they'll think you're playing games which they don't like.

    i think that "not answering the phone" is not the chase thay dream of. chase in love is not some marathon........the chase in their mind is something else...think high of yourself and be there for him to impress you...that's what "a good chase" is to them. "the prize is so valuable that i have to do anything in my power to get it"

    as about making love....never offer...never offer "a black teddy and high heels under a raincoat"...this is a fling thing. let him ask and dream of the day you'll give him that because you want to do that for YOU and him, not because he enjoys it

    aries men may be sexually primitive[ in a positive way...lovemaking in its pure form, not some aristical, modern mate-game]...but they are not stupid for sure...they can smell fake them seduction means sincerity, purity. you have to believe in what you do, not do it because you've read in books it works on men....

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