A General Life Reading PLEASE

  • Hi, i feel like Nothing in my life is going right! Im having issues at work, My children are always sick...one right after another, finanical issues, relationship issues! You name it, its all going WRong!!!

    Can i just get a reading to what is causing all of this, or how i can fix it. Or will things get better? Never have i felt like i have lost all control, like i do now.

    Thank you

  • What is your birthdate?

  • Sorry, 10/15/1981

  • WfmP, your profile indicates that your problem is your lack of honest self-expression, your need to be in control of every area of your life all the time, and your perfectionism which can make you undervalue yourself and your efforts or even prevent you from facing challenges in the world. You have gifts of logic and analysis, worldliness and sophistication, yet you rarely feel like you are performing at your best even when you may be doing far better than many. You must never charge less for your work than you fairly deserve and never compare yourself to others. You have a deep need to feel you can succeed - and you can if you believe in yourself.

    You can never control people and situations enough to feel safe. But you can share how you feel with others - your insecurities, fears and difficulties - so that you don't feel burdened by keeping 'secrets'. You will gain more inner security when you have nothing to hide. When you open up to others, you can feel safe in any situation, and you will lose your fear or rejection and abandonment that hinders your relationships. Your high standards can also make relationships difficult as others can never quite live up to your ideals. You may often mistake melodrama for real passion or commitment and, during times when you feel worthless, you can suffer abuse from others ranging from being taken for granted to being physically beaten. Yet when pushed to the wall, few people can push back like you can and you can appear very intimidating to others, even when you don't feel like it.

    Negative beliefs about money and power and being rich can block you from abundance and success. You must get in touch with your real feelings, thoughts and intuition - and with your feminine side that possesses empathy and understanding. You must not be afraid to risk expressing what you are really feeling in the moment - sometimes you prefer to maintain a mask of coolness or detachment to protect yourself, but this can turn other people off.

    It's this feeling of being unworthy that causes you to subconsciously sabotage your life - you may attract bad luck, unreliable partners, accidents etc just because you fear you don't really deserve any good things. So by getting more in touch with yourself and your feminine side, by dealing with any negative issues towards success, and being less hard on yourself, you will turn this dark phase around and enjoy some really happy times.

    2011 for you is all about self-expression. In general this can be a magical year for relationships and it will be a very lucrative year financially as long as your creativity is well directed. The influence in this current year is one of sociability and the arts. It can be a lucky year if your efforts and financial resources are not scattered and your energies are focused on priority goals. During this year you must watch that you bring projects to completion before beginning something new. This is a great year for you to take a vacation, particularly one with an artistic focus, such as photography, painting, writing, or even visiting art galleries or attending plays. Popularity within large and small groups is highlighted, as is work in the public arena. It is also a year in which you may wish to try a new hairstyle or buy some new clothes, as romance and affection are highlighted during this cycle. Self expression is the keynote in both the written and spoken word. This can be good year for selling products, (including writing), or services.

  • WOW.....i am lost for words right now.

    Your gift is magical, and thank you for giving me suggestions on how to get my life back in order.

    Thank you so much!!!!

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