2nd half of the year reading, please?

  • Hello, everyone! I love this forum...and the readings that I've received here have been very good and also very helpful in guiding me. Since my last readings, things seem to be going along as they should, although there do seem to be a couple of areas that I feel I could use a little guidance in.. So I was wondering if I could please ask for a reading that gives me insight into the rest of this year. I am mainly concerned with work and relationship. Am I still on the right track? Please, anyone feel free to comment. If you need my birthday, it's August 23, 1960.

  • Hi, You have a heavy load, need to look at all the details. Feel you'll be able to balance everything out, don't get in over your head. A very good reading in general, however, telling you that you will have struggles. Not everything completely over (overcome.) I feel you'll have to rely on your own laurels. You are very capable. Warning you not to let anyone talk you out of money or talk you out of anything esp. concerning your capabilities. You are shown as being very capable. Your relationship looks calm in future. In your environment may have to take a stand or, like I said, stand on your own merits. Some challenge in environment. You are the controller of your destiny. That seems to be the theme here. You have an excellent reading. Very good financial prospects. Was there money in your background. I drew the King of Coins in the You position and Ace of Coins below the situation. But watch out, The Tower is above your situation. In your Outcome I drew the 3 of Rods, I feel like you can balance out your issues.

  • Daliolite, thank you very much for your reading. I appreciate your time! 🙂

    Well, you sure nailed a few things. Yes, struggles and a heavy load, definitely been having those. Relying on my own laurels and standing on my own merits, yes again.

    Glad to hear that my relationship looks calm in the future, that's always a good thing, lol. Really would like to keep this one. 🙂

    Nice to know financial prospects look good, as I have recently started my own business...so, yay, there! 🙂 No money in my background, though, because I went through a rather nasty divorce four years ago and was wiped out.

    I am wondering about the Tower above my situation and Ace of Coins below. In my current situation I am looking at a very sudden change, one that could happen as soon as tomorrow & could really impact my finances...and it could open the door to a better life due to moving to a new home. This change would actually be necessary in order to improve things, and the changes would come because I am taking charge of my future. So a challenge in my environment and controller of my destiny actually are going hand in hand at the present.

    Thank you again for taking the time to do a reading for me. I appreciate the guidance you have given to me, and am glad to see that things seem to be right where they should be, as well as where they should be headed. 🙂

    If anyone else would like to do a reading for me as well, you are most welcome. I appreciate all input! 🙂

  • Seems you are ok as long as you stand on your own merits. The only problem I see is that I drew the 5 of swords in environment. Because you had coins around this card I see it as "words" possibly re money. Don't let what happened in past (divorce) possibly be repeated. Because it's pointing to future. Everything else is positive. Tower above indicates change but points to YOU succeeding.

  • Hi, Daliolite,

    Thank you again for the extra clarity. I'm not married, so no worries about a divorce, lol. I will definitely be careful where finances are concerned. You don't have to be getting a divorce to lose out. Thank you for the heads up on that. Also glad to know that the Tower looks to be a good thing...I guess in my case it means breaking out of old habits/lifestyle for something newer and better. I can live with that. 🙂

    Thank you again, and brightest of blessings to you! 🙂

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