Would really appreciate a reading, need some guidance.

  • I desperatly need some guidance.

    Long story short, im in a long distance relationship, lately things have been going down hill. Hes emotionally pulled back, and i am angry. We've basically broken up but theres still something there. I need to know if he cares. and if its worth me trying to fix things, or should i just let it go?

    Its seriously eating me alive, and i REALLY need some sort of answer as to what to do.

    Thank you

  • Hi missashley84

    Let's cut to the chase and see what is going on...

    we'll deal out five cards related to this issue

    Where you've been together (past)

    ACE OF SWORDS - this tells me this has been a very intense relationship. Perhaps the sword cut both ways and there were the best of times... and the other kind of times. Swords tell me that you have/had a very intellectually stimulating relationship... and maybe need to go in a new direction (to the cups world)

    It certainly started off with some sizzle!

    What has happened? (present)

    NICE OF PENTACLES - sounds like personal development, embracing the material side of life, enhancing your own creativity and earning power came into this situation. Have there been material or money issues involved here. Someone is trying to expand on a personal level and that has caused some shock waves in the relationship.

    How he presently feels towards you

    The Hermit - I think he needs some time alone.

    How you presently feel towards him

    Queen of Swords - This sounds like an echo of the ACE SWORDS where the two of you started. My sense is that you are still in that role. This queen can come across somewhat aloof and reserved, and your partner could be interpreting that you are distant.

    What are the prospects of the relationship on the current path?

    EIGHT OF CUPS. This card says you are ready to commit. I can tell you have strong and deep feeling for this person. However, he must make a move now.

    Here is my advice. I would write (a nice letter) and pour your heart out in love and truth for him. While at the same time showing him that you understand his need to be alone (remember the HERMIT card?). I would leave it at that and wait for HIM to contact you. Then you are free to let things work out as heaven wills, you are then off the hook. I do see that you and them have shared a very intense and spirited relationship, I would pray the Lord's prayer (thy kingdom come, thy will be done) and leave it in Heaven's hands. Let me know if you need any followup on this.

  • well he does work very far from me, and ive seen him 3 days in 2 months so i dont know how much more alone time i can give him lol!

    But thanks so much for the reading...it didnt exactly answer my questions in regards to what he feels about me and this relationship. but it did confirm what i already suspect, that he needs time alone.

    Thanks so much, i really do appreciate it!

  • Yeah, sorry I skipped over that!

    Okay, how does he feel about you?

    NINE WANDS - this sounds to me like he has siloed himself in somewhat from the world. Fortifying his position. I have to be honest, this doesn't look like he is exactly dreaming of you. I think he is definitely needing some hermit time to figure his life out.

    JHow does he feel about the relationship?

    THE LOVERS - wow, wasn't expecting that.

    Okay Miss Ashley this changes things. I am thinking that he really, really cares about the relationship, he is simply caught in a place where he has been forced to pull back for a while, quite possibly for YOUR SAKE and the sake of the relationship. I mean, he might be contemplating something more permanent, and needs alone time to sort that out. He cares about you is what I am seeing. Its just that (for whatever reason) he has been kinda forced to withdraw to sort his life out. Does that make sense.

    Seeing that Lover card tells me right away there is a strong connection energy between you two. This period will be an excellent test of the relationship. To see, can you connect to him in the spirit, apart from material (physical).

    I hope I am helping somehow. The Lovers card. Hmm....

  • oh you just made my day and you are exactly right. This has always been a huge issue between us....i hate his job because it takes him all over the place, but he refuses to give it up because he says he needs to sort his stuff out, and its his priority right now. To him, money, and getting debt paid off is his priority, the way i see it though is some things are way more important....so yes, this is a BIG conflict between us.

    We also had a discussion a little while ago about moving in together when he decides hes done his job, and how he doesnt feel he is ready for it. but i am, and feel its a natural progression of our relationship....

    Anyways, you are AWESOME!!! you just totally made my day!!!

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