Love advice..please!!!

  • Hi, i would love to get a reading and advice on my current situation.We lived together for two years,nine yrs ago. He is going through a divorce and found his way back into my life. I have always felt like we would end up together. If anyone could give me some insight,it would be much appreciated....thanks:)

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • hi, thank u so much for helping!! The birthdays are 10-08-1980 and 11- 17-1977.

    love, brooke

  • Brooke, according to your astrological profiles, this is a good match for love. Romantic and marital interactions are likely to coalesce around an easy-going, relaxed outlook that encourages a stable mixture of independence and responsibility. In such an environment, love and affection can flow easily. Should things get a bit too pleasant and relaxed however, such a relationship may become a means of escaping harsher realities. The two of you would have to beware of a tendency to isolate yourselves and to be overly protective or possessive of each other. Don't run away from your problems - face them squarely and with courage. Keep in touch with what is going on in the world and don't get too lost in each other. Preserve equality as much as possible. Your relationship can be strong interpersonally because it imparts stability to the both of you. Librans can usually take orders from a more dominant Scorpion, and Scorpios can give effective leadership and direction to the relationship. This arrangement usually obviates the Libran problem of indecision, although Scorpio must be careful not to become too overbearing, for Librans also have a rebellious streak if pushed too far. The important thing here is that decisions be fair and equitable, and that the best interests of the relationship are served.

    What the Libran really wants is to receive love - their need to experience the loving energy of others is nearly insatiable. But in order to receive love, they must first give it. A fear of emotional rejection can hold them back from finding love. The Scorpion on the other hand wants to be their own person, to be the centre of attention, to discover themself in different life situations, and to be surrounded by people who feed them energy. The Scorpion must refocus the attention away from themself and towards others in order to have successful relationships. Their need to run the show and a fear of being useless can impede their enjoyment of life and personal relationships. If these two different needs and the various issues can be satisfied and resolved by this relationship, all will go very well.

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